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Global Market Is Now Online

Nowadays almost everything can be done through smartphones and tablets. And that is why all businesses are inevitably entering the virtual market. E-commerce has changed the usual conditions and constrained to adapt to a new online model.

But, the current market is very different, it is growing and expanding much faster. To be able to operate properly in this environment entrepreneurs must be flexible and responsive to the desires and likes of their audience. It is possible with custom web or mobile presence - add value to your business!

Developer Team Or Freelance Specialist

Good, you have already decided to invest in the development of a digital solution, but where to start and who with? There are a couple of options - a renowned Australia based application development agency or a freelancer. The question is, what service do you expect to receive from them?

A freelancer is someone who comes and goes, as the project is finished. Our professional team from Australia , on the other hand, is ready to stay on the case however long the customer wants. There is no end to such relationships. We work together, get to know each other and work to achieve beneficial results for both parties.

  • Custom web and mobile development;
  • Quality assurance testing;
  • Marketing advice;
  • Creative designs from award-winning specialists;
  • Up-to-date libraries -Spin.JS, Elmah, Autofac, EntityFramework, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon, Mantle, etc.;
  • Programming on - Python, PHP, Objective C, Objective C +, Java, JS, Swift, etc.
  • Native and cross-platform software;
  • Development on various devices, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.
  • Database management systems - MS SQL, MySQL, etc.;
  • Modern frameworks - Hapi.js,, Express.js, Mojito, Require.js, Core Data, Core Spotlight, Laravel, React Native, Angular.js, React.js, etc.

It has been long seven years since we have started to develop IT solutions. With time we have gained the experience and mastered our craft to the extent of the leading application development company. The company have been through many challenges, but have never failed. Among our developers are designers, programmers, QA testers, analytics, project managers and many more specialists that ensure your future. Be it locally in Australia or internationally around the globe, we are here to help!

One of many important factors of great development performance is having transparent communication. Speak up about every detail with us. We encourage clients to talk and discuss their business, aims, concepts, policy, expectations and much more.

If the team is aware of all the crucial points, there can not be any mistakes in the approach to the application development. It reduces errors and avoids misunderstanding. Discussions lead to perfected results. Get in touch to ensure your performance with Australia based company Magora.

Years of experience brought to our attention many industries, enabling us to gain experience in most of professional spheres in Australia and elsewhere.

  • Enterprise and startup solutions;
  • Education;
  • Health and fitness;
  • E-commerce and POS apps;
  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Messengers and social platforms;
  • Finance;
  • Real estate and property maintenance, etc.

Different custom business apps are frequently used in diverse areas of management, market analysis, strategic and IT management. Using your apps significantly improves team’s efficiency and productivity, optimise expenses and automatise routine operations, such as accounting.

Cooperate with Magora agency from Australia and develop an application created specifically to fit your enterprise. Consult our splendidly accomplished projects and design masterpieces adapted to the flexible market to make a life-changing decision of app creation.

Create A Unique Application

No, doubt the virtual market is already full of interesting solutions, so try to make yours stand out among them. To be successful entrepreneurs have to gain a big following of loyal customers who are willing to use applications daily and making purchases from time to time.

There are many ways to attract consumers, and each of them deserves to be considered. At Magora our professionals are aware of the best approaches to app creation, entrust in us and achieve the goal you have always wanted to reach.

Develop a fantastic design

Some of the application development agencies don’t pay enough attention to design and how good it is. The way digital product presents itself is incredibly important from the icon to the layout. Build something new that can make a potential customer stop scrolling, click on your app and enjoy outstanding user experience.

Create intuitive, user-friendly design that will enable a user to navigate without any questions or difficulties. Make it so anyone can use it and appreciate how comfortable it is. Through usability tests you can discover the best ways to do so and be sure - the design works.

Analyse usability

A usability test is a way to evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users. Although it is still not completely real-life experience, it gives focus to the developers and considerably improves the overall result. To run it effectively you need:

  • Solid test plan;
  • Recruit participants;
  • Analyse and report findings.

