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Digital World

Today we see the world in different colours through the prism of our pocket devices. No need to deny that technological revolution changed the way people live and conduct business. Nowadays the best way to promote a certain service you have to have it accessible on any device there is.

Our globalised customer will use your product only if it does not require additional efforts and immediately captures your gaze with a pretty picture or impressive minimalistic interface. In order to live up to these expectations, entrepreneurs hire experienced designers and developers such as Magora.

The Importance Of Fundamentally Good Interface

When people meet each other, the first thing they pay attention to is appearance. The same happens when users click their way through hundreds of applications - looks determine which one you will eventually pick. But what is a good design?

The interface shouldn’t be complex, at least on the outside. The navigation should be intuitive and user experience exceptionally pleasant. Magora specialists know exactly the way to make an application, users will be addicted to.

Global Market is something limitless and diverse. It is difficult to imagine how many good-looking apps are there to impress potential customers. To win and stand out among these, you have to be concerned about sleek interface and functionality of your app.

All of the criterias should matter as if there is a small inconsistency and the product malfunctions - the company will opt for something better. Our talented designers know exactly how to draw in a loyal customer, applying the latest innovative solutions and easy-to-use layout.

We did manage to succeed at reaching the goal of perfecting applications. Equipped with best designing tools and ultimate technologies company’s specialists apply themselves fully to enhance the developed solution.

Being user-friendly, our designers always polish products to the state of premium quality. The only way to succeed is to apply yourselves entirely and focus on the ideal outcome. We discover what users want just imagining ourselves in client’s shoes. Hire the best designers to attain bigger revenues.

The superior interface takes designer’s professional expertise, which is something not everybody has. In our development team, we have many dedicated specialists and software creators, who are always curious about new approaches and implementation of the latest concepts.

When Magora’s designers plan visuals step by step, they are completely in their element, which shows in their creative award-winning results.

The design as we know it goes through many stages - planning, mock-ups, rebuilding, approval and final testing. To decide on a particular interface, designers have to consult with a client and show mockups of the variety of options and adjust them based on personal ideas and our recommendations. Customer’s reasoning is something Magora always takes into notice on each stage of work.

We have worked on app designing for long seven years and never had a challenge that was too hard to overcome. Magora reached a high level of expertise and was enlisted in a couple of “top development agencies” ratings. Not long ago our imaginative designers were ranked in top 10 on Business of Apps, world-famous Clutch and Dribbble. When you hire certified experts- you know the outcome is going to be good.


Dribbble introduces the most inspirational designers people aspire to. The community lets members share their creative work related content or just enthusiastic designs. There are web and graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, etc.

Dribbble is incredibly popular and respectable in IT community, that is why we are proud to be ranked fifth in the top UK designers listing based on a number of subscribers Magora designers managed to attract with their professionalism.

Unique Design Solution

In the majority of cases, people skip thorough research of the market and hire a company from first pages of search. So the choice is quite random and not thought through at all. There are plenty of businesses that have succeeded, but only in a certain field of work.

Meaning they have strong programming skills, but fail at responsive UI and winning layouts. No shame in that - we are all learning. Although, if you are striving to reach higher goals, try to enhance your business and hire even better professionals.

Functional Advantage

Good design wins the game of attention drawing, but how to keep the potential client involved for longer? Here the developers think of the functional superiority and easy navigation. We are happy only when the customer stays engaged and benefits from work optimisation or just engaging and entertaining contents.

Having a user-friendly interface while everything is lagging and breaks down is not the best of solutions. So, the code must be clear, polished and all the bugs fixed. The market is flooded with applications, don't be the one who drowns!

All-Inclusive Service

App development and design is a big investment and needs to be seriously considered. It concerns the type of agency you choose to hire, the process itself and post-launch strategies. Although simple at first, it can be quite a challenge to find a proper team that knows how to elevate your business with new solution and build one from scratch.

When the ultimate goal demands to stand out among the multitude of competitors on the global IT arena, the product needs to be flawless in features and functionals. Invest money wisely and hire first-class developers over inexperienced freelancers with no sense of market tendencies.

