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While our project managers and business analysts work together to write specifications, the rest of our team are set to the task of software conceptualization. We continue our work by creating user interface, building software architecture, implementing complex functionality, and testing its performance until it meets its needs. We also provide technical support to help maintain and update the program and incorporate new features.

Unlimited opportunities

Software programmers and engineers will be pleased to share with you their in-depth knowledge of computer software and language development tools. Magora's senior and junior programmers can write apps for specific systems, such as iOS or Android, Windows or OS X. They can also provide a cross-platform software solution, including desktops and mobile devices.

Depending on the requirements of your software, we develop and maintain programs that reshape your communication and business. Magora agency has IT specialists in a wide sphere of specialized development; in mobile telephony apps, web-based software, intranet portals and CRM suites, enabling our development company to offer a full range of end-to-end services.

Our application coders have experience in a vast range of business verticals and in a variety of industries: finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, health, energy conservation, maintenance, real estate, transportation, logistics, management, education and more. We work together with the client, and write programs according to their specifications.

In our custom app project, you'll find backend programming for mobile apps, visual interface for graphical tools, mobile apps for IoT projects and social networks.

Our highly skilled and experienced programmers can offer custom solutions for local or world-known brands, helping startups and established companies to meet their goals.

There are two main ways to develop custom apps: Agile and Waterfall, and the use of both sides depends on the design requirements. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and fortunately, the team can provide you with superior development based on any of the following approaches.

Waterfall is the traditional way of building a custom app that offers a sequential design process. By using this approach, developers gradually create and start a new phase before the previous is completed. This means that customers must have a clear understanding of the app to get a fixed budget, a fixed schedule, and a fixed list of specifications. During the process, programmers save detailed records and documentation to ensure that future improvements are made. The main disadvantage of this approach is that it depends on the original plan and does not allow changes during development.

Agile methods appear after waterfall as an alternative solution to the traditional way. This development offers an iterative, incremental, and flexible approach. With this, programmers can make changes after initial planning and adjust the program to evolve requirements throughout the process. This includes several sprints; each sprint can be evaluated and tested to ensure better personalization and high quality. An experienced Project Manager is assigned to each project to ensure that the process does not become a series of sprints, but will evolve in compliance with the client’s requirements.

More than just coding

The main function of many app programmers is to make the device perform specific tasks, but our well-coordinated team sets another goal for the coders. We strive to solve challenges, increase productivity and efficiency, improve customer relationships, accelerate business growth, optimize internal processes, or address any other customer needs. Our programmers use information technology to solve practical problems and make a difference. Our main function is to help customers achieve business goals by means of innovative and custom apps.

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Our mission begins by understanding your problem. Business analysts and project managers carefully study your requirements and workflow to get the full understanding of your needs. We research markets, competitors, user needs, and expectations, in order to help create detailed app specifications, based on customer requirements. By these means and the data received, programmers elaborate a clear plan on the features and tasks, which the program must perform.

Build the core

When we have a clear understanding of issues and specifications, our software engineers break down program specs into simple elements that programmers translate from logic to programming language. QA specialists analyze the project and develop potential solutions to anticipate the challenges, which may arise in the development process. The experts work in small groups assigned for each specific part of the project.

User Interface Design

The design department creates a clickable prototype of a future product to present it to customers and evaluate ease of use. We can work with the client's PR team to ensure the right visual identity. When designing a user interface, we do not only consider its attractiveness and interactivity, which help to attract users, but also its intuitivity. As a result, we can eliminate any setbacks that may occur when the user first explores an app. After project approval, programmers combine and test all elements of the product.

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Qualifications and skills

Software programmers not only possess a high level of technical knowledge, but also have business management capabilities and information system understanding. When meeting with us, you will have a clear picture of how we work, documented through the large number of success stories which we developed. High-level programming and other technical skills allow us to bring the most sophisticated app concepts, while creativity and innovation help us find up-to-date solutions right for your case. With a solid analytical team, we focus on the details in a logical way. All Magora members also have good communication skills and recognize the importance of a correct understanding of customers. The experienced project manager maintains flawless communication, and works hard to understand your needs and thoughts. Throughout we use simple English to exchange technical information with you in a concise and clear way.

We were originally a website development company, offering customers e-commerce sites, portals, custom databases and many other web solutions that demonstrate the excellence of front-end development and support. Back-end programming (also known as server-side script) involves the use of scripts on the Web server to respond to user requests. Our team is well versed in these technologies, such as ASP.NET, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python and Java. And we also boast highly talented Microsoft Certified developers, who deliver the best in class solutions. Back-end allows programmers to enrich the site with more features and functionality. With the advanced technologies we use, our designers and developers can create an engaging, interactive user interface, and integrate visual elements. Web programmers can organize user interfaces by helping with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, ActionScript, AJAX, and other front-end technologies.

Since 2010, with the growing hardware support for mobile devices, we focus on mobile program solutions. The existence of such powerful smartphone devices has changed the way we access information, communicate and conduct business. And every new app brings more power to the users and benefits of devices. Our team has experience writing in Swift, Objective-C, C #, C ++, and Java, which means we can provide software solutions for all major operating systems. Internal development staff, with access to a large number of libraries and frameworks, support mobile functionality, by integrating the app programming interface (API).

We carry out a large number of tests to ensure the highest quality. Our testers determine that the app output is working as expected, by testing the sample data set and verifying its security, stability, performance, and usability. This is an ongoing process, responding to problems and correcting them if necessary. Testers check and evaluate the effectiveness of the program and ensure every detail is working correctly, until the app reaches perfection. Every time we tune the program to meet changing requirements, testers make sure integration is running smoothly. QA engineers and UX designers execute user acceptance tests when we receive a work plan so that the app is easy to use, fast and accurate.

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