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Magora works with large enterprises and small firms, medium-sized companies and newly established startups to optimise and streamline their business process through efficient mobile solutions. Our developers take a deep dive into your company’s processes to get familiar with the specific needs of your company. We scrutinise the way your business operates, suggesting innovative solutions from our extensive background on software development across various industries. We take the best practices from various areas of business,
and translate them into your project through high-tech solutions to drive your enterprise towards success. As a result, you receive first-class software that both meets your demands and appeals to customers, from our extensive background on software development across various industries. We take the best practices from various areas of business and translate them into your project through high-tech solutions that drive your enterprise towards success. As a result, you receive first-class software that meets your demands and appeals to customers.

Featured projects

Logistics and Transportation

Railway Software

One of the largest and most challenging projects in our portfolio, Railway Software, was developed by Magora for the Eastern Australian railway network. The system handles enormous volumes of data which is received from numerous transponders installed along the rails to automate railway fault detection. It facilitates the job of technical engineers, prompting troubleshooting and railway network development.
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Real Estate and Property Management

Organic Response

Another Australian project developed by Magora, Organic Response, boasts advanced lighting management capabilities, enabling organisations to fully control their energy consumption. The apps for iOS and Android allow companies to manage their lights remotely through mobile software connected to smart light sensors installed on their premises. Organic Response is an innovative eco-friendly solution that not only benefits companies, which can save significant amounts of money otherwise spent on energy bills, but also the environment, protecting it from ecological damage.
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Real Estate and Property Management

Vessel Performance Solutions

Magora’s new web application - designed to cater for the needs of the cargo shipping industry - monitors a ship’s condition and performance. Integrating an elaborate software system with high-tech sensors installed on ships’ hulls, the Vessel Performance Solutions app allows cargo companies to predict fuel consumption and schedule ship servicing to reduce expenses and downtime.
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Project Cost Management


ProjectVUE is a complex web application that provides manufacturing and construction companies with a way to easily evaluate project costs and effectively manage their processes. The app facilitates communication between organisations’ employees, clients and third-party suppliers across both mobile devices and desktop computers. Giving a bird’s eye view of businesses in real time, the program also minimises risks and increases companies’ productivity.
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social network


Our new video social network app JURNI adds a new dimension to the classic video and journalling platforms a step further to connect people socially. Magora’s developers successfully expanded on the client’s initial creative concept and designed an iOS application with a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality, allowing users from across the world to keep private video journals, share their 45-second JURNIs and have real conversations in video comments.
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Backup Software


A full-scale backup system comprised of a software program and a web app was created by Magora developers to provide individuals and enterprises with extensive file management capabilities. BackUP brings backup software to an entirely new level, offering a fast and secure solution to creating, editing and deleting backups of different types including full, differential and incremental backups.
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Delivery Management System

This project, which consists of a mobile application and a web portal, was delivered by Magora to a large UK courier company. Delivery Management System enhances the performance of the company’s fleet, offering couriers routes in real-time to optimise delivery time and enabling them to edit delivery statuses on-the-go. As a result, the app relieves businesses of countless paper documents and offers an easy way for the customers to track their orders.
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Our goal goes far beyond simply releasing your product to app stores. We strive to make it succeed by connecting to target audience and increasing revenue. If you want to discuss how your company can benefit from app development, get in touch - we will give you our professional advice without any obligations.
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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

One of the questions our clients ask us the most is, how much will a software development project cost? Unfortunately, there is no accurate answer. However, there’s a simple formula to work out the costs: the more elaborate your project is, the more man-hours it will take to engineer and bring to market. With almost ten years of experience in app development, and over 350 projects completed, we have developed a seamless software development process that enables us to deliver quality projects that keep within budget and timeframes.

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Mobile Strategy

We work together with the client to design a comprehensive business strategy, which will enable you to reach out to your niche audience and achieve your objectives. The core stages of our mobile app development service include:
  • Conceptualisation and mobile strategy creation
  • Getting an in-depth understanding of your customers and the overall market environment
  • Developing a full-fledged business expansion strategy

Ensure That Your Investment Pays Off

Software development is a considerable investment. To make sure that your money is not wasted on a product that doesn’t bring any results, we will help you to conceptualise your ideas and formulate software requirements that will fit into your business goals. Getting a clear picture of the development process that lies ahead, the clients and the developers will be able to focus efforts towards achieving these objectives.

We Focus on Users

It is common knowledge that outstanding applications boost traffic, increase conversion rates and improve customer loyalty. Our experienced team of developers and designers apply their efforts to build apps that accelerate business innovation and offer amazing experiences to mobile users.

We Deliver Scalable Solutions

First-class software is secure, scalable and user-friendly. Magora’s talented software engineers aim to create applications that comply with these high standards, adding value to businesses and providing customers with outstanding experiences. We are never satisfied by average results - we work hard to polish every product to perfection and continuously optimise our apps according to user feedback and changing market environment.

Who We Are

Magora provides businesses with a full range of digital services, from native mobile design to bespoke software development and digital business consulting. With over 350 successful projects and 150+ skilled developers, Magora is one of the most experienced digital agencies located in Australia with offices all around the world, including branches in the UK, the US and Russia. We tackle all kinds of software development projects, but our primary focus is native mobile app development for iOS and Android. We also create apps for wearable devices and Internet of Things. Nevertheless, our work is not limited to coding and deploying applications. Our main goal is to deliver software products that bring value. This is why our business analysts always take the time to get an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and work out a strategy that will bring you towards success.

Our multicultural teams, working in different countries all over the world, ensure that we will find common ground with any client, regardless of cultural background and location. Magora is a team of over 150 enthusiastic and experienced programmers, designers, business analysts, strategists, project managers and quality assurance specialists. From the very beginning of the software development project, we will assign a dedicated Project Manager who will assist you throughout the process, and ensure seamless communication between you and the development team. We believe that the cornerstones of any project’s success are full transparency of the process, and clear understanding of the project’s requirements and goals. Over many years of experience, we have developed a seamless approach that allows us to bring apps to market time- and cost-efficiently, perfectly meeting the client's expectations.

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