How Much Does App Development Cost? Let’s Find Out.

App Development Cost: Discover What Does It Take

Changeable Market

Prices change. Software creation and IT sphere, in general, are in no way stable and static examples of industries. Change occurs on all levels - devices, operating systems, programming languages, new approaches, audience preferences, big technological revelations and trends.

Software needs to be upgraded to meet the demands of ever-changing market and consumer interests. Magora professionals always commit themselves to long-term relationships with the customer and their digital product, providing support and advice on marketing strategy.

What Is An MVP?

It is vital for our client to understand the scale of work and the consistency of it. Don’t expect a beautifully structured digital solution after a short conversation, but a minimal product (MVP) sets the process off, but it is not enough to conquer the development market and succeed on the international level.

The better option will be to discuss your ideas with us first, and we will outline for you available possibilities. We encourage clients to grasp the idea that MVP is only a sketch not a full picture.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look and count the costs of the most basic and primitive digital solution:

  • Market analysis and strategy defining - 2 days (16 hours);
  • UX and UI design - 8 days (64 hours);
  • Programming - 10 days (80 hours);
  • QA - 3 days (24 hours);
  • Launch - 2 days (16 hours);

Total - 25 days (200 hours) - five weeks (excluding initial discussions with the client).

On average to build a mutually agreed upon minimum the development agencies charge 800$ - 1,600$(AUD) for one day. Therefore for 25 days of work, the bill will range from 20,300$ to 40,600$(AUD). Although it is not always a good solution to the problem, Magora can prepare the same primitive project and the cost will range from 13,000$(AUD).

Such an MVP will include minimalist mock-ups and perform only the main function. This option doesn’t include user-friendly UI, intuitive design, bug fixing and testing - it is just a foundation for further development that will require addressing a development team once again.

When we increase efficiency and required timespan, the following figures appear:

  • Market analysis and strategy defining - 5 days (40 hours);
  • UX and UI design - 20 days (160 hours);
  • Programming - 60 days (480 hours);
  • QA - 10 days (80 hours);
  • Launch - 2 days (16 hours);

Total - 97 days (776 hours) - fourteen weeks.

Taking in consideration, that agencies charge 820$ - 1,640$(AUD) for a day. With the same rates, a 97-day development process will cost you from 79,300$ to 158,500$ (AUD). Bear in mind, our minimum price at Magora is 50,700$(AUD).

Adding Functionality

Building an application that reflects your business image in multiple functions and features adds more value to your business in any scenario. Contributing to this broad functionality doesn’t occur by itself, it means developers involve themselves and spend more time on the project.

You should consider that each of the changes evolves the product and adds complexity to the multiple structural aspects of the digital solution. The growth expands across the application.

Professional Advice And Customer Experience

Searching for a suitable company it is essential to consider its flexibility and readiness to listen to your needs and requests. Listening to the expert advice is vital. However, it is even more important for a client to be heard, as they are the ones, who have the fullest understanding and vast experience in their particular field. It is our prerogative to hear what you have to say and always act considering the granted information.

An Application Cost

Estimating the cost of an imaginary potential application takes more than just one person. It requires specialists from all fields involved in the development. Everyone have a word to say due to the particularity of the bespoke product.

The thing is - you probably don’t want something everybody else has. The majority of customers opt for unique products that stand out among numerous competing projects and attract the attention of the media.

Thorough Planning And Analysis

Although it is frequently overlooked, planning is the basis, the foundation of the successful outcome. It is wise to consider this time essential and proceed with discussions of the future product, creating frameworks, outline the costs and document it on paper for further consultation. The stage assures the best solution and avoids misunderstanding at the very beginning so that it won’t ruin the outcome of a very long and elaborate process.

Development Services

Choose the right team from the beginning to avoid business failure. Our prolonged expertise in this field is guaranteed by multiple reviews and praising feedback from happy clients. Magora offers bespoke app and web development, UX (user experience) and UI(user interface) design, software development, e-commerce, HTML, CSS, PHP, OpenCart, AutoCAD, Unity, QA (quality assurance) testing, marketing consultation, decreasing costs with better solutions and multiple other services.

