Building an app with the IT professionals

Building an App is an Art Which We Have Mastered

Building the Perfect App

App development has become a necessity for every business in the modern world. Magora has been working on software development for seven years.

We can boast

  • Experienced team of experts
  • Access the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs
  • Large global enterprises and startup customers
  • Valuable client feedback
  • Excellent customer support

We are proud of the high-skilled app development team, pioneering the development of tailor-made programs. The professionals have a niche in building highly engaging and powerful mobile and web applications, whether it's iPhone applications, customisation for Android solutions or bespoke Windows programs, we can put any commercial idea into life. You can trust professionals because we have valuable experience building applications for all your business needs.

Our team is the most efficient in designing and coding, and in a comprehensive development process, for your success in all of these areas:

  • Mobile app building
  • Tablet PC development
  • Mobile / HTML5 building
  • Business & B2B applications
  • Backend development
  • Marketing and promotion of applications

Our company is composed of dedicated teams, who develop first-class applications, maintain your technological preferences, transforms your skills, professionalism and thirst for success and uniqueness into an innovative mobile solution:

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Window

Our IT company is following the "wearable / ubiquitous" technology cycle and see mobility as the highest priority. We help customers reach end users on iOS, Android and Windows devices, from app design and strategy to prototyping, programming, building and app marketing. We work with goal-oriented enterprises to help them achieve maximum site functionality for each platform and deliver 100% dedicated solutions to their end users.

Apple store is populated with different applications, giving users many opportunities. These users are accustomed to investing in gadgets and downloading entertainment and promoting applications of everyday life. Build your app on iOS and discover new revenue streams. Most importantly, Apple produces reliable image processing equipment, authorized by the right software, which can greatly increase corporate productivity and brand promotion. That's why the iOS platform is very suitable for business.

We are pioneers in the development of applications for iPhone and iPad. The development process has been driven by forward thinking, innovation, and brainstorming to help us provide the customers with the most effective tools.

Let us know if you wish to build the perfect custom program on the iOS platform.

Android is the main smartphone platform, at the highest level of consumer demand, has great ability to be the best decision to build an app. The diversity of devices running on Android allows you to reach the vast audience and get more customers for your undertaking. Popular in the wider public, this platform will facilitate the use of internal enterprises, because most of the employees install Android devices.

We are the best in building applications for Android, so you can rely on our experience. Hire the team from Magora and get a very professional, efficient and really powerful app as a way to benefit your company.

Drop us a line, let's turn your ideas into a successful product.

With the revitalization of Nokia, Windows Phone saw a large number of emerging followers, and organizations of interest make the most out of the platform. The Windows Phone programmers have become increasingly interested in Metro's UI platform and user-centric strategy, placing their passion and understanding in the design and high tech solutions for your company or arranging business plans to lend services. Whether it is smart phones, Xbox or Tablet PC, we are happy to contribute to the establishment the perfect product.

HTML5 is a technology that can dilute the line between the web and mobile and almost absolutely eliminate this distinction. If your mobile plan is unrelated to the operating system and platform, the HTML5 programmers will build the industry's knowledge to encourage and certify a solution that will leave a lasting, non-fragmented network of users and brands. Whether they are on the mobile device or on a computer, people will be familiar with your brand.

Tablet PC Solution

The Tablet PC offers unprecedented value, excellent productivity tools, and a new paradise for recreation. For our Australian clients we have created a lot of perfect mobile apps to double the original value of tablets and bring great ideas to the clients. Whether it's an iPad, an Android device, a business-centric RIM Playbook tablet or a web app, it's a good fit for tablet PCs without affecting the user experience, and our experts will see the app concept in the arena.

Mobile Web Applications

Need a variety of ways to reach users, then building a multi-platform solution is your biggest practical choice. HTML5 and Titanium, Sencha, PhoneGap, are at every day use of our app builders. The builders of ensure that you embrace mobile users spread across different devices and network traffic. Experience cross-platform mobile development without difficulty.

Enterprise and B2B Systems

Mobility forces drive the customer base and bring more operational possibilities to the enterprise and B2B domains. We work closely with your team to set up a BYOD policy or gain customer approval and gain a competitive advantage through mobile applications that match your corporate strategy. "Enterprise" usually means a lot of information that needs to be processed. Our team makes everything from the powerful back-end to the intuitive interface, making complex business logic very simple to the end consumer.

Backend Development

High-performance programming is not just a compelling interface; its real strength is hidden under third-party integration and business logic. Developers like to solve difficult back-end tasks so that these complexities are not ignored by end users. Our app builders can leverage native and third-party APIs and external web services to avoid unreasonable costs.

Marketing and Promotion

The mobile market boom goes beyond successful software integration; in fact, this is the weapon that gives the app to the community. Our services include app ads to help you achieve performance, from business compliance to success. We guarantee the visibility and traction of the online app market because we know how to enable the app ad.

Our Clients

Building Applications that Stand Out

We don’t end with the strategy, we start with it. We help you get started, build or rework. We provide digital design and help manage the dynamics of the market. We recognize opportunities and threats and help build and strengthen powerful businesses in today's international digital business operations. The team of strategists with digital focus has built real business alternatives, and provides a safe backup for design and technical teams to ensure that events are quickly demonstrated.

Although some organizations offer product-level layout, we understand that the need for genuine competition requires customers to form ideas, services, and products.

We elaborate the main proposals, services and products around the world, in fact, becoming powerful brands. Our team is connected and has in-depth knowledge in digital landscape and market power. We redesign our work strategy into a valid proposition.

The experience needed to deliver excellence comes from creative groups. We know how to recruit, train, schedule and cooperate.

Technology, especially the mobile generation, is our history. The experience of the team is extensive and in-depth, and we have collected expert developers who can provide any digital tool: fast, efficient, and first-class - supported by the use of time-tested architectural strategies. We create multi-platform and multi-device utilities that are integrated with your business environment. We ensure all project elements work flawlessly, provide optimised consumer-centric services, and build a great, satisfying product to help your business succeed.

  • Advanced technology and tools
  • Experienced engineering expertise
  • Proven practices and strategies
  • Engineers and architects
  • Test testers and managers
  • UX and UI Designers
  • Masters of Scrum
  • Support Expert
  • Technical architecture of the company
  • Continuously transportable software programs
  • Cycle of continuous improvement
  • Priority road map
  • Cross-platform software and services

We have the "test, search, iterate" support method, we use this strategy to transform the client’s problems into effective solutions.

We always provide optimized propositions, products and services, recognizing that MVP is just the beginning of a journey. Digital tasks must be able to meet changing market demands. Customers are aware of this and want a partner who is ready to changes, and we are happy to do the best.

Benefit from our Experience

Since establishing unique software, Magora has helped many companies realise their potential.

Regardless of the size of the client's business, we are all partners, providing a combination of design and development services. Unlike other companies in the mobile world, we are the result-oriented group: we help the clients understand their real capacity and measure the return on investment. The fact that our experts have a real impact on business means that the customers choose the long-term partnership. Magora is a true strategic partner, helping to improve the effectiveness of the business in which we are involved.

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No project is the same, but we are proud of each of them. Let us help you reveal the real potential of your business and find the best way to achieve your digital dream.

We look forward to hear from you.

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