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The Boundless Abilities

Our Australia-based, in-house team of software program builders creates efficacious solutions for businesses of various spheres. We can help you with:

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable IT partner to build a program, we have created numerous products and operational systems for corporations big and small across an expansion of different sectors. We also can design cloud-based or shrink-wrap solutions for diverse product verticals for licensing or resale.

  • Bespoke enterprise applications
  • Web packages & website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Software and hardware integration
  • Bespoke Databases
  • Bespoke CRM structures
  • White label development
  • Consumer portal software
  • Internet of things (IoT)

As organisations grow, processes are set up, and independent tools are regularly created by teams to assist them entirely with everyday tasks. This organic evolution frequently ends in disconnected, fragmented systems that don’t operate as hard as they could for the organisation. We will create systems to automate the business workflow and connect the data.

  • Statistics migration offerings
  • Operational structures
  • Legacy software program modernisation

We don't just expand applications and walk away – we provide end-to-end services to fully assist you. We can offer everything from consultancy to better align the technologies with the marketing strategy, to help with the ongoing development necessities. We can also hold and securely host programs in the devoted, high availability infrastructure.

  • Consultancy
  • Task rescue
  • Business enterprise IT services & outsourcing
  • Source code restoration
  • Support & maintenance
  • Web hosting
  • Development for startups

Bespoke Business Software

Bespoke enterprise software – from web apps to consumer portals and everything in between; we are professionals at the use of technologies to build business efficiency and competitive advantage.

Enterprise app development

Whether you need a bespoke solution to improve the customer support, increase business effectiveness, streamline processes or boom the income (either through the front-end user experience or back-end efficiency), our specialists can create intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive bespoke programs that will help you.

The specially designated team works with you to recognise your business processes and the project you are trying to resolve after which propose the type of bespoke software development that would work best for you, which include:

  • A hosted, bespoke web-based utility with a local, remote, synchronised or multi-tenanted database back-end
  • A hosted, front-end database-driven website
  • A web-based bespoke application with a complete CRM system
  • A mix of hosted the front-end, back-end and customer portal systems
  • A desktop bespoke systems with remote (cloud) databases, or local databases that may be synchronised/replicated with central database structures
  • Mobile and tablet apps with local and cloud-based databases

As an example, we have created bespoke software solutions that include:

  • Secure client messaging
  • QR codes (barcodes) as the link between e-shopping, e-ticket and admin systems
  • Custom self-service solutions that may be logged in from the workplace, home or a mobile
  • Dashboards that alert users when the next action is due – no more counting on written lists or human memory
  • Reports that are automatic so that they can be produced fast and accurately
  • The capacity to forecast the peaks and troughs of stock, so inventory ranges are maintained at the most reliable level

And in case your business software needs a back-end payment system, our developers can quickly integrate this for you.

Who will own the software?

We delight in delivering bespoke solutions that the clients are thrilled with. We don’t want to taint this experience with licensing or development issues. That’s why while we create an app for you, you don’t need to worry:

Once the product is finished, intellectual property rights are entirely transferred to the client; there are no any license fees to use the software we build for you.

We do not use proprietary techs or plug-ins in development. This ensures that everything we do may be maintained during the long-time period, being something any Microsoft-educated developer can work on without any particular proprietary knowledge.

After the product is live

Our team is not in the habit of delivering bespoke solutions as a tick box exercise and then moving on to the next undertaking. The developers take satisfaction in what they have provided and want you to get the best out of it, that is why we:

  • Write the practical spec in plain English – we won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon
  • Offer complete training on your app, on-site or at our workplaces in Sydney. It's typically never needed as we build the software to be intuitive for the user. However, it is there in case you need it.
  • Provide ongoing support services, together with an agreed service level agreement and access to our in-house builders through the helpdesk

For more information on all the services we provide, contact the Customer Department - we are always happy to talk.

