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Business Apps: Make Up Your Own

Born To Develop

Magora is a seven years old development company, with offices in Australia and other countries. During our long period of work on global IT market, we have produced multiple winning solutions that to this day bring benefit to the owners.

Company’s talented specialists have elaborately developed flexible and sustainable strategies to apply during the process and also borrowed some principles from the best recognisable approaches, such as Agile.

New Business Market

In the twenty-first century to be successful, means to establish your business on all possible platforms - at least the biggest ones. In this age of internet and high technology, there is no place better than a digital environment to promote your service/product. Having a website or application pays off immediately, as it is surely the easiest and the fastest way to discover your company.

Consider yourself a halfway winner if you have already jumped on a development of your virtual market. Having a website simplifies the process of finding out, ordering or communicating with you. Give potential clients what they want - easy access to your services.

You have probably tried it too - it is much more comfortable to trace the desired product by typing its name into an internet search, flick through your options or make a purchase at any time.

Remember which one of huge brand names hasn’t got a proper mobile application? All of the renowned big enterprises have one. And it is sensible to follow their example.

Nowadays, almost every person you meet or know has a smartphone and uses it all the time. We have incorporated these small portable devices almost into daily routine activities almost on every level. We work, cook, shop, travel, taking pictures, share experiences and communicate through these little helpers. If there is a question - who knows a better answer than Google?

So, the power of mobile presence is evidently significant. Based on that, developing a mobile application gives your business a huge audience of potential consumers, there is nothing to be unsure of.

A contemporary customer doesn’t want to make a lot of efforts or any at all. People want to be able to reach your product as if it was on the nearest shelf. So, you have to adapt to it. Magora developers create intuitive interfaces that make up for great user experiences instead of a common mistake - an application with poor navigation and long boring set of information.

What user needs is a short definitive answer to their request, which means no complicated layouts or dozens of paragraphs on something that can be easily explained in a couple of short, discrete sentences. Be precise and straightforward - so your customer won’t forget what they have come to find in the first place.

Recently, developers tend to use minimalistic layouts and simplistic interfaces. It is understandable, as people tend to be attracted by something creative, but not overcomplicated. It might seem that these designs are somehow easy to made, but to come up with fresh and never seen before logos, brand style and business app interface you have to understand the market as good as we do.

Industries We Experienced Working With

  • Startup solutions- Building a promising business’ foundation;
  • Enterprise app development - Optimising the workflow and manual procedures with digital products tailored to fit your company’s needs;
  • Transport & Logistics apps - Tracking tools to manage orders properly;
  • Healthcare and Fitness - Development of sleep monitoring program, personal training apps, informative databases on medicine and treatment.
  • Education - Learning platforms for teachers and students of all ages and various fields of science;
  • Messengers and Social Platforms - Interactive communities, websites and apps allowing a better-established communication, sharing and commenting;
  • Real Estate and Property Management - Creating platforms that help people to resolve housing problems, regulate lighting or heating systems, etc.;
  • Finance - Making it easier to analyse and control expenses;
  • E-commerce & POS - Establishing a virtual environment for purchases through the internet;
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle - Building fun and addictive games, online magazines that you can quickly flick through and enjoy your time;
  • Catering and Food Apps - gourmet recipes and delivery.
Downloadable business apps

There are, of course, some office applications that can be downloaded on the internet. List of the most popular ones are:

The application makes it easier to create and edit documents by storing data in cloud space and accessing it through multiple devices. It supports charts, shapes and graphics, allowing to add comments. You can work with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents on-the-go on your iOS, Android or Windows devices. Cloud sharing works through SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, or SharePoint.

From the creator of Twitter - this software allows users to manage your business from anywhere, accepting credit cards with a free card reader and free point of sale tools.

Using this business app, you can join in on any web conference through 2-way video and camera switcher. Moreover, you can attach files, enabling to pitch a presentation or use Excel spreadsheets in a real-time video conversation. The app is optimised to use on iOS and Android.

Of course, there are many more of these business oriented apps, like CardMunch, TripIt, DropBox,, Evernote, DeskTime, OpenTable, BillMinder, etc.

Custom vs downloadable

What is the point of customised applications, when there are many of the ones, you can download paying some money or even for free? Naturally, it all comes to what you really want and expect from the business software.

