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Building Apps In The Most Beneficial Way

The Proper Team Is Half-Success

We believe that to create a world-class product, you need the right group of specialists. Our in-house team in Sydney headquarters consists of experienced engineers, programmers, designers, analysts and managers who are passionate in the building of authentic rational software. All our staff has the right competencies and the experience to develop apps in a rapid iterative way. With a team of 250+ specialists, our company has the right size to serve you.

We don’t outsource any development works

All work is performed by our in-house crew of professionals to ensure absolute control over the conversation, development techniques and satisfactory.

Right from UX design, to app building and QA to launch, deployment and advertising, the sophisticated developers provide you with all of the services under one roof. So you don’t need to juggle between several service providers but can rely on your imaginative and prescient partner to develop an outstanding product as fast as possible.

Often startups face monetary obstacles at some stage in their initial years, and they want to find out alternatives to wisely use their restrained financial resource. Our unique onshore Australia-based development centre helps store your money at the assets, workplace space, set up and different worker liabilities.

When building apps our developers assist you to get proper skills with worldwide attitude under one roof, round the clock, results into increase in productivity and in the saved time and cash.

Flexibility in execution

Our experts understand the demanding situations associated with startups, such as evolving specifications, requirements for agility, lengthy and unusual operating hours and knowledge in cutting edge technology.

We believe in keeping long term relationships and provide dedicated upkeep and support to maintain your business and going further. For some of the startups, we started building mobile applications at an early stage of their development, and still working with them keeping the products updated.

End-to-end capability

Our team provides one stop solutions on your technology needs right from the idea validation, business analysis, layout, and development to testing, deployment, support, digital advertising and marketing.

We don’t only develop MVPs, but let you building an advanced solution that can sincerely scale on demand. Each of our developers has the proven track record to create the UX that “simply works” and then deploy it on top of charts that may be maintained and scaled quickly.

Our team complies with commercial enterprise ethics. As your startup tech partners, the team members apprehend the values of secrecy considering the thoughts, statistics and business.

Innovation as a core value

Each of us loves the demanding situations, and try to go past the bound script to innovate and supply. Innovation is not just a byword, however, a daily exercise for the group in every aspect - UX building, development or DevOps.

Right from making custom apps to integrating IoT device with mobile applications, our professionals have done all of it.

Building software calls for experts beings from various industries. When you choose our developers on your project, you get a whole team.

You get a UX builder, an architect, skilled programmers, QAs and other experts. Additionally, a project manager to make certain synergy and direction. At some point in the product's lifecycle, we make sure it gets enough attention from right people required at each stage.

24/7 operations

Actual demanding situations start as soon as your idea goes alive, you need a team to guide you in coping with protection, update and scaling. Our 24/7 DevOps group offers peace of mind to you and stability in the operations.

Smart Software Program Development

Our app building agency partner with startups, ISVs and software organisations to construct the most advanced hi-tech tools and to manage the entire development lifecycle.

Building lean product

Startups and enterprises of all sizes want velocity, readiness and deep architectural understanding from their tech and consulting partners. Other than the need to quickly acknowledge market capacity and revenue, startups and developing firms need to control their expenses.

Numerous of our projects start as MVPs. The developers comply with lean product development strategy with 6-12 weeks timelines to discover and create the must-have solution which may be released to solve one task and generate traction.

Our app development specialists will take your ideas and create a minimal viable product following the leanest route. The last goal is to build a proper thing that solves primary tasks and gives information on product market fit as early as possible by wisely investing time and money.

Minimum Viable Product Service

Prototype design / POC demo development - marketers require a demonstrated and presentable prototype to show off before the potential buyers and customers.

Single feature MVP - building an app or a site with an extra focus on elaborating the most desirable solution to cope with a primary task. Because, probabilities are that in case you can't find that one killer feature that can stand on its own – at least with early users – adding more capabilities will not make the program a must-have.

Pilot MVP development

After figuring out pilot customer or the test market, marketers need to quickly build a usable model of the utility, that is ready to launch – usually termed as model 1.0. Right here, time and speed are key factors for such tasks. These initiatives are accomplished over three-five months.

Should I develop this product?

