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The Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development: Optimize Your Business

Creating Cross-Platform Solutions for Business Wealth

With the right cross-platform app, you can not only communicate with potential customers and convert them into loyal customers, but also help increase the efficiency of your business and take it to a whole new level.

  • Web technology offers many opportunities in cross-platform development for your business to be seen by customers.
  • Cross-platform solutions provide regular feedback from advertisers, consumers and businesses.
  • They improve internal and external functions and processes everyday.
  • You can use all the advantages of the versatility and flexibility of mobile opportunities to get the most out of business.

Solutions that are cloud deployed are being increasingly fashionable in the IT world because it allows users to access the system from anywhere on the globe with an internet connection without the need to download bulky software or bog down their system with busy executables.

Another benefit of cloud based solutions is the ability to flawlessly implement version control. In fact, cloud based products have only one version -- the current one! Be sure that all users are working on the most current iteration of the product and that they are always getting the most modern performance.

Web-based cross-platform solutions allow mobility and reduce management workloads. In fact, you can work in networks, save results in the server and, in case you need to access them from anywhere, you only need an Internet connection.

Using HTML5 technology, our programmers will develop applications that work best with any device, from the smartphones to desktops of potential or former customers to the access points of remote employees.

Our developers can create innovative cross-platform mobile solutions based on their ideas, which demonstrate vision in the code with the most advanced mobile and web technology. Over the years, we have created the best products for the most diverse industries and outfitted many companies with powerful software that changed the way they got their work done. We take it all in: the objectives of your business and the problems that the app must solve, goals, budgets, and timelines. We figure it all out. Trust our experience and obtain powerful smartphone, tablet and desktop tools for any purpose.

Our developers have been working for almost a decade programming in a variety of languages ​​such as PHP, Java, ASP.NET, CSS and HTML5. Based on the experience and skills gathered from many years of successful jobs, they can create software to optimize the central processes of your organization:

  • Document flow management: computer logic making is used to create, edit and store documents and paper flow directions. The software that our company produces can be integrated into the complex management system of your organization so that decision making takes a fraction of the time due to the streamlining of electronic document flow;
  • Workflow Management: simplifies the management of large companies to work with the people responsible for their success. Our solutions for workflow management are universal and can be easily integrated into your company's information systems;
  • Integration of business systems: companies use a variety of applications that must be harmonized to obtain maximum efficiency. Our company has tons of experience in the development of a mediated environment so that the right solution is integrated properly into all business systems.

Our entire team: developers, creative designers and QA teams have been successful in the development of the best cross-platform apps. Our company uses the latest in IT technology to develop innovative websites and mobile apps.

Our company is committed to making personalized solutions for your exact needs. From the get go, we guide you through the entire mobile development process. Every solution we make is a perfect example of Magora’s capabilities and we’re only satisfied if you are too. What we make isn’t an out of the box solution, it’s exactly what you had in mind. Whether you are a large established organization or a start-up company, we would love to cooperate with you.

Our company offers high quality results with a recognized and distinguished development process. We offer an attractive and easy-to-use multifunctional cross-platform mobile app without any defects, bugs, or errors. All our applications are tested with rigorous quality guarantees to prepare for use in the real world. We do not stop working with your app until the navigation, features and appearance meet our best and highest quality standards.

Personal Development Assistance

We provide technical support and assistance to customers not only during the development, but also after the launch of finished products. We would be happy to update or upgrade if necessary and answer any questions about functionality and other technical problems. We’re with you for the entire life cycle of the product.

Framework and coding guidelines

As an IT professional, we use various tools and resources to improve our development process, and make our best products comply with the absolutely highest coding standards, the applications we use, the execution of the code and the speed of the programming -- we make sure everything is top of the range. To do so, we use complex functions and develop sophisticated cross-platform mobile applications more quickly and efficiently. This simplifies the work we do by leveraging the synergy of our entire team, something we pride ourselves on. Our developers also follow the programming guidelines to standardize the logic, coding, file name, folder structure and many other things that create the best environment for programmers working on the same project and make the source code readable, even to non-programmers.

Development of custom mobile apps
  • Project planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Validation
  • Maintenance and support

We customize the software for your business by creating mobile products that optimize your company.

Development of applications in the cloud

Cloud computing is a convenient form of network access service. Using the cloud, users can get into the system from anywhere on the globe with an internet connection and device.

  • Cloud computing captures the interests of users and transfers a large number of mobile applications to the cloud. Our company develops the most important and personalized software on the market. The performance of the program in the cloud combines the advantages of web and desktop software.
  • Applications in the cloud are displayed in any browser and do not require download.
  • The more involved administration tasks are performed by the service provider to minimize the need for system installation.
  • The service provider updates the applications in the cloud.
  • As most cloud apps have been developed for use in a browser, they work on a variety of platforms.
  • The app stores all data in the cloud. The development of applications in the cloud requires careful evaluation and planning to maximise capacity, flexibility and security.

If you are concerned about development in the cloud, we can help you choose between different cloud types and product support.

Our Clients

How we develop a cross-platform mobile app

Over the years, we have established a step-by-step cross-platform mobile development to provide the customers with unique software that meets all expectations. Trust the experts from Magora to find the key to success for best cross platform mobile development solution.

Modern software programs can solve many of your company's problems and increase product demand, advance marketing efforts, increase internal productivity and more. The direct creation of a cross-platform mobile application is preceded by detailed analytics to which the future project must conform.

Before the product is launched on the market, we’ll develop a working prototype so your employees can learn the ins and outs of the new system and be 100% ready to answer any questions that your clients may have.

The evaluators perform a large number of UI / UX and QA tests to ensure that your mobile app not only meets your needs, but also our high standards. All the mobile software we produce must be profitable, attractive and easy to use, making it the best tool for your business.

Performance is tested by millions of mobile users to ensure they can handle any amount of traffic.

Everything goes through the QA department to make sure the product that gets delivered lives up to the expectations we hold as well as those that you have as well.

Likewise, we know the importance of software security, so we combine advanced security procedures to protect your information and reputation.

Let’s Make Your Project Work

The main objective of Magora is to make your business grow and prosper. All of the mobile products we build include powerful functionality, an easy-to-use design and an attractive user interface, and can exponentially improve customer experience and optimize performance.

We offer:

  • Custom cross-platform solutions
  • Multifunctionality combined with attractive images
  • Smart user interface
  • Development in PHP, JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS and other programming languages
  • Quality assurance
  • Reliable data security
  • Strong maintenance and support

Let's discuss what we can do to bring your ideas to life.

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