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Working with Professionals

In our digitally advanced world, it can be quite a challenge to find a right match for your company’s aims and ideas. Throughout many years of laborious app building, Magora have finally achieved international recognition and media attention. Company’s mindset is based on two statements: close client-developer communication and efficient results.

Good Development

Working with us means collaborating with experts in international development who strive for higher results with each of new challenges. Our creators are here to deliver a top-notch solution and bring income to your enterprise. Magora specialists are eager to resolve tasks you have for us with strategies that do not expire but mature in the long run.

Since the first day of the creative process and till the last, our specialists share their expertise, upgrade and find new marketing solutions.

It is hard to list all of the industries, Magora have made an app for. Using the latest technologies and approaches, such as Agile, our developers have elevated various businesses and brought huge revenues to customer’s companies.

The industries of company’s professional resume are:

  • Enterprise - applications for regulating, decreasing costs and optimising the workflow within a company;
  • Transport and logistics - delivery and work monitoring projects;
  • Social media - platforms for reinforcing communication between customers and team members, establishing an efficient connection;
  • Travelling - apps that feature a variety of interesting places and routes;
  • Medicine - tools to reach a healthier lifestyle, medical content and remedy search;
  • Cooking - applications with gourmet meals recipes and food delivery tools.

We have set high standards for ourselves - to deliver sustainable, first-rate, award winning app development services, and it is impossible without a strong connection among developer and customer. And whether you need an iPhone, Android or Web solution, in order to tailor the product to your business and estimate costs we need to know customer’s intents and aims. To eliminate mistakes, specialists need to consider your point of view. This policy corresponds to the Agile approach, used in development.

In the end, the most important thing is the working solution, which corresponds to all requirements and satisfies the client, winning on the international market and standing out among incredible digital products. We know how to decrease the costs and fit the development into your budget. Success sometimes depends on little things - so, let’s try to establish a beneficial client-developer connection and avoid misunderstanding.

App Development Strategies

What is often missing in other development companies is a well calculated, reasonable and, most of all, achievable strategy with adequate costs. Having a good basis and a thought through approach since the early days can have a considerable impact on the whole process. All leading developers have one they follow - so do we.

To go hand-in-hand with technical innovations, it is necessary to possess a multitude of services. We create user interfaces, style guides, UI elements, and pixel-perfect mockups, design mobile and web interactions, wireframes and low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes are also in our service.

The full expertise includes the following: bespoke app and web development, user experience and user interface design, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, HTML, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, consultation, app testing, costs estimation and many more other services.

Prior to the start of the actual development process, it is sensible to conduct a comprehensive research of the business the app is going to be created for. A successful launch has a vital dependence on market analysis and defining the top qualities of the future product. The goal is to build an MVP you need and reach the aims we have set together.

By seeing your weaknesses and areas in need of improvement, it is possible to create an efficient solution that will keep up with the constant growth of your competitors and allow costs fitting into your budget.

Monetising Strategies

  • Impose a discount system and establish benefits that come with it. Make your product unique and more attractive.
  • Establish in-app purchasing costs and ensure the growth;
  • Consider and analyse the targeted audience, as your success is largely dependent on whether you made it clear or ignored;
  • Develop inviting offers for your loyal customers and implant a particular pricing strategy;

Remember Nike, Apple, McDonald's? No matter where you live and what you are interested in, there are numerous company names, logos, advertisements and slogans you remember throughout your life. The success of your business is the direct result of the enterprise’s image memorability.

How your broad audience perceives your product has a substantial impact on product’s future. So, it is beneficial to adopt an attractive and appealing picture people will remember and recognise among others. Regardless, there is no end to improvement.

Analysing The Market

  • Look into KPI and change your content and approach accordingly. It contributes to the increase in productivity by showing what can be done to succeed;
  • Start tracking your metrics to interpret the way your company functions best in the various states of the market and average costs;
  • Find an approach that will considerably improve the income and optimise your services;
  • Google Analytics and other tools help in grasping a broader perspective of your business’s dynamics.

Development With Us: Top-notch Services

Creating an application is not a one bulk process, it takes many professionals and many working stages that consequently result in a digital solution. To achieve a better outcome specialists of different spheres of development communicate their opinion and collaborate throughout the entire process. Everybody and everything interweave in order to reach the highest quality result.