Building the MVP starts with mastering the problem and customer. For the duration of this consumer discovery procedure, it’s crucial to speak to as many users as possible to ensure your idea is promising. The concept has to solve specific or widespread problems inside a market that is needed to preserve you and all of the competition serving the same target.

You may have uncovered a unique problem; however, that does not suggest you are the most efficient one operating in the direction of the solution. Absolutely everyone thinks his or her idea is the winner; however, there is an excellent threat somebody has already attempted what you are trying to perform.

Ask yourself why you are ready to solve this problem better than anyone else. It can be your unique understanding, marketplace strategy, technology, or simply you are in the proper place at the proper time. If you have an answer for a unique question, define yourself and fast go to the marketplace.

If you face a big incumbent though, take additional time to broaden the strategy on how you may compete.

Create and investigate

When you have recognised the problem and target audience, you should create an MVP that makes it possible to measure the customers’ responses, study, and iterate in the shortest terms.

There is no need to put the features on the forefront; an MVP is about providing the number one advantage. The worst thing possible is to stuff the interface with bloated functions when you are still uncertain whether you are efficaciously solving the trouble.

Remember, the “how” in the back of the product is just as critical as the “why.” As an example, Dropbox used a short video to give an explanation for why its product will be terrific and how it will work before then it even released. Early adopters have been so impressed that a simple video gained Dropbox lots of subscribers.

Lean startup

We consider that every startup (and each business) have to be a grand experiment that tests the app idea in comparison with the competition and the user demand. Our experts propose concentrated on a problem after which developing a minimal viable product to start the process of gaining knowledge of, and possibly failing, as fast as possible.

Our company has mature tactics which comply with the lean startup methodologies to help you prosper. As startups and agencies of all sizes begin to adopt lean startup standards and release MVPs. Shortening product building cycles and driving down expenses, while also providing increasingly better products along the way. MVP also serves an intent to show off the app to investors for raising funds.

Our Clients

How we do it

The developers build a minimum viable product to deal with one problem with the best possible solution that gives the highest ROI with minimal risk.

Workshops with the stakeholders to:

  • Understand the core objective
  • Brainstorm
  • Analise competition
  • Evaluate SWOT
  • Validate user/purchaser
  • Discover the must haves
  • Learn the go to marketplace strategy
  • Define the business model and monetization
  • Identify accelerators
  • Discover technical challenges
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Evidence of concept
  • Evaluate structures/technologies/tools
  • Pick out user persona
  • Identify the use instances and feature flow
  • Prepare the wireframes
  • Put together visual mockups
  • Details the use cases
  • Prototype findings
  • Technology selections and high-level architecture
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Milestones and planning
  • Development environment setup
  • Programming and testing with intermediate milestones
  • Intermediate releases to get comments from stakeholders
  • Functional, integration and usability testing
  • Analytics integration

Mobile App Development

Our passion for supplying the attractive and comprehensive mobility services and solutions to the customers is found out on the expertise in mobility received through the experience of strong mobile app builders that have a career-long experience in mobile technologies and a dedicated mobility QA group that is committed to leveraging the exceptional native capabilities of every platform.

We represent the company that is among the top app building groups which supply best in class mobility services with complete lifecycle consultation and custom mobile app development in Australia.

  • Mobile app consultancy (investigation)
  • Android app development (smartphones and tablets)
  • iOS app development (iPhone, iPad)
  • Cross-platform app building services
  • Hybrid programming
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Wearable programs

We share the experience of building successful products for 50+ startups and 150+ corporations.

We work closely with the clients as a tech partner and share our expertise, business network, technology know-how to make them prosperous.

Through the time-proven development approach, we ensure top quality of every program built, meeting the current and future needs.

Some of the technologies used:

  • Mobile OS: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Native App: Swift 3.0, Objective-C, Android Studio
  • Hybrid App: HTML5, JavaScript, Cordova, PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile, Ionic
  • Cross-Platform: React Native, Xamarin
  • Tools- Xcode, Xamarin Studio, Samsung Knox, SQLite, Git, SVN, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, Postman, ScreenFlick, Jira, Instruments

Take benefits of external IT proficiency, expenses management and risk mitigation and get an opportunity to concentrate the existing resources on the core operations of your business.

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We are cooperating with some of the largest brands on the world arena, as well as with local startups. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your needs, vision and doubts. Let us explore how we can help your business to shoot the moon.

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