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Custom development of apps in Sydney

We are a professional software development company located in Sydney.

Our main focus:

  • Custom apps
  • Mobile and web software
  • Complex integration programms
  • App consultancy

We love what we do and what we bring to your business.

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art solutions to help clients in Sydney and around the world generate business results. The developers have a wealth of technical skills, a passion for quality and experience working with various industries, starting with the concept of setting their brief ideas to provide you with a successful project. Talk to you, use simple language, avoid technical details, and make the development process as transparent as possible. Therefore, we strive to be the partner that wants you to succeed.

Business projects can be challenging, but that is what we love about custom solutions. Whether you are looking for a customized CRM system, a program that automates day-to-day processes or a social networking application for better employee management, anything you can think of can bring us that. You have a problem - we have your solution! The expert engineers and designers can help you:

  • Improve your customer service
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of the company
  • Automate and streamline internal processes
  • Increase sales

We can handle everything to improve your internet presence.

We have worked with several Sydney and international companies for five years to provide them with state-of-the-art solutions. If you are interested in a long-term partner, they can offer excellent tools to develop your projects and ideas. Our experience and expertise span a wide range of industries and enable us to serve you through expert advice while developing programs for your company. Whether you need a custom program or third-party integration, you can feel at ease with us.

The creative team combines several technology platforms with numerous programming languages ​​to benefit from providing high-performance solutions that meet all of your business goals. We use client technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, Jquery, and server-side technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python, and Ruby. We develop mobile applications across all major operating systems, iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. The team is comprised of advanced developers and back-end skilled and creative designers who can perform any complicated task.

Our experience with custom programming for companies covers the following industries

Health care

The coding of health apps requires sufficient knowledge. Our work experience has led to many successful projects, from app monitoring to hospital administrators to clinical management apps. We know how to modernize and automate internal hospital processes and improve patient care and overall hospital management.


The high-quality apps bring your concepts to the broader audience. The website developers can view significant data to help financial analysts assess trends, extremes, and recessions. The team conducts regular weekly/monthly/yearly regular reports, giving you real-time traffic to make better decisions and do whatever you think.


We believe that application offers a tremendous opportunity in education, bringing together students and teachers around the world to eliminate any limits. Their ideas and skills make education more accessible, diverse and organized. We also have successful projects in logistics, hospitality, travel and many other industries.

Our Clients

Web Development

Our Sydney company provides web program building services. We offer firms secure, efficient, and attractive tools through browser-to-browser compatibility and mobile-friendly design that allow using programs from any device. Website developers provide new opportunities for your business to simplify and automate your internal workflow and management processes, increase employee productivity and productivity, and build brand loyalty through interactive web tools.

Web programs offer some advantages over the desktop and native apps:

  • Maintenance

Web products are easy to upgrade and maintain. The developers can respond quickly to their comments and requests by making only changes to the server. Install Users of the web app do not need to download the app. Therefore, web apps do not take up storage space on your computer; it is downloaded from the remote server for you via the Internet.

  • Accessibility

Unlike native and desktop systems, web apps are flexible and can be used on any device, be it a PC or a smartphone.

Our Sydney based company offers mobile development services to help your enterprise thrive and create fast, intuitive and interactive apps for your customers. Modern Australian customers use more often smartphones than desktops, which results in an increase in the strategic efficiency of growth in the mobile business. The mobile application gives you access to information and opportunities to interact with your customers. Having your own app can increase your brand awareness, sales and improve customer service. The application developers are the experts they work with and know how to make apps for iOS, Android, and Windows users. You just have to find this idea, and the development team will take care of the rest.

Make sure your mobile programme is:

  • Simple

A simple solution is the most complex solution, especially if it is on a small screen. Our developers strive to create an easy-to-use app that will appeal to their customers. Fascinating. The team tries to make your app as interactive as possible with all phone functions (such as accelerometers, GPS, cameras, etc.). The designers create a great user experience, make sure you have great features and ease of use, and simple navigation to make your application mandatory.

  • Fascinating

The team tries to make your app as interactive as possible with all phone functions (such as accelerometers, GPS, cameras, etc.). The designers create a great user experience, make sure you have great features and ease of use, and simple navigation to make your application mandatory.

Fast Moving the world demands action in real time. The developers use the latest technology to get your app loaded in seconds to make sure people do not quit because they are too slow.

In addition to app development, we can help you create a custom server database. The back-end developers can create a remote or local database to coordinate functions and store their enterprise data. The development team can create powerful client database software with a combination of offline, online, mobile and desktop technologies. Spreadsheets and Access databases limit their effectiveness for many things. Now, when you need a complete corporate database, it's time for our mobile and web development company in Sydney. Even if you have a custom database and you are not satisfied with how it runs or the quality of your software, the software developers can help you improve. The development company creates high-quality, secure software products that allow you to easily perform real-time reporting of data and reports.

The SDLC is decoded in a software development lifecycle, implying a mission structure to be implemented at every stage of the creation process. It is a framework that consists of a detailed plan that describes each stage of production and aims to improve quality and overall process. Our software company in Sydney maintains agile development, which means iterative and incremental processes that involve multiple cycles. Agile development gives our developers and customers unbelievable opportunities and ensures that the end result exceeds expectations. For you as a customer and partner, the agile approach means:

  • Significantly reduced time to market
  • Guidance for a project can be changed at any time, and once you see that this or that feature does not meet your business goals and requirements, you can ask the developer to replace it with other methods and improve functionality and design of your project throughout the development process
  • If we use any other method, the overall risk that the software will not work as needed is much lower
  • Since the entire SDLC test has achieved high quality

The process is transparent and you keep your feedback and get a quick response.

Once we provide your software solution, we completely transfer the intellectual property of the program to you as this is your idea and we just bring it to the scene. The team provides ongoing support. When you need to upgrade your tools to meet your changing needs, the experts here will help you implement additional features, redesign the user interface, or any other functionality you may need. You can also count on free consulting service and get answers to any questions about software development. Contact customer department in Sydney.

Our company has a full suite of experienced developers who perform manual and automated testing to ensure advanced features, performance, visualization and loading times are in line with corporate standards. As long as we have a less accessible product (MVP) - a basic functional work program, the QA team starts various tests such as QA testing and UX testing. Our passion is to deliver powerful features, usability, and high-performance software tools to achieve your business goals.

Let us help you become the first in your industry!

Our customers and partners are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to solve their business problems and create new possibilities through our software development services. During those years, Magora development company proved its proficiency for Australian market. And we always focus on high quality. Therefore, we have a high customer retention rate. The expert software developers are real pros who can present any challenging idea. And we look forward to working with you.

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