Three categories of UX testing

  • Explorative - used early in the process. It checks effectiveness and usability of prototype and preliminary design;
  • Assessment - is usually being conducted midway through the process and result in the overall technology evaluation;
  • Comparative - compares two or more digital solutions.
Discover testing methods
  • Hallway;
  • Remote ;
  • Automated;
  • A/B;
  • Questionnaires and Interviews;
  • Paper Prototype;
  • Expert Review;
  • Do It Yourself.
Check application and get benefits
  • p Identification of the problems before they are coded;
  • Early fix - no costly redevelopment;
  • Valuable feedback;
  • Identify changes to improve performance.
Attract by promoting campaigns

Promotion is an essential part of putting your product out there. Send it for free to a respectful reviewer or famous YouTuber, do everything it takes for people to discover your application and fall in love with it! If consumers know about the app, the job is done - they will keep using it because our applications always exceed expectations and surprise with sleek easy-to-use designs.

Australia based Magora team is ready to answer any additional questions that might have appeared as a result of such a complex product. The only thing you have to do is ask.

Catch popular media’s attention

The market is full of applications, try to be special in every case. Copying some features might be good, but developing an entirely duplicating software will get you nowhere. Be original but at the same time value the main principles of design creation, such as :

  • Simple navigation;
  • Minimalism;
  • No complex and over flooded with information layouts;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • Attention drawing icon.
Develop a worthy marketing strategy

There is no one-size fits all marketing approach. There must be a custom strategy for every case. For an entrepreneur, it can be a little difficult to discover the best-promoting strategy without a development team ready to assist with it.

Magora specialists are always there to help with a proper marketing strategy. Through meticulous market analysis, we are able to create the best way of representing a company to the media. Trust us and benefit from our irreplaceable services.

Our Clients

The Process of App Creation

Do you think it is easy to come up with the idea that can bring millions to the owner? It is not. Development embraces many spheres and requires a team of professionals who can create a premium solution via cross communication and discussion. Software is not something you can develop overnight. It goes through many specialists and levels, such as planning, programming, and testing. Be patient, and you will succeed.

So, the development process usually starts with planning and outlining the main concepts and aims that a particular digital project has to achieve.

First, we sit down with the client and talk, discuss different aspects, discover potential stumbling blocks, share everything the customer wants to know about the development and what Magora needs to find out about the company or customer we build the solution for.

The next step is to decide on the type of design the development will proceed with. Usually, after the team has outlined the major factors, designers get the mockups ready for usability testing. Mockups can be created on paper or digitally.

At Australia based Magora company we build interactive digital products, which are easily analysed and criticised. Looking at them, developers understand where the things can go wrong, quickly change and correct some of the details in functionality and interface design.

Probably the most responsible stage of the whole development process - the code writing. Creating a perfect and clear code takes advanced expertise in many programming languages. Programmers thoroughly write one line after another, paining utmost attention to details.

Coding takes time, so be prepared, as it is the longest period of the development process.

Testing is what puts everything on its place. Through this stage, testers discover mistakes in code and fix them until the digital product is polished to perfection. The time of testing is never stated, we can’t estimate how many fixes it will require, so expect to discover it along with the work.

When testers are completely done with the quality assurance, it is time to put a custom product on the market, whether the product is based in Australia or on the other side of the world and see how it goes. Launching can be the end of customer-developer relationships, but not in our case.

Magora keeps maintaining the application throughout its lifetime, providing updates, optimisation, and any requested changes. It is important to upgrade your app from time to time. Otherwise, an outdated software will not bring any benefit to the owner.

As an example - iOS 11. The changes that Apple embedded into the newest version of their operating system are significant, new language Swift 4 rendered outdated the previous ones.

Application Developers For You: Magora Team

Hire a company of talented specialists in software development and design based in Australia - Magora. Maybe you have a great challenge for us. We are ready to accept it! And if you haven't’ yet discovered what kind of software is better for you - get in touch! Our consulting experts can offer you help and answer all your questions.

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