Choose Your Developer Wisely
  • Build your own team of creators;
  • Hire freelancers, who drop projects as soon as they are ready;
  • Work with an outsource company;
  • Contact a renowned team of specialists in development and design, who have worked and been through a lot of cases together, completing each other in all aspects.
Well-Established Designers for Hire

There are many ways to establish a strong foundation and elevate your business, and one of them is - solid and reliable reviews. The goal is to make yourself visible to the public and gain real feedback from reputable sources.

By winning trust, Magora assures potential clients of company’s competence and respectability. That is why our company has dozens of relevant and trustworthy reviews written by our grateful clients and available on such worldwide known platforms as Clutch.


Good reviews are something one has to deserve through long hours of full on work and well-established communication with the client. Building your software with a team of professionals a priori guarantees efficient relationships and no miscommunication, that often results in significant mistakes. According to our success-proven approach, we encourage clients to closely participate and follow the process of development.

Custom Services

In search of a better solution that will fit even the most challenging request, we produce efficient digital products, provide clients with professional advice and deliver a wide range of services.

Magora Offers

  • iOS and Android design;
  • Prototype, wireframe, landing page, mobile website and application, user interface interactive designs;
  • Use of professional tools - adobe creative suite, bootstrap, etc.;
  • Responsive and user-friendly websites and apps;
  • High-rating and award winning designs.
Our Designers

If you don’t know where to find certified and experienced designers, you might want to consider our specialists. Magora UI designers create outstanding user experiences and have an extensive background in creating for mobile and web interfaces. Check out their portfolio on our site or on dribbble.com and see for yourself! Our top designers - Anton, Alexander, Michael, Alex, Gennady, Katherine and Yanis will provide you with a first-class solution!

Our Clients

Industries We Worked With

  • Enterprise software - overall workflow optimisation, providing connectivity across the world and powerful management tools;
  • Social - interactive platforms and social networks, that allow commenting, sharing and messaging;
  • Logistics and transportation - order and courier tracking via GPS tools;
  • Catering and cooking - gourmet recipes, food delivery apps;
  • Health and fitness - personal training, disease and sleep monitoring to embrace a healthier lifestyle, medicine database apps;
  • Entertainment - multiple games and digital magazines.

So, what really happens after the app have been launched? Well, there is plenty more to do and think about. Although some of the agencies forget about their creations as soon as they are dropped in app stores, our approach is quite different. Once the application is launched, it is necessary to learn how to use it to the fullest extent.


  • Current market research and analysis of the tendencies;
  • Detecting products with similar aims on the market and determining ways of overthrowing them with premium quality and advanced functionality;
  • Updating the operating system and adjusting software to innovations by fixing bugs and preventing malfunction;
  • Following the latest versions of OS;
  • Software enhancement and optimisation on request;
  • Investigation and analysis of the received feedback and reacting accordingly;
  • Recognising latest trends and functionality updates by monitoring IT platforms;
  • Overall development support.

If you want to make your product visible to the public, it is central to proceed with market analysis and outline a promotion strategy. As the development starts with research - it never ends. To be able to work out the most efficient way of putting your app out there we have to access all fields of promotion.

If potential clients and consumers have no clue about your digital solution, there is no importance in its functional superiority. Users appreciate functionality only if they already got interested in the product as a result of positive reviews from popular media.

Therefore it is not enough to have an intuitive interface, and modern technologies, embedded in your software - solid feedback and a high number of downloads is what really matters.

Don’t be reluctant about marketing - it can backfire quite quickly. Development agencies often forget to mention that if nobody knows about your software - nobody uses it.

The best you can do is to contact a team of certified professionals, who have experience in proper development and successful promotion. Hire a whole team of specialists and you will be guaranteed an outcome worthy of your investments.

To stay in touch with the latest trends, developers follow IT news on a daily basis. Developers have to know what exactly is relevant today and how much people need and expect to see in the application. Of course, it is also important to correspond to changes in your platform’s policy. Especially, when there are so many updates happening around.

Not long ago there were substantial changes in iOS, when they introduced iOS 11 and new programming language Swift 4. There was also Android Oreo and how many are yet to come? Such updates usually cause malfunctioning and demand correction, so be ready to face these innovations and hire a trustworthy development team.

Hire A Renowned Design Agency

Magora accepts any challenge you prepare for us and develops custom web and mobile software that fits your business needs! The job is done only when the client says so.

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