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Custom Application Development

The custom apps our creators built are easy to use, feature-rich, scalable, visually appealing, and highly secure. When developing apps, our programmers always think of long-term strategies to drive sales, increase traffic and generate revenue for your company.

Sydney app creator you can count on.

There are many advantages to work with Magora's team of advanced creators. We have solid experience, coding for some of the best-known companies in Australia and abroad. We can support your business with cutting-edge technology to automate day-to-day processes and streamlines your workflow. Our office is located in Sydney, which means we will find common ground if you are in Australia.

Work with top Australian app creators

We offer the following services.

Magora creators streamline everyday processes, increase efficiency, improve engagement and customer retention, and deliver powerful, intuitive, and superior apps.

Magora's multi-cultural team of experienced designers, creators, analysts, testers and other senior IT professionals have worked for many years to create state-of-the-art digital solutions for companies across industries.

We have extensive experience in B2B and B2C software solutions, ensuring the products we offer to meet the most demanding expectations and perfectly fit your needs.

Magora has an excellent analytics team offering hundreds of mobile strategies for companies of all sizes to outperform their competitors and rank first in the market. Expert creators work with clients to get information about your enterprise, set long-term goals and create the most effective strategies for growth and acquisition of our customers. We help you determine what your app should do to meet your current needs and outline plans to take your mobile app to market so it can be available to as many consumers as possible.

By deploying high-quality custom enterprise systems, the expert app creators help your enterprise increase productivity, achieve the main objectives, and increase return on investment. Our digital specialists have solid experience designing complex enterprise systems that integrate complex hardware with high-tech software programs and integrate different services into a unified solution which resides in the cloud or on a server.

  • Mobile app development
  • Android
  • iOS: iPhone, iPad
  • HTML5
  • Website design
  • HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, PHP
  • ASP and Online marketing
  • Gateway Integration
  • Graphic and UX/UI Design
  • Mobile app development
  • Responsive web design
  • User experience tests and code review

Support after startup

Once you have successfully developed and deployed your custom app, we continue to monitor its performance, fix any issues and keep the system up to date. Our professional support team will pay close attention to the software to ensure it is upgraded to the latest version of the operating system, according to the latest security certificate, there is no flaw. Magora's creators know the innovations in the IT industry and take the lead in implementing new technologies in cutting-edge enterprise programms. We encourage our team members to study and implement new practices and methods, find efficient tools, develop professionalism and provide the best software on the market.

Get the most out of your enterprise software

We are ready to teach your staff how to use the software most effectively, but you are less likely to need this service because all the programs we build are intuitive and simple in use. Also, our creators will introduce you to the basics of mobile development and teach you how to create a successful strategy through a combination of market research, cutting-edge technologies, and competitive analysis.

Robots and AI for e-commerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of our daily lives. Many people still think it's a fantasy, which exists only in science fiction films and soap operas, while we implement it every day for simple tasks and more complex activities at home and in the office. Now it's clear that artificial intelligence is not hype, but rather a technology which stays with us in the long run. And you have a unique opportunity to become one of the first companies to apply these innovative technologies to your workflow. Chatbots is one of the most useful and economical technologies that you can integrate into your legacy system.

Our Clients

Introduction to Chatbots

If you're not a technology nerd, you might not know what a chat robot is, so let's explain. Codes are software programs designed for communication, such as messenger. The main difference between our usual chat and messenger is that you no longer need to click the button - just enter your info or command or tell me,

The robot will run it.

Artificial Intelligence is already here

You'll probably use a chat robot. All major tech giants are using them - Apple's Siri, Facebook's M-aides, Alexa, and Amazon's Google Assistant are good examples of the most popular and cutting-edge chat robots with thousands of others not so pop, but you still interact with them every day without even noticing. New technologies are used for a variety of tasks, from customer support to weather reports, and statistics show that nearly 35,000 new chatbots were developed just the previous year.

If you think that chat robots are just a fun activity, you're wrong - just wait and see how you can win the business world shortly. His most impressive skill is dealing with written or verbal commands, from booking to adding calendar notifications or canceling appointments with doctors, performing a variety of tasks. Chat robots are no longer subject to the limits of pixels, clicks, and buttons, you can talk to them as real people, and they understand what you mean. Imagine how exciting it is - and talk to a computer that knows you understand it.

Chatbots is a fast, efficient and multitasking technology that brings real value to your business. You have a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in business innovation and one of the first companies to harness the power of this smart assistant. New technologies come every day. For example, Apple recently announced that they could incorporate augmented reality features on their next iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) is one of the high-tech leaders with excellent business skills; you'd better believe your own instincts. As augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the nearest future technologies. Therefore, it is possible that artificial intelligence does business while enjoying the profit. We can help you design a secure, feature-rich chat robot that will accelerate business innovation and ensure the success of your business in the future.

If you do not have enough experience in IT, do not know how to code and cannot afford full-time creators, the best option is to outsource app development and hire an app creator, Sydney. We are a proven expert in the software development industry for almost a decade with a deep understanding of the mobile environment and industries. We do more than just design and write your app. We help you develop a comprehensive mobile strategy that will make your app successful and maintain it throughout its lifecycle. If you are ready to take your business to a new level, this is an opportunity you can not miss.

Buy a smartphone or tablet, and you will have many apps already installed on your operating system. There are system apps such as contacts, calendars and launchers, and third-party apps such as games, productivity tools, and more. Modern consumers are accustomed to apps with excellent design and power, so if you want to attract them and keep them, you need to create something extraordinary. Only professional creators with years of experience can design apps that stand out from the billions of similar products available on Google Play and the App Store and promote their brand through the mobile web.

We design, program and support the best apps in the class

Our industry-leading software creators elaborate effective online business strategies, develop state-of-the-art mobile apps and provide ongoing maintenance and support services for each product. With the expertise of our specialists covering all leading technologies and covering a wide range of industries, you can be sure that we know the details of the business in each area.

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We are happy to discuss with you the project in detail. Contact our expert if you'd like to estimate the cost of developing apps, validate your ideas, and specify the requirements for the project. We will provide you with free advice.

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