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Custom Business Software

To flourish on the global market is impossible without mobile or web presence of your product or services. The largest corporations and small startups are doing everything to stay digitally active as it is the ultimate way of boosting revenues.

Internet environment is a place for everyone from every country, across cultures and languages. It means that you access an entirely different market with a much bigger audience. The future is global - adapt or lose your relevance!

How Can It Help

So, what is exactly so good about having an app or a website? How can business owners benefit from spending their time and money on the development of a bespoke management system? There are multiple ways of using software to your likes.

Some are very specific and apply to separate cases and others are more widespread. Either way, each of the created apps obtains characteristic features to fit company’s demands.

No doubt that having customised business management software is there to save your time on routine and repetitive tasks that require additional time and attention, but can be reduced to minimum efforts. Such things as creating word documents, Excel tables and filling them in with the same purpose over and over again.

Or imagine inquiring after some piece of necessary information, distracting other employees and wasting your working hours on something that must be accessed in seconds. Automatise the procedure by having all information stored in a corporate database that is there for every member of the team to take data from.

Using downloadable apps you are risking to sabotage and lose some of the confidential information of the company. Don’t be reluctant towards privacy and security. It can backfire at any point of your time using these unprotected sources.

Opt for a corporate portal, with reinforced levels of admission. This solution will for sure create a safe work environment where it is easier to share files and communicate, without being scared of data leaked or hacked from the outside.

There is not enough time to talk about all possible advantages of company’s personal digital helper. Business apps elevate workflow on many levels - starting from data storage to increase in potential customers.

A custom management software allows process optimisation of the routine procedures, such as forming a report or writing feedback, request processing, e-mail sending, resource tracking, etc. Isn’t it better to focus on new business management strategies, other than being constantly occupied with these small, but obligatory, tasks?

A good business portal or corporate application makes up for a great connection between colleges. You can participate in company’s discussions and join in on conversations concerning burning questions, share info and requested data, communicate through chats or audience calls.

Whether you are in the office or on the other side of the world from it, the app gives you a chance to be a part of the process either way. Solve any management or work-related problems by merely accessing this digital product.

Perks Of Having A Business App

  • Complete day-to-day procedures faster with automated management system;
  • Finish tasks as quickly as possible;
  • Strict admission to corporate information stored in safe environment;
  • Reach new audience and keep customers loyal;
  • Reinforce communication on all levels of personnel;
  • Simplify work monitoring and management through special tools;
  • Elevate functionality to a new standard;
  • Attain bigger revenues establishing a virtual version of your shop/service on the internet;
  • Automatically gather statistics, make it easier for analysing and measuring productivity;
  • Outrun your competitors with a highly technological solution.
Ready business management software

Speaking about custom software we are obliged to mention the other type of a digital solution - ready-to-use digital products available to download without any fees or for a monthly payment.

There are many of such products:

  • TimeCamp, DeskTime, Bookmemate, Sunbird - productivity tracking software, time management, event booking and scheduling;
  • Dapulse, Wrike, Vyew - Establishes better teamwork and communication between departments.
  • QuickBooks - Financial software to transfer any company’s books in the filing cabinet to the computer, where they belong;
  • Mozy - Network data storage.
Standard office apps: do they work?

Well, the amount of software available on the internet shows that people do use such applications hoping to optimise their company’s management and take control over navigation of the processes. Nevertheless, these are only temporary solutions that do not cater to your specific needs. No one-size-fits-all product can cater to all audiences and every kind of issue.

Choosing to enhance business with custom software you invest in future, ensuring success. Never save on something, which can benefit whole enterprise in the long run. By getting rid of mindless but routine tasks or meliorating means of interconnectivity you give space to creativity, collaborative achievements and inspiration.

Magora Custom Software

Our development team loves experimenting and creating something that was never made before - which is exactly what custom business applications are. You can see from all the projects, we have come far and created dozens of tailored solutions.


An example of our high-quality products - Danone app. We have developed on request of a multinational food corporation and provided employees with an efficient application on iOS and Android optimising a process of quality control, storage monitoring and record keeping.