Bespoke program development strategy

We integrate the best technical platforms, which includes Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC and web services, HTML5, and the rapid utility construction technique to deliver software rapidly.

We will show the product as we go until it is released and in operation. Through giving you access to the project along the way, you will be capable of ‘play’ with it and flag any design or functionality that is not pretty right. This way we can quickly solve the disputable moments and make the product exactly what you need.

After the product is live

Our devoted team delivers software successfully, on budget and with dispatch using the time-proven development processes.

We have developed a streamlined delivery strategy, encompassing undertaking planning, development methodologies, thorough technical layout, rapid coding and first-rate warranty.

  • Reliable cooperation - whether you are large or small, blue-chip or not-for-profit; we offer the equal pleasant, can-do, responsive and professional services.
  • Prototyping & specification writing - concerned that the finished product won’t appropriately reflect the necessities? The visible prototype and written purposeful spec will make certain that it does.
  • Rapid application development - faster development times, lower fees and bug elimination are just some of the techniques that rapid development benefits the clients.
  • Development methodology - discover the development advantages of classic Waterfall or flexible Agile methodology of quick delivery, adaptive planning and a fast reaction to change.

Our Clients

How will the project work?

Clients regularly ask how their project will work. While it is truly not a case of ‘one size fits all’ as all wishes are special; our company usually work through the following steps with the customers:

Our specialists start with the gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, present methods, demanding situations, objectives and your vision of the current solution.

We listen, ask questions, provide thoughts and constructively challenge you before establishing an outline strategy and characteristic set for the solution so as to meet the needs.

With the understanding acquired from the discussions, we then put together and present you a formal proposal. It units out how we can work with you, along with the information on the feature set for the deliberate system. It also includes costs and timescales in line with the agreed terms of engagement

Following the go-ahead from you to continue, we begin the planning stage. This is the most collaborative part of the mission, which includes onsite or Australian HQ-based conferences with your undertaking stakeholders and our development crew.

Due to the fact communication is one of the essential issues in tailored software development, at this early stage of the project, we additionally:

  • Designate a person of contact;
  • Provide you with ingress to secure extranet so that everyone engaged in the project has the today's documentation and access to the prototype;
  • Start to track the progress on a daily basis over the extranet, and on a weekly basis in status conferences, so that each you and our group were in tune with the schedule.

It is nearly impossible for most of the people to visualise how something will operate before the finished bespoke software is introduced, so it is at this stage that we use cutting edge visual tools to build a prototype of the new product so that you can see it taking form.

Our team members additionally prepare a complete functional specification that details every main element of the created bespoke software. It’s essential that a client understands and agree with this specification as the developers use it to build the software. That’s why we write it in plain English and avoid using technical jargon.

As soon as the design stage is approved and based on the agreed functional specification, our in-house team of senior software builders will begin to program the product.

We in no way outsource any work and don’t the use plugins or proprietary technologies that could tie you into using us in the future.

We use extensive testing and first-rate guarantee procedures to test all code and design elements at every stage of creation. Once the program has been completed, a final round of checking both by our testers and the end-users will start.

This user acceptance testing is performed on a technology separate to the live system, so you can check functions and offer any remarks on bugs or troubles in a pseudo-live surroundings. Such testing is invaluable to ensure the robustness of the system in the hands of the users that will use it every day.

Our structures are developed to be intuitive for the user, so the need for formal training is significantly decreased. However, if required, we are glad to provide complete training options on request both onsite or at our headquarters in Sydney.

Our IT company offers the full maintenance of all the products we produce even after the release of the system that consists of:

  • Priority bug fixing
  • Assistance with any functionality
  • Access to the online helpdesk system alongside phone and email support

Let’s Create The Perfect Solution

Our IT company has been building bespoke apps since 2010. During this time we have created top-notch solutions for a broad range of industry sectors.

Take a look at our portfolio to see how businesses have benefited of cooperating with us.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of our work, discuss ideas, or get a free estimation of the project - give our team a call right now.

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