A tailored product will cost some money, but in the end, it really boosts revenues and speeds up office procedures, because it was made specifically to do so. Paying a monthly fee for a “one-size-fits-all” office solution will slightly help, but, eventually, investing in future is something a good entrepreneur always benefits from.

Custom software

Opting for a business app that is made especially to fit your needs is a better way to optimise your company’s workflow. Consider having all of your contacts held in a common database, that anyone in the company can gain access to, instead of tiresome inquiries.

If you work with a custom management tool, client’s requests will never get lost and automatically register in the system. And no more never-ending Excel reports to fill up - all the information can be registered in just one click of the mouse.

There are many ways to elevate your work experience to another level - give it a go!

Our experience

Working on different cases, we have gained a lot of knowledge on how to build a perfect optimisation tool. There are many projects we are proud of and are happy to share with you:

  • Audience Management

A project with an aim of monitoring and determining the consistency of the TV audience and channel’s popularity. The gathered from the database information was analysed, forming carefully designed charts and diagrams. Audience Management allows going through enormous volumes of data and getting feedback on different campaigns.

  • Cabinets

A product, developed to fit a well-known company Inmarko’s needs, dedicated to automatize the process of inventory record gathering and keeping routine.

  • ProjectVUE

A virtual assistant for business management. Enhances productivity and routine processes by establishing solid communication between company’s team members, customers and suppliers using mobile and desktop devices.

You can find many more of such projects on our website, among them are WorckPack, Amazon Glacier Client, Mobile Payments, Mind Manager and many more.

Pick a company you can trust

A lot of enterprises provide custom solutions dedicated to any kind of industry or business. Usually, people don’t have an idea where to receive a first-class service. To choose the right company you have to do a thorough research and consider if their services are compatible with your requests.

Don’t just go for the first result in search - the development can last many months or even years, and you are the one, who have to maintain a transparent communication with them.

Our Clients

Magora Services

  • Quality web and mobile development;
  • Cross-platform products and software integration;
  • Custom user interface and user experience designs from top specialists;
  • Market analysis and research on the similar already existing solutions;
  • QA testing on every step of the way;
  • Careful programming and an accurate code;
  • Professional advice throughout the app’s lifetime;
  • Recommendations on the marketing strategy.

A custom application can easily boost your business adding popularity to your label and benefiting the brand. If the business app is talked about you are gaining a new audience or ensuring the loyalty of the existing customers.

Having a well-known and ever-growing developer like Magora you are certainly winning in the long run. Some of our apps were talked about in top popular media such as Wall Street Journal and CNN.

  • A better-coordinated work among the members of the community;
  • Optimised processes, faster and more efficient task completion;
  • Simplified procedures that allow for a well-established workflow;
  • Business boost and bigger revenues;
  • Larger audience and catering to new customers;
  • A multi-channel connection with clients;
  • Corporate data is being kept and can be accessed by team members;
  • Automated system for reports and statistics that saves up your time reducing unnecessary repetition;
  • Keeping your data in a safe environment with strict admission only to corporate employees.

There are many cases in with an entrepreneur have already had a solution made for them, but it didn’t do anything - it didn’t bring expected clients, revenues, fame or any of the other advertised perks you can hear developers brag about. Well, if you had a bad experience once, it doesn’t mean, that it has to repeat once more. Find a better way of coping with this situation and address professional creators.

At Magora we often take on requests of companies, whose ideas were put into a poorly developed digital product with a code, full of mistakes. These can be redeveloped without cutting off all elements or rebuilt from scratch. Get in touch, and we will discover a suitable solution together.

Not all developers really know how to produce software that invites to use it. Many forget about the importance of sleek interface and underestimate user experience in general. But, nobody will benefit from it if the complex and averting interface ruins the whole point of the application itself.

Sometimes design is less important or otherwise - it all depends on a type of product you are creating and who will use it. Building something that should attract customers we are obliged to invent a catchy name, implement brand colours, create a minimalistic trendy logo and intuitive interface.

No Time To Lose: Build A Custom Business App

Magora guarantees that our designers and developers produce applications that help in reaching any goal you are eager to reach or move towards the desired aim. We are ready to answer any of your questions - develop a sustainable solution for years of upcoming success!

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