  • Using technologies such as MySQL, PHP, Objective-C, Android SDK we have embedded the following features:
  • User-friendly interface with easy and intuitive navigation;
  • Highly-functional reporting system;
  • Exceptional design that corresponds to corporate branding;
  • App Store and Google Play availability

Some of the other web and mobile apps are - SMS Centre, Construction ERP, WorkPack, Timeline, etc.

Our Clients

Magora Team

To deliver exceptional results, we have chosen best specialists and talented creators, who keep surprising our clients with top-notch software. Our team consists of skilled developers, designers, programmers, QA testers, project managers and consultants, whose job is to create a friendly environment and provide outstanding service from the beginning to the end of software development.

It’s hard to stand out among thousands of development agencies and come to the top of the ratings, but having a right approach and properly composed original system Magora manages to stay in one line with the leading mobile and web development companies. Among our services are:

  • Agile management approach to the development in most cases;
  • Custom business software on demand;
  • First-class designers (featured in the top designers on Dribbble - one of the best creative platforms; etc.);
  • Careful QA testing;
  • Close communication with a customer and constant feedback;
  • Positive reviews from trustworthy sources.

Agile is an approach that makes the development more efficient and interactive, providing even closer attention to details. This methodology implies cross-functional collaboration between organised teams. It reduces project risk as it conducts tests on deployable software on an incremental basis. Some of the key features of Agile are:

  • Flexibility in development and project management;
  • High-class quality;
  • Transparency of the step-by-step processes;
  • Close collaboration with the client;
  • Feedback on every stage;
  • Face-to-face communication is preferred to any other, etc.

We have perfected our technique of development for many sectors, although the purpose stayed the same - successful and working solution. By implementing intuitive design and the latest technologies, such as GPRS, Geotagging, NFC, mobile payments, QR Codes and VR, we have built many digital products and worked with the following industries:

  • Transport & Logistics - better tracking systems;
  • Enterprise app development - optimised workflow;
  • Healthcare and Fitness - healthier lifestyle;
  • Startup Solutions - building an efficient foundation;
  • Education - e-learning and teaching platforms;
  • Real Estate and Property Management - controlling tools;
  • Messengers and Social Platforms - interactive tools allowing sharing, commenting and communicating;
  • Finance; etc.

There is nothing we encourage more than communication between client and developer. From the very first meeting to the marketing advice after the launch, we want to hear what you think and your position on the aims the product should reach.

Being able to understand each other better is something incredibly viable throughout the development. It helps to avoid multiple mistakes and establish what is crucial for the client and their company. Close connection benefits both sides without taking too much effort.

No matter where are you from or what sphere you work in - there is a way to enhance business management with our web or mobile software. Magora caters to the international audience, communicating across cultures and time zones, providing the same quality results. We usually communicate in English, although our team members can speak two or more languages.

A good reputation is a great part of success. Magora values all reviews - it helps in seeing our weaknesses and win over new clients and broader audience. Feedback matters, and here is why:

  • Multiple reviews give a potential customer a reason to take you into consideration. It is fine to have negative feedback as well as positive - we only grow with it and getting more trustworthy;
  • Through reviews you connect with customers, which in its turn boosts productivity and points out what must be changed;
  • The majority of clients find their way to companies by looking at feedback;
  • Businesses with a limited amount of customers and praising feedback have fewer chances to survive in a competitive environment.

Many of apps and other digital products developed by us bring their owners substantial income while adding to our reputation of a high-class agency with excellent input and utmost professionalism. But, to reach such heights demands a strong policy towards collaboration.

It makes sense as big corporations like Apple Inc. rejects applications with poor functionality and mediocre interface and forbids them to enter AppStore market. The same with us, Magora never collaborates with unfit businesses. In professional practice, we always avoid clients with legal problems or ill reputation. It is a must if you want to elevate your company or keep a strong position in the international arena.

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Magora provides clients with custom web and mobile solutions that make up for the future success be it a long-established enterprise or a recent startup. Our developers and designers are always here to take on a new challenge - be the one who wins with our premium software. Just give us ideas, and our mobile developers will make it happen!

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