What makes a perfect app: UI design tips from real professionals

App UI Design: Exceptional Appearance and Convenience of Use

How do we build distinct projects?

The design of an app requires some skills, experience and knowledge to make it work. The people involved in the development process must follow guidelines and procedures to make sure every detail is accounted for and at the same time, add creative things that have not been done a million times already. This is how we organize our workflow here at Magora. We have standards and guidelines that we follow to make sure that every one of our projects is something to be proud of. At the same time, all team members are highly creative and never stop improving their skills.

Whether you have a company business that is looking for a way to motivate employees and improve brand awareness or a small startup that is ready to explore new territory, contact us and we'll offer you a high-tech solution.

App Design

The first visit to a new application should be like a stroll through an unfamiliar environment or a trip to a new city that you’ve never seen before. Despite the views and the beautiful buildings that exist, nobody wants to get lost in an unfamiliar place. The first impression is what keeps customers on the site. Make use of our previous app design experience.

Even if you are an expert in web design, you understand that the ability to use it comes first, and then the aesthetics. Not the other way around. Nobody wants a beautiful product that can’t do any work.

Experienced app designers from our software development team will tell you that the beauty of the UI is a very interesting question because different style points always pique the interest of different people.

Another surprisingly unique characteristic of the typical is application user is what they do with the product. Fortunately, in our design agency we have enough experience to predict user behaviour and make software which is relatable to all visitors.

It is well known that speed is important. We are in the era of cutting-edge technology, which takes but a second to open Google and load any search you can dream up. While that certainly means that the average consumer is used to a faster loading time than in previous years, it also means that you have just a few crucial seconds to engage a potential new customer and keep them on your page, looking for more information instead of just clicking away after a few moments.

Like we mentioned above, you have just a few brief seconds to hook a new visitor to you page and convey the important information before they become bored and leave to look at another page. At this point in the user experience, there isn’t much that is more useful than an attractive logo that is eye catching and iconic. Make sure it is something that can grab a visitor’s attention and draw them in to look at the page further.

Print products, such as newspapers and magazines, have columns, sections and other visual elements to segment the content and be more readable, while other mediums and products use the same concept to reach customers in the simplest and most convenient way.

That doesn’t mean that the most effective web layouts will mimic the same organisational designs as print media but it does mean we should draw inspiration from their methods, take a leaf out of their book, and design sites that are visually stunning and well put together. Our specialists are media experts who know how to design your web page to maximise customer involvement and enhance the user experience so that you can be sure that anyone visiting your site will stick around for long enough to understand whether or not your product is what they are after.

While web design in and of itself is certainly an important pursuit, we also make sure to design products that are usable on the entire range of mobile devices to ensure that no matter users find themselves, they can access the information that you provide. This is all but a guarantee to substantially increase traffic to the site, in some cases, doubling it.

There are many ways to make an ideal website for a mobile phone. We can develop a mobile website to develop receptive and adaptable layouts. Contact our specialists to choose the right approach for your project.

We just can’t convey the importance of making a good first impression. You’ll never hear us shut up about it! In fact, we’ve gotten so used to justifying our obsession with making a good first impressions that we’ve come up with the rule of three: make sure that no matter what information your client is looking for, they can find it within three clicks. We continually test our menu and analyze the elements, filters, etc., to make navigation more useful and convenient.

Creating responsive logos

Technological evolution gives people the opportunity to obtain information from other sources using different devices. It is not a web development process anymore, and in the changing atmosphere on leveraging the internet as a marketing tool, designers have had to become smarter, faster, more adaptable, and all in all more talented to keep meeting client needs and creating remarkable material. Products must be optimised for smartphones, tablets, televisions, desktop computers and, at the same time, easy for users.

  • The logo is an important part of the company's brand. However, during optimisation of the app, the logo will be ignored. We make the design fit the logo, not the other way around. The logo is the heart of advertising operations but many agencies end up boxing in the logo you have trying to make it fit a predetermined design plan. We think it’s better to work in a completely different way whereby the logo is the central feature of the advertising campaign.
  • The logo should be simple and easy to digest, a user should look at it, have their attention hooked for a few seconds while they take it in, and them be compelled to look further into the company.

At Magora, talented designers offer a variety of options of the same logo for different uses. (Horizontal, short, high, and with or without text markers, for example).

Design for colour blind users

About 8-10% of men and 0.5% of women can not see colour or differentiate between certain colours, that means that around about 1 in 10 of your users is going to fall into that category. Is your site accessible to everyone who might want to use the product?

We’ve been working in the industry for almost a decade, and have a number of strategies that will make sure whoever is using the product will get the most out of it.

Use colours and graphics

Our designers do not rely solely on colours to identify certain process conditions. For example, some forms of Dalton will not allow users to see red errors when completing a registration form. One decision is to use a colour marker and a graphic symbol with the description.

Here’s an interesting fact: Mark Zuckerberg can barely distinguish between green and red tones due to myopia. Because of this, Facebook's colour scheme was blue, as he said in an interview: "Blue is the richest colour for me, I see the full blue gradient.”

Examples and textures are tools for sharpness

Designers absolutely must consider different types of graphics and styles, relying on the intensity of light. Our specialists focus on UI elements and examples, which help users better understand the data.

Our Clients

Trends in the App UI Design

Trends in the UI design of mobile apps are constantly changing. Users switch to the device they want faster than ever these day, brand loyalty is at an all time low. That’s not great news if you’re a big company like Apple or Google, and have to worry about half your customers suddenly jumping ship. But for innovative companies working on a smaller scaler, that’s great news! We’ll make sure what the creative team comes up with, will drive users to you.

But just getting people to the party is only half the battle, if the user is lost and confused with the appearance and navigation of the app, the design of the UI can not achieve its main objective.

The background is a mess!

Somewhere along the way, screens kept getting smaller and developers started getting lazier. One day, this awful cycle came to a head and the users began to notice just how sloppy website and app design was becoming. We design products that are scalable to any size, whether the end user is going to be on a tablet, tv, or telephone -- the product will look great in any application.

Do you want to design a perfect app?

If you’re not sure how to launch an app for your company, rest assured that you’re in good hand with Magora. We’ve got years of experience on the market and know how to turn a good idea into a good product.

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