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Working With An Experienced Development Company

Once you have chosen a company, you usually stick to it and spend months or even years collaborating on a mutual creation. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense to address the question seriously. It might seem an easy task to pick some company you like, but the issue is much deeper and requires a multi-step research.

Providing First-class IT Service

At Magora developers produce full-fledged products catering to whatever audience is there for a client. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so each of the projects are taken into a custom development with a particular, suitable approach.

To reach an ultimate goal we have to meticulously research and analyse your company, industry, market sector and, of course, your aims and thoughts on the most efficient custom solution.

Even at the very first meeting, we try to grasp the ideas the client have and outline the possibilities of making it a reality. Although many companies just take on a task without close collaboration with their customer, our policy is to encourage them to participate and go along with each of the developer’s steps.

Of course in the end what matters is a bespoke product that fulfils the requirements and even exceeds expectations. The idea is not only to build in the requested functionality but to create a user-friendly interface that responds to all types of screens and devices. It should fit the business and the market perfectly, delivering the right message and rich a broad audience of potential users and customers.

Sometimes people forget that digital market is not an example of stability and conservativeness. Users change devices and operating systems at least once a year. There is no permanent solution, that can stay without updates forever.

Developer’s work is to provide the support of the bespoke apps and implement modern technology. Unfortunately, with such innovations, the program can malfunction due to incompatibility with older libraries or frameworks. This is when we help out by fixing bugs and optimising software to suit the ever-changing market.

Digital Services and Expertise

Magora has come far from a small two-developer project and has risen to the level of international development agency, providing winning solutions for every customer. Our developers give all their time and efforts to polish custom apps to perfection.

We offer multiple services including:

  • Bespoke mobile and web development on all platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows:
  • Native and cross-platform software;
  • A wide range of languages such as Swift, Objective-C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc.;
  • Database management systems, like MS SQL, MySQL.;
  • Award-winning design;
  • Usage of modern libraries(AFNetworking, PromiseKit, JQuery, ASP.NET MVC, etc.) and frameworks(Core Data, Home Kit, Laravel, Symphony, React Native, Angular.js, Hapi.js, Socket.io, etc.);
  • Launching on such markets as Apple AppStore and Google Play Market.
Industries We Developed For

Over the course of work, we had a chance to try ourselves in various industries and gained valuable experience, learning and making mistakes. This being said, we are still growing, although on a very different level. Our exceptional bespoke designs and applications keep receiving public recognition elevating us to the top of leading software developers.

Magora developers have already delivered a significant number of custom projects for different technologies and industries, including the following:

  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Travelling and hospitality;
  • Catering;
  • Real estate and housing;
  • Education;
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce and & POS;
  • Finance;
  • Bespoke startup solutions.
Bringing Ideas To Life

Over the years we have optimised and built many products from scratch to satisfy business needs of our clients, so our professional developers know just about every way and approach to the needs of others. The solutions we come up with add value to products and speed up the overall workflow.

Magora developers work hard, ensuring that the result corresponds to the expectations the client has and stands out among competitors. It can be quite hard and stressful to consider each of specifications and build a highly functional custom software in time and up to the standards, but yet we have never failed to do so.

Lean Development

Good developers always start the process of creation with a research of client’s business. It can be a small local start-up or an internationally established enterprise - the goal stays the same. To figure out what kind of service you need, we have to conduct an in depth analysis of your business and find the best method to optimise and improve your mobile presence with the help of high-tech digital products.

To guarantee the superior quality of the future software, we meticulously follow all stages of development, carefully programming, testing and launching a product. Your business is bound to expand in the long run - trust us!

Software Maintenance

To keep your software good-working and efficiently working here is what we have to do:

  • Investigate analytical data;
  • Integrate new functionality;
  • Improve existing software;
  • Embed recent technologies;
  • Optimisation of services;
  • Control current versions and new releases of iOS.
Stages Of Bespoke Software Development

Meeting and planning

  • Deciding on functional consistency and approximate design;
  • Investigation of the market;
  • Identification of business’ strengths and weaknesses;
  • Suggesting custom software solutions.

