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How Do You Even Create An App?

Magora app development team, works from Australia and values clients, encouraging them to gain all the information, concerning the software creation topic. We are ready to clarify and define everything about developing, programming, designing, marketing, project management and so on!

Magora - Your Guide To App Development

If you desire to grasp at least the basic understanding of the general technical principles behind the app development and the business-related factors - just ask. There is a lot to talk about. Before deciding to dedicate yourself and invest your time, energy and resources, you have to outline a certain plan to follow with Australia based agency - Magora.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” - the bard said. He was, probably, right. Although for others to discover this rose, you have to think of a better and catchy name.

The choice of the apps name is important on many levels. Good application name has to be short, smart and simple. And it is better to be less than 25 characters. Remember that it should stand out among dozens of apps in AppStore, make users choose and discover its handy functionality. The pressure is there - so, keep it in mind.

  • Consider what there is to sell and make sure a potential client can easily grasp it;
  • Don’t over flatter yourself. It leads to nothing if the words don’t correspond with reality;
  • Action is appealing, put a verb in the label, so people associate it with what company does;
  • Don’t adopt someone else's name! You will get the traffic nobody needs and lose your clients, leaving customers confused;
  • Be extremely careful, using something without the right to. It can potentially lead to legal action, so try to avoid it;
  • Think, but don’t overthink. It is easy to lose perspective on things, so work in a team and discuss options.

Ask what our experienced development team would have done. Magora analytics have everything to make the best decision.

As any other business, launching a software requires preparation and planning. Marketing must be treated seriously. Establishing a strong connection with a potential audience means an easier way to be found.

Let customers know everything about the product, advertise it. People create blogs and youtube channels, Instagram accounts with the sole purpose of it. Broaden the reach and gain access to a much bigger audience.

Get company’s name out there! Have all resources ready to be accessed, if needed - the story of the company, reputation (client lists, feedback, awards), statistics, logos, screenshots, contact information, etc. Then, if the company gets noticed - the press will have everything they need to write a great review!

Make sure that all channels and accounts are connected with each other. So, if somebody noticed you on Instagram or watched a video, they get a link to your website afterwards. The same on every other channel of access. If someone browsers this site, provide a link to AppStore or GooglePlay, depending on what you use. Every opportunity is yours to take advantage of.

App Development Australia

Development covers an enormous technical field and depends on a particular case, as there is no one size fits all solution. Our developers, designers, programmers, testers, managers and analytics offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Custom web and mobile development;
  • Cross-platform and integrated software;
  • QA testing of every build (current version of software);
  • Launch and post-launch support;
  • Special advice on marketing strategies;
  • Usage of the latest technologies, modern libraries, frameworks and programming languages;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX design;
  • Agile approach.
Investigate competitors

Enemies are better known face-to-face. Obviously, your company is not the only one in the specific industry, let alone, on the market. Investigate who else has overcome you or strives to do so. Be the first who goes mobile or web. Have an advantage and manifest it soon so that the competition will be minimum.

Having a counterpart is quite beneficial, as it is possible to see their ups and downs, analyse their strategy and work out your own, based on found information. Pay attention to others and learn from them. All the data is there - use it wisely. Our Australia based development team is here for you.

Adopt a development platform

The eternal question - iOS or Android? Well, both of them have their merits, that is why the choice is so difficult. However, for the first time, we recommend going with iOS. Here is why:

  • iOS is easier to monetise;
  • It is more secure;
  • Statistics say that Apple device’s users tend to spend more money on app purchases.

Anyway, the choice is after you. Like any other business, it has to be treated mindfully. Conduct a market research and discover what operating system your target audience uses.

Unique product

Sometimes it’s good to borrow some ideas from leading entrepreneurs, but never try to copy anyone. Don’t be the same as everyone on the market. Originality never killed anyone! Reflect a personal approach to business and desired goals in the icon design and brand name. Can’t decide? Contact first-class Magora app development Australia to receive valuable advice.

Start with MVP

A minimal viable product is an operable solution that enables a quick launch. Gain feedback on the product, discover what goes wrong and what audience likes and expects to be improved. So, consider feedback, tune up the software and continue conquering the market.

QA is good for business

A top-notch app have to be tested, but there are different ways to approach it. Australia based Magora specialists adopted a QA testing, meaning that the product is being tested at each step.

In the course of every short development process (sprint) each of the logically completed products is being passed over to the quality assurance team. They run the testing on the current version of the software (build), detect and fix errors in their performance.

When a newly-developed piece of software is ready, it goes through the same process and adds on to the current build. This way everything ends up being perfect, and there is no need to go back to redevelop or fix anything!

Hurry up with updates

The ever-changing development market leaves behind all irrelevant applications and software.

The ever-changing development market leaves behind all irrelevant applications and software. Current conditions won’t stay the same:

  • Competitors come and go;
  • Operating systems are always updating - remember just recently it was iOS 11 and Android Oreo;
  • Trends are there only a couple of years if lucky.

Monitor these changes and innovation of the IT sphere to understand the impact they bare on the app. Jump on with updates, stay fresh and get the a longed for attention.

IT solutions for everyone

Be global, all of the successful businesses are. Catering to international audience elevates companies to another level. Magora has experience in collaborating with clients across the globe, staying aware of the cultural differences and breaking language barriers.

Be it Australia, UK, Europe or Asia - we work with all businesses, local and international. To work well overseas, it is necessary to have a smart localisation, understanding of the local culture and language. Expand your horizons!

Our Clients

Increase revenues with SEO

Want to be and stay visible, consider keywords and SEO. Create meaningful and unique content that is helpful to your following. The amount of used keywords affect the number of the search page the website shows up on. Compose texts as if they cost money, because in the end - it is absolutely true.

Depending on a large number of factors the search habits vary from person to person. Knowing company’s audience helps to figure what these factors are. It is possible to categorise the set of words used by a particular age, socio or economic group, nationality, etc. Handy, isn’t it?

For example, the methods utilised by Google are the ones to follow. In fact, Google search engine usually sets the trend. Test and find keywords, discover best winning combinations and identify what is best.

Don’t pick and implement the most frequently searched keywords. These are attractive, but there is a risk to end up invisible, competing on this level. Invest in lower search keywords, where it is possible to dominate in rankings or get in touch with Magora to receive our help.

What is competitive one day can not be the next. And vice versa. The key is to stay active at all times after producing a digital product and keep supporting. Avoid unpleasant surprises. Nobody is immune to them. In fact, it is hard and almost impossible to predict what turn is it going to take.

  • The concept is simple - put keywords in the title and be obvious;
  • Don’t throw everything in one heap. App Store and Google Play are monitored, so try to be natural and consider what to put out there, or it can be reported as spam;
  • Implement a brief description right in the title;
  • The search engine now recognises singular and plural pairs -so use the first to avoid duplication.

After seven long years of unstoppable app development, we have experienced working with many promising industries, helping them to enrich their company and hit the desired target. Some of these industries are:

  • Startup software - a fruitful business foundation;
  • Optimisation of the inner enterprise processes, guaranteeing a faster and more efficient task completion - Audience Management, Cabinets, Mind Manager;
  • Tracking and logistics tools (delivery, navigation) - Hunger ;
  • Health apps that monitor diseases, provide a guide to available medicine and fix sleep patterns - Diabetes App, Doctor OTC;
  • Entertainment websites - Allwomenstalk, Bos magazine, Loaded HDD;
  • E-learning platforms - Galaxeeds, Pocket CPE;
  • Social platforms - Accelerate, Borbi.

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