Advanced Application Development

Application Development: We Design Custom Software for Your Company

How We Work

Our development company puts the customers first and makes applications that people love to use. Our developers create useful and efficient software programs, which is why we prioritize users, be they company employees or customers. We carefully develop backstage features and intuitive design to ensure products add value to your undertaking.

The application developers do not invest in difficult conditions and uncertainties because they need your participation to meet all your requirements. Your opinion is important to them, and that is why our development company has opened the veil for you at all stages of the development process.

We work hard. Even if your project means powerful integration, the development team is looking for a simple solution that does not make the user feel complicated. The team believes that simple and effective procedures are the most complex, and our job is to turn complex things into simple things

Quality assurance is not a mere voice to us, and the developers and application designers make high quality products and do a series of quality control tests to ensure that your application works well and meets all criteria. We know that getting a good reputation is very important and our development team does not want to commit to poorly designed apps. You are the full-fledged partner and Magora team is doing our best for your digital success.

Custom Application Development

Our creative development studio tailors mobile and web apps to your specific needs.

We are creating attractive and simple UI based on the necessary features and advanced functionality, and provide an attractive programs with awesome user experience.

Business apps not only boost your enterprise, but in fact, they will be more welcome if they offer new opportunities to the customers and improve the accessibility of your services or products. Magora developers take advantage of the latest technology to create high-performance tools with an interactive, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Automate and streamline internal processes

Technology has a huge impact on your business, and if you implement these technologies wisely, they significantly improve your workflow and help you keep your competitors behind. Our application development organization is ready to help you find the most optimized tools to optimize your workflow and make your business mobile.

Whether you want to monitor and manage your workforce, analyze large amounts of data in just a few clicks, or get people to know your products or services, stay true to customers, and attract the industry leading IT pros are ready to provide you with the best services.

Enterprise Software Solutions

The use of smartphones and tablets has increased, resulting in the need for business mobilization. Mobile applications and complex network systems improve business efficiency, security and productivity. Our mobile design agency has been building scalable, stable and flawless software tools for large companies for five years and has gained a wealth of experience and experience to help us better understand the various industries, departments and business objectives. This understanding helps us create safe, practical and cross-platform solutions for the customers, and no matter how challenging their tasks, our app development company will handle all your needs.

Small business application

One of the best ways for small businesses to grow is to be mobile. Your own small business programs significantly affect your business and significantly expand your audience. Application developers have extensive experience working with a wide range of business units, what work we know today and what does not allow us to provide customers with advice that can help them grow their business. As a professional application company in Australia, we provide a compelling and compelling application that is your favorite. The development team can visualize your concepts and provide dazzling mobile applications.

Our Clients

Software Development Services

Our experienced development agencies are paralyzed with leading brands and startups to provide qualitative and efficient software products. Our design and development organization offers a range of services to help the clients identify mobile and online strategies that fit their services and products. Our software development company not only designs and develops software programs, but also supports you when we launch your project and is ready to help you develop monetization strategies. The software programmers and designer teams help you update your software tools to meet growing needs, user feedback and analysis. Services cover the entire lifecycle of the program development process, from defining your core philosophy to launching fully custom applications. Whether you are a big project or a small project, the development team is here to realize your ideas.

Our company offers powerful web-based apps and websites that focus on the perfect combination of the look and feel of web apps. The quality of products guarantees its sustainability and success. The internal site developers use the company's latest coding standards and latest technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, ASP.NET to deliver high-quality, high-performance, and scalable Web applications.

Based on our understanding of the user experience in terms of navigation and navigation, our apps help provide a pleasant user experience for the users. In addition, we ensure that your web apps earn their business visual identity. The qualified developers use a powerful feature-rich framework to create a program that will surprise you. There is a solution to every challenging problem, and the team is made up of those who know what it is.

Our IT organization has created custom applications to meet the needs of your business and the needs of your customers with the help of cutting-edge technologies. The application development team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who are experts in many programming languages ​​and build apps on iOS, Android, Windows platforms or cross-platform solutions. So if you want to expand your business to the mobile world and have a small project idea or at least a desirable result, the experts will guide you through the planning phase until it's released, avoiding all the pitfalls. The experienced analysts also provide revenue-generating advice and regularly update and maintain their products.

As an authorized iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry Application Developer, we have exclusive access to various features, libraries and programming tools. This foundation, combined with vast experience, allows us to turn any of your ideas into a production case. In addition, you can rely on open, honest, and long-term relationships.

iOS offers the most stable and secure platform which smoothly reaches your business goals. And as a part of our mobile app programming services the skilled software programmers can deliver you a slick and sophisticated iPhone application building. With native and cross-platform app building technologies the developers provide your program with amazing user experience, stunning user interface, and unique functionality.

Android platform has the largest smartphone market share and connect you with a vast audience. And the team offers you top quality services for Android operating system. As far as Android has a large number of devices it is on, the developers will take care of the look of the program ensuring that delivers great user experience on any screen size and resolution. In the end, you will have a high-quality product with fascinating functionality and eye-candy appearance.

Unlike iOS and Android platforms Windows is less popular but it is still about 50 million users that should be considered. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow and many people believe that Windows Phone operating system is a promising alternative to today’s market leaders. And the expertise in .NET makes us confident that our software firm can deliver a first-class Windows Phone apps.

Any Functionality You Can Imagine

We are fanatic about innovative technologies and the team keeps up with all the latest trends and that allows us to realise any of your ideas. Magora develop apps that do what you want with a huge range of feature. Our software programmers can implement integration of the existing apps with your new software.

List of features the team may integrate is endless and depends on what is your project about.

Let us present you several examples:

  • Search System: An efficient way to navigate within an app;
  • Push Notifications: An opportunity to remind users about your business even when they are not running your app. It can be any information from calendar event to reminder to new data from a remote server;
  • Analytics: The programmers can integrate a reporting system that will help you to monitor user activity, analyse them, and make certain improvements;
  • User Registration: A simple way to gather information about your user and later personalise their content;
  • Database Integration: A feature that allows to process a lot of data and keep the information always up to date;
  • Maps and Geolocation: An integrated maps allow to view the route and also determine nearby places;
  • Live chat: An immediate communication with a user and increased availability;
  • Social Media Sharing: A way to promote your brand and gain trust and reputation.
  • These features come to mind first, but the list can be significantly prolonged, and if you can imagine it, our team can do it.

Looking for great developers?

We know our job. Magora specialists have been analising, designing, and developing business apps for more than eight years.

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