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Our services are not limited to the design and programming of applications. Our Sydney team provide analytics, market research, and technical consulting services to the clients to optimize programme performance and make the most of it. We are one of the leading app design and development companies in Sydney, providing a broad portfolio of projects for leading players in the international market as well as aspiring startups. We are happy to work with you.

Benefit the Expert Designers Can Bring

Mobile applications add brand awareness. Recognition is crucial to business growth. If the user does not know your product or service, it means that your customer base is close to zero and nobody is selling. Smartphone apps offer many opportunities to increase brand awareness and sales growth. Most people use more than 100 smartphones apps daily. Create a good visualization for your app, to let the icon of your programme be easily recognized on the client smartphone screen to ensure they see your app several times a day. This recognition is impressive, and it should be a part of your marketing strategy and work to ensure that people remember your brand.

Smartphones and tablets are an indispensable tool everywhere. Our entire life is stored on these small mobile devices. The mobile applications installed on the device have contributed a lot to our daily work. By inviting existing and potential customers to try out your product, you'll be part of a closed community. An app allows you to communicate directly with your target audience, build trust and empathy, and make each customer feel special.

What constitutes a good business reputation? Their interactions with customers, the use of innovative technologies and, of course, efficient marketing strategies. Many companies in Sydney and around the world mistakenly believe that smartphone applications are too expensive and require a lot of investment to develop and support. They believe that only large international companies with large amounts of money and staff can afford high quality mobile applications.

Magora ensures that our software development services are affordable for small and large companies in Sydney and around the world and the end result is flawless and efficient regardless of the size of your business. Our applications are always rewarded in the long run, bringing real value and increasing your reputation. Business reputation is important when building relationships with customers. Your status is higher, you have more opportunities.. Customers proudly buy from reputable companies and are eager to brag about their incredible experiences with friends and family.

Push notification is one of the most effective ways for your customers to understand your products and services. Placing commercials in newspapers, magazines, television or radio can cover only a small part of the potential audience and very special sections - not everyone is watching TV, reading media, listening to the radio or surfing the internet using a desktop computer. First, you need to wait a long time before you can achieve concrete results. Secondly, you can not ensure that your ads reach the target audience.

Shipment notifications allow you to overcome all these difficulties. According to statistics, people always put the phone to hand. Place your smartphone in a purse or pocket or on a desk next to it. You're not more than ten feet from the phone. You look at the screen at work, have lunch on the bus or at the cafe. There are no other tools to boast of this direct approach. You are waiting for the phone to vibrate and hold the phone in an anxious tone when it sounds. That's exactly what I'm doing right now. If your sales are not going well, send a push notification with a small discount and you'll see immediate results. You do not have to wait for a few days until your audience finds your television ad or ad is heard on the radio.

There is no doubt that you can organize some events or meetings to promote your brand. Whenever you organize, you need to develop a strategy that people understand and care about. An app allows you to advertise not just a month or a week ago, but also send notifications by push notification on the day of the event or up to an hour earlier. You can send as many push notifications as necessary without having to pay for text ads. You'll find that people tend to rely on messages sent through mobile applications instead of sending text messages or sending messages via email. Your push notifications will not be read.

Speaking of customers, they do not have to worry about their email boxes populated with promotional spam and always make sure they do not miss discounts or events. So, they will return again and again.

Create an app and stay in touch

Undoubtedly, you already have a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. We wholeheartedly agree that social networking is one of the best platforms for socializing and promoting brands. For this reason, we have always equipped our apps with social networking features. You can integrate your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and more into your programme, which will help your content to become available to the majority of your target audience.

The best strategy for communicating with the customer

Also, we often advise our customers to set up a guestbook for their mobile app, where users can leave comments and comments. Understand the client, establish friendly relationships, solve problems, get an excellent rating.

There are other ways to connect with your customers:

  • Sending email through app, implementing newsletter subscription
  • Creating events and sharing the invitations
  • Sharing content and importing existing photo, video, and music
Mobile applications as the definitive social tools

As a platform that allows businesses to connect with customers, websites have lost their efficiency. Today, the primary purpose of the site is to share information. Instead of generating a real buzz around your business, most of them help keep growth modest and keep existing users. As a result, the company first turned to social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And finally, as mobile applications have reached a new level of socialization - mobile app design is the ultimate tool for creating sound signals, covering all the platforms mentioned. The tablet and smartphone software combines all the best features of websites and social media to keep in touch with your customers and attract more viewers.

Mobile commerce

Mobile Retail is the perfect solution for companies that sell physical products. More and more purchases are made through mobile phones, especially in applications. About two years ago, overall cell phone usage exceeded the use of the internet on the desktop. Cellular networks are essential for companies that want to stand out from their competitors and lay the foundations for future expansion. Otherwise, you lose most of your potential clients, and the chances are so high that you lose even the current audience in the long run. Our qualified developers can integrate your existing e-commerce software with your app or create a new custom system. We work with all existing shopping cart services, including Shopify, Da Cartel, 3dcart, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion and more.

Online Retail Solutions

It will not depend on where your customers are buying - in your store, on your website, in your app. They will indeed thank you for giving them a try. They do not need to spend the time to go to the local store and check the items they like - they can be anywhere, and buy everything directly from the app, at any time. Providing convenient access to your products and services, you give your customers a choice, and overcome your competitors.

Our Clients

Your Expert App Designer in Sydney

Our app designers and the consulting team worked for a large number of successful projects in a variety of industries, including many talented experts such as:

  • Graphic designer
  • Logo creator
  • Designer UI
  • UX Testers
  • Web developer
  • Mobile app Programmers

User interface and design are the basis of future user experience. The most professional designers believe that the best mobile applications should be simple and aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and efficient. The designers always remember the design of your app for your real business role, or the designers can create a brand new that our customers will recognize and remember. Our designers offer two design concepts for future product designs, created by two teams of different Sydney designers. The designers plan and organize all the details of the interface to offer a friendly and attractive visualization that users will love.

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Our professional designers and consultants are here to help you to achieve your goals. Share your thoughts with us, and we'll implement your digital product into life. We will investigate your business in detail and propose the most effective strategies to increase your productivity with the help of our custom IT solutions. If you have questions, please contact us today.

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