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Digital Bespoke Solutions: Increase the productivity of your company

What Is Bespoke Software?

Organizations looking for the right software solution in the mobile world should consider modernising their business and keeping up with modern trends. Bespoke software is a great opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. The value of bespoke or tailor-made software depends on the fact that we design it for its important commercial purpose. It is a special program for your employees and clients, whether for email applications and social networks, asset management or data storage and analysis. With our service, you can avoid clumsy connections and the risk of buying an 'off-the-shelf' product that you will not use because the features do not meet your needs.

Software development for companies

In the last 60 years, since Word software was first used, there are now 3 main categories that software is generally classified into:

  • System software: the basic software that manages the hardware components and helps the computer to operate efficiently.
  • Programming stack: a set of programming tools.
  • Applications: programs that perform functions such as office suites, computer games and database systems.

App creation is still gaining popularity. People looking for solutions that meet their own needs, but often face the problem of finding the right developer. Let us offer you our services and explain what we can offer you. The first step is simply discussing some of your ideas and considering what problems you have, and where we can help.

What is COTS?

Offline commercial software is a type of program that is designed for a specific use and is usually available to the general public. Typically you have to pay for the license, which can be more expensive in the long run as opposed to using a tailor-made custom solution. Because of this, COTS is usually less reliable since it has been developed from scratch in the shortest possible time so that it can be released on the market and begin being capitalized. You can modify some solutions that are ready made, such as open source options and we are happy to make any modifications to open source software that you want, but they must be restored each time they are loaded. Program updates can also cause additional costs and concerns.

Professional developed software has several advantages and gives you the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Our developers design these programs to meet your specific needs. Additionally, bespoke solutions can be efficiently integrated into the IT tools that are already in use throughout company. We offer flexible solutions that you cannot find in other software packages. They can also be modified to adapt to the transformations of your business. You can rely on support for the launch and maintenance of your digital tools. When you decide to work with our bespoke software development company, you can control the entire creation process of making an app, so you get the right information every step of the way. Before starting to work, our team will consult you on possible ways to present your ideas, providing expert advice based on our IT experience. We know that our professional services will provide important commercial benefits over any competitors.

Entrepreneurs constantly strive to be on the cutting edge, and often they are the first in the business world to recognise the benefits that bespoke software can bring to a business. There is a type of software called an enterprise app (EA) which is a program designed for use in corporate environments. This sophisticated platform is the foundation of a scalable and role-based workplace that can only be designed by professional and experienced developers like us. Composed of several programs and created for unique commercial functions the EA has become quite important with respect to computer systems Used in online payment processing, automated resource planning, IT billing, purchasing, content management, and many other management processes. Last but not least, an EA can improve the performance and efficiency of any business with its elite enterprise-class functionality.

There is a common belief that the development of custom solutions is only for large companies and it’s generally impractical for smaller operations but the fact of the matter is, as the app performance continues to grow, the interest of small businesses in developing their own digital products is growing in lockstep. Creating an app is a worthwhile investment, that usually begins to pay for itself within a year. Let’s use the example of a restaurant which automates its order and payment workflows, the amount of time the company saves on man hours will quickly surpass the initial investment costs of automating those processes. Creating a unique new bespoke application also gives your company the chance to compete in the worldwide market and achieve global brand recognition. But how does a new app benefit you specifically? Let’s look at the following example:

  • Information recognition
  • Brand awareness and acceptance
  • Customer service and commitment
  • Profitability

In 2017, 40% of online purchases were done through mobile phones. Compared to the previous year, mobile sales increased by about 15%. The business world are the only ones benefiting from the emergence of the mobile application market., according to several recent studies into the trends of online purchase activity, strictly Business to Business applications are also on the rise.

Bespoke App Development Services

The world has become increasingly IT literate and knowledgeable about the world of computer programming, which has become a must-have service in almost every commercial environment. Today, our experience and knowledge in the IT industry allows us to design and implement bespoke business solutions for all business requirement that you can think of. With innovative technology, we help you automate day-to-day operations, optimise and improve your customer experience. If you want to acquire and manage customer information in a specific way. But you do not have enough knowledge of IT to meet your own needs, you can always rely on our team. Our main objective is to find what you need and provide the right solution for you.

Custom web applications

Using the web with our internet solutions is easier than ever before. Complex and time-consuming computational operations can be simplified with the help of a remote server that provides information and statistics in real time. Accelerate your efforts and help your customers and employees manage your business online. Our design team creates beautiful interface designs to provide the perfect experience for both your employees and clients. Whether you need to develop a personal network, such as an intranet or extranet, project management tools or whatever you need, we can do it for you.

Your ideal mobile app

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are another way of presenting information and using helpful processes. The world is becoming increasing mobile and as a result, new ways of doing business are required for those trying to keep pace with the times. To meet your needs, we design bespoke native and multiplatform solutions using all the advantages of the operating system you choose.

The iOS platform is considered the most stable and safe. We design and develop applications for iPhone and iPad that meet your needs. We leverage all the advantages of the iOS platform and follow all Apple standards to get the applications you need working to the standards set by industry leaders.

The number of Android users is growing rapidly, as more and more producers adopt the system to challenge the dominance of the iOS mobile operating system. We build your app according to all the Google guidelines for Android Market devices, so they look good on any screen. In general, we work on two main platforms, iOS and Android, but we also build applications for Windows and other lesser used operating systems.

Tech stack

As a professional development group, Magora makes use of a variety of tools that we use in the process of creating an app. Our experience allows us to transform your needs into powerful software tools that will help you optimize your productivity. Our team consists of PHP developers, HTML5 designers, Java experts, and ASP.NET programmers who can work on complex projects and high-quality web and mobile solutions. Our developers use innovative technologies to automate and accelerate business, reduce expenses and improve the user experience. Our toolkit includes CSS, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, ActionScript and many more.

How we work

We have detailed and sophisticated procedures to create applications that we have honed and perfected from years in the industry. With the help of our experience, we have developed step by step protocol that streamline the entire process. At the beginning, we fully research and understand the needs of the customers, that's why we started the conversation, during which we will identify the most important features of the app in the future. With a clear picture of your business objectives in mind, we will create a baseline functional product that is a network of preprogrammed applications and allows both you and us to test functionality. We work with the UI / UX design to make the interface easy to use and beautiful. Every time we make a modification, the testing programs allows us to eliminate all errors. Finally, we use the additional functionality that clients require and perform quality assurance tests to offer high performance and convincing applications that satisfy all commercial needs and guarantee returns for clients. After launching the product, we continue to maintain the bespoke product and analyze comments so we can see how to best update its features.

Our Clients

It is worth investing?

The advantages of having a bespoke solution are:

  • Your software works well for you, improving the efficiency of your business and saving you money in the long term.
  • You can generate profits that are impossible to create using traditional solutions.

It is difficult to say how much it costs to develop a bespoke product because each project is unique and requires a different approach and functionality. Bespoke requests differ from simple apps that offer mainstream functionality for multifunction programs that help your business operate more synergistically. For more information, just call us and tell us about your project and we will help you with your calculation.

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Let our IT professionals choose the right solution for your specific problem. Whether you want to increase profits, reach your target audience more effectively or manage your workflow more efficiently, we can help. Our experience allows us to provide high quality solutions with a great interface and keep the app updated. In the modern business world, your company can either make the most of the world of mobile applications or be vanquished by competitors who take advantage of the opportunities that exist there first. The mobile app revolution is the modern decade’s answer to the turn of the millenia internet boom that launched the internet as a viable tool for modern business and we’re here to make sure that you firm catches the wave.

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