The Creative Design

When we have already discussed the main features of the app together with its aims, it is time to built an approximate framework with specially designed interactive examples to see the potential realisation of the idea. One of the key features is an appealing design and easy navigation, so developers create feature-rich UI and UX.

The stage mainly consists of the following:

  • Discussing functional design with programmists;
  • Design concepts;
  • Mock-up creation;
  • UI and UX testing;
  • Receiving customer design approval.
Staying Responsive

Last decade showed us a steadily growing tendency of portable devices usage. As a matter of fact, most of the existing content is nowadays read on mobiles and tablets. Even computers are becoming less popular with the rise of smartphones and computer-like tablet devices. Following this trend, it is essential to have your solution tailored to fit any screen the user will view your content on. Our talented team of designers have created multiple apps for all kinds of businesses, and they always make it look good.

The Importance Of Being User-Friendly

One of the main reasons to make your website responsive is, of course, the statistics showing a growing number of people using digital devices in comparison to desktop ones. The other reason is to create a competitive software that can stand out among other products and correspond to growing market conditions.

No doubt, the decision will benefit your business and even draw the attention of the media. But still, not many companies realise how massive is audience reach of mobile devices. It is about time to start upgrading your solution, till there is a lot of fish in the sea.

The Agile Approach

Agile is an efficient method that brings the boldest of ideas to life in the form of a sustainable software with lesser costs. It is used in the development and establishes in self-regulated cross discussion and team cooperation. This way creators discover new superior solutions and improve the previous ones. Agile is the leader in meticulous planning, flexibility to change and exceptional results. The approach itself was originated in late 2001, in the Agile Manifesto.

No doubt, the decision will benefit your business and even draw the attention of the media. But still, not many companies realise how massive is audience reach of mobile devices. It is about time to start upgrading your solution, till there is a lot of fish in the sea.

Core Principles Of Agile

  • Close client-developer communication;
  • Face-to-face communication is favoured more than other communication methods;
  • Business orientated software;
  • Product, responsive to market conditions;
  • Developing an efficiently operating software;
  • Focus on functional perfection and impeccable design;
  • App development that suites your budget;
  • Easy to use, intuitive UI and UX;
  • Fast delivery of high-quality products within weeks;
  • Long-lasting support and constant optimisation according to changing requirements.

Our Clients

Creating An App

When we have already outlined the workframe and decided on a design, it is time to initiate the hardest, most practical and time-consuming stages of the development process:

The actual body of the product is being made exactly at this point. Our specialists make sure job is being done scrupulously and every line of the performed code is perfect. It is then verified and tested by quality assurance team and passed on to the next stage. But before the new bespoke app is launched it is carefully compared to all specifications and documents on the app.

No matter what, our Australia based developers control each of the creative steps, one by one. Backed up with the comprehensive documentation clients are kept in the loop. Moreover, striving for perfection, we decrease the costs and deliver a solution they expect.

In order to do this, quality assurance specialists follow up with:

  • Tests planning;
  • Functionality testing;
  • Code reviewing;
  • UX/UI and software performance evaluation;
  • Bug reports delivering.

To reach functional excellence, we oblige ourselves to check everything multiple times and eliminate all possible bugs or small errors via QA testing. Such a well-structured approach grants us a chance to polish the product and presents a supreme quality. Besides, all of these processes are being documented and fixed on paper in order to be aware of every single operation.

Our developers are never satisfied with mediocre results, so it takes as much time as it needs to reach the desired outcome. We accelerate your growth via in-app advertisements, organise social media campaigns, follow mobile analytics, use native ads, SMS advertising, IT reviews and more.

Sadly, but multiple development companies leave their projects not long after the launch. But this policy is not for us, as we consider it a common practice to continue supporting and working with digital solution after the successful launch and throughout its entire lifetime. It is our duty to maintain long-term partnership and provide constant upgrades. Company’s broad range of bespoke services guarantees the efficient result.


  • Advice on efficient strategies;
  • Support after the launch;
  • Feedback analysis;
  • Continuous updates;
  • Consult on marketing ideas and costs decrease;
  • Bug fixing.

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