Spheres Of Expertise

Developers never choose only one sector to work with, they apply and adapt their knowledge to multiple areas, gaining experience in each of them. Having worked with dozens of industries, we have come up with best approaches for each of them, implementing a user-friendly and appealing design, together with the latest technologies, such as QR Codes, GPRS, Geotagging, VR, mobile payments and NFC.

Some of the industries our talented team have worked with are:

  • Health;
  • Social Platforms;
  • Transport;
  • Logistics;
  • Startup Solutions;
  • Enterprise app development, etc.
Uniqueness Of The Bespoke Product

An application for a particular business client is a whole world that needs to be built from scratch, be it a small product or a substantial multi-functional project - customisation occurs on every level of the development.

Details are what makes these apps special and inviting. People love trying new and exciting things, the same with digital solutions - create something that will catch their eye and won’t leave them be without using it all the time.

Meeting Your Needs

A one-size-fits-all approach is nowhere near as effective as customising. Besides, it is quite impossible to use precisely the same solution - you will inevitably embed your own logos, colours, descriptions, etc.

The application should meet the needs you have now and be optimised to expand this functional variety in future. We need to understand what you have in mind before building the actual app.

Our Clients

Creating A Minimum Viable Product

Indeed, it is a long and multi-level process and requires a team of coordinated specialists, solid strategy and flexible approach. Let’s look at the MVP concept and what does it take to build a minimalistic but functional application.

Prior to any further making, we carefully outline aims through dialogue and discussion with the client. Consequently, it is our duty to proceed with market analysis and discover a go-to approach to the specific requirements.

This way we consider not only the customer's suggestions but also advise them on possible alterations following the latest trends in development and audience preferences. When the client approves the mock-ups, we proceed with programming and testing.

The following step is to identify the limits of functionality and state the possible obstacles and technical challenges that need to be overcome. Specialists also need to determine the most efficient structure and optimise it for the following updates if the client wants to correct or change certain parts according to the overall demands.

What good developer does first is reviewing all the separate parts and carefully thinks over the way to organise them in the best possible way. The job is to create layouts and basic sketches to each screen.

The approach is to place every component right, in an intuitive way and enhance user experience. The process takes at least several days in case of the most basic app.

Company’s Image

Brand image creation is an incredibly thought through process. Neglecting it can be consequential in an unpleasant way. Consider your public, current market, the message you are sending.

At Magora we encourage a deeper conversation on this subject, as the colours you choose, logo, slogan, even the font influence a number of users who are going love and use your product.

This is the stage when it all starts to define. Programmers develop comprehensive layout coding and carefully start writing the carcass for the whole digital product. We see how it all acquires colours, icons, fonts and style. The efficiency of such processes widely depends not only on professionalism of every individual but also on inside team organisation.

Quality Assurance

QA experts control the software quality from the draft stage to the application launch and post-launch. In such a manner we detect interface inefficiency and program bugs that can add to app’s unproductivity or even failure. Tests can continue for as long as it takes to come up with flawless solution on the inside and the outside.

Magora is one of the few Australia based companies that continue supporting and upgrading the created by our specialists IT product. Prior to the launch, quality assurance specialists do their best at testing and checking everything numerous times until the app will reach excellence in functioning and design. The supreme quality is achieved via well-structured and scrupulously planned approach.


We also ensure that the application will reach the widest audience and receives rave reviews from popular media. To do so, marketing specialists accelerate your growth via:

  • Working with in-app advertisements;
  • Organising social media campaigns;
  • Using native ads;
  • SMS advertising;
  • Consulting IT reviews;
  • Following business analytics.

When reputation is at stake, it is crucial to show the highest level of expertise!

Despite many development agencies leave their software immediately after the launch, we consider it unprofessional and reluctant. In international business of app creation, the work never ends. It is our prerogative to look after the project and support it with necessary upgrades throughout the lifetime of an app. Such a unique approach elevates us in the competitive field of IT business.

Some of the guaranteed post-launch services are:

  • Advice on effective strategies;
  • Continuous updates, according to the market conditions;
  • Feedback and review analysis;
  • Consultations on marketing ideas.

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