Design and programming

  • Creating interactive mockups and prototypes;
  • Receiving client’s approval on the design;
  • Carefully coding and QA testing;
  • Incorporating user input based on the feedback analysis.

Launch and support

  • Update release;
  • Version control and maintenance;
  • Bug fixing and malfunction prevention;
  • Software deployment;
  • Marketing advice.
Why Us?
  • Delivering of end-to-end digital solutions;
  • Certified team of experts with extensive portfolios;
  • Cooperation and mutual understanding within a team;
  • Long-lasting relationships with clients;
  • Developers, who keep up with the latest technologies;
  • Corresponding to trends;
  • Enthusiastic approach.

Our Clients

Why Choose Professional Custom Software Developers?

When you start working with specialists, it speeds up the workflow and optimises the overall process as they already know how to approach your idea. You only have to share your thoughts and aims - we are ready to start bringing them further.

Magora not only delivers first-rate custom software that fits your business image and budget but also provides top advice on marketing strategies. Our portfolio stretches from health controlling apps to complex vessel monitoring systems and enterprise solutions. Moreover, we never leave developed products without the support they need.

There are numerous technologies involved in bespoke software development, for example C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, etc. Some of the tools you might have heard of, and some are completely unfamiliar. But even if you haven’t heard of them our professionals are here to go over any question you have, again and again, so don’t be afraid to ask. Although these sound complicated, we are perfectly capable of translating technical terms into plain English.

You may ask what do I need SEO for? Well, this marketing tool gives an opportunity to promote your product and expand your business even further. That is why our bespoke software always incorporates rich functionality and SEO tools. It is crucial to have them, especially for business websites. Without search engine optimisation you won’t be able to reach your potential customers through search results.

It is necessary to discuss your SEO strategy before the start of the actual development and outline what method is the most suitable. That is why websites that are built by our skilled team are always optimised for Google bots’ indexing.

It can not be denied that social media plays a huge role in people’s lives. Since the technology is now so accessible, we became addicted to these digital devices. Everybody uses social accounts to chat, send messages and post photos.

To reach as many people as possible with your bespoke product, it is beneficial to integrate social media accounts into your website with the sole purpose of making it available to all users on all possible platforms.

This way, all content and information posted on your accounts on Facebook or Twitter will automatically appear on the website and all the way around. An easy way to keep all your pages updated and provide additional ways of contact.

Such platforms allow collecting payments online for products and services being a virtual extension of your offline shop. Our developers have worked with various e-commerce platforms and industries, such as education, travelling, entertainment, catering, healthcare and many more.

The development cost is based on the demand and the fixed budget, guaranteeing that all investments eventually pay off and bring huge revenues in the long run.

The core aim behind the content is to keep you interested as much time as possible. So regularly posting new useful and engaging posts and updates bring many people to what you are promoting. Creating this connection has a tremendous effect on your relationships with the audience.

Don’t think that texts and media content are only there for the filling - each of these pieces represents your company and adds to quality image. Make information well-structured and exciting.

Our software development firm has a thorough understanding of the marketing approaches and promotion campaigns. We know how to develop a comprehensive strategy for better content and grow the number of clicks.

Business image is usually something that corresponds with the target customers of the company. Thus, if you are about to optimise your business identity and broaden the audience rich, do it without losing trust of your existing clients. As a part of the bespoke project, our skilled experts provide appropriate advice on developing a presentable business persona.

Magora’s talented development team of designers and marketing consultants has gained a valid experience in brand promotion, designing of templates, guidelines and logos for all kinds of businesses.

Due to the solid background and extensive knowledge of the development market, we create reasonably priced custom solutions and produce excellent software. Despite having worked with clients from all over the globe, we have never experienced difficulty in communication because all our specialists speak two or more languages and communicate at a time most comfortable for the customer’s side.

Some of the fundamental principles of our work are close cooperation, development transparency and constant feedback.

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