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Creating an Apple App Like a Professional: Everything You Want to Know about iOS Development

App Development Services for all Apple Devices

The Apple App Market has created new opportunities and functions for Apple devices. We specialize in advanced technologies, creating innovative and effective Apple apps that don’t frighten away novice users.

Professional management defines the logical approach and best practices to help our clients create products that meet the needs of the growing user base.

Classify Your App

There are several types of applications that it we can develop. The most popular Apple application groups are nutrition, lifestyle, and sports, but it's a different kind of attraction. The type of software you want to create may vary depending on the amount of content you have and the amount of features you want to include.

It is important to understand that you can create applications quickly and inexpensively if you know the type of program you want to develop.

Think of it as an hierarchy: the open screen has a topic that you click on, and now there are choices and new elements. Clicking the Email app icon on the iPhone is a good example of this low initial input level type of app. It is the easiest program to create and is a great option for companies that need a "simple program" that shows only the most important information. It is very possible to create a basic table app with a good Apple designer.

Take full control of your company’s database with our apps that are specifically designed to handle database management and make sure that your data stays secure and accessible without using intrusive software or an overly complicated maintenance system.

You can easily use Apple features, such as the camera, alarms or flash memory, and make an app which offer the service in a better way. One of the best examples is Camera+ which is an app that adds an image filter that Apple doesn’t support.

Similar to database apps, these are programs based only on external data such as Flipboard, Twitter, and the Weather Channel.

This is the type of app that acts as an environment in and of itself, not just a support tool for some other business process. The goal of the dynamic app is to engage the user on your terms and in your space.

The process of creating an Apple app

The development process of the iPhone app can be divided into four parts: concept, design and planning, programming and launch. We work with you every step of the way so you stay informed about what’s happening with you new product.


As the world of non-localised software and SaaS products advances, the need to have some form of mobile presence has gone from being novel to trendy to helpful to necessary in a relatively short period of time. It’s simply impossible to effectively compete if you aren’t even playing the game.

A simple program with limited functionality is economic and easy to create. The first step in the development process centres on the ability to find crucial points of interest, budget and marketing efforts. If you need help finding the right way to understand this concept, contact our team and work together to find the best approach.

Functional Arrangements

If you trust professional programmers, you need to explain what you need to be able to deliver what you want.

It is important to spend time formulating your ideas and predicting your budget expectations.

You will be fascinated by how many esoteric procedures are needed even for the simplest programs, but the advantage that we’re bringing to the table is that we let you in on the tricks of the trade. The amount of functionality that must be considered and created will have a role in the cost of the product but we keep you informed throughout the process.


Unlike websites where you always find developers who can design and code directly, the Apple app usually requires a team of experts to complete the task.

The good thing about this is that the designer can print graphics, the network, etc. - The result will be the image that you just placed in each area of ​​the program. There aren’t many novices on the field in the Apple product development world

The rule-based Apple design enters immediately with the definition and functionality of the program. Designers receive a list of all the specifications that will be created so the app is exactly what you had in mind.

Design can make or break any product, so be sure that the the layout of the product reflects the best practices.

Control steps

At this stage, the project is ready for launch and requires extensive testing, which will help maintain software stability and will not generate any errors.

After we’ve thoroughly tested your product, we’ll present it to you before the official hand over to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.

When you work with a professional development company, everyone is confident that the product is working and ready to go to market.


As soon as you create a program in XCode, your software developer can help you enter the Apple store.

  • Set up Apple iTunes Connect account ($99 / year), then fill in all the necessary information.
  • This configuration can be used more than once, so if you decide to develop another app later, you can use the same account.
  • As soon as you have an app in the Apple Store, you can control all the analyzes in the back through iTunes Connects: number of downloads, income, etc.
  • There are many ways to increase your earnings, including in-app ads and the ability to buy additional options. (Purchase in the app).

Our Clients

App development costs

The development of applications for Apple involves a lot of programming.

With most projects, developers design the product as a complete project, since it takes time to experiment with the app until it is developed through XML using an online database.

One thing to keep in mind is that these costs may vary depending on the device you develop for.

Make sure that you communicate with your development team so you understand the functionality that you’ll receive from their work.

Prices may vary according to type of application and what it’s meant to do. You can expect to see costs that start out around $1000 for a simple application to upwards of several thousand dollars for an application with more robust functionality.

The benefits that you will receive from launching your own mobile app often outweigh the often expensive initial investment required to develop one. Trying to cut corners on development and design costs will result in a product that doesn’t make a great initial impression and in the world of mobile applications, at the beginning of your program’s life cycle especially, that’s all you get sometimes.

Investing in good design is the easiest way to increase your margins in about 2 years. You can of course always hire a web designer, however, it is better to find a mobile app designer who understands the flow of users and space limitations that come along with successful product development.

How your app looks is often just as important as how it performs. In the world of freelance design, the look and feel of the product have the same levels of quality that the functionality does. Your options range anywhere from “out of the box” designs that simply require the development team to integrate them into the application environment, to fully customised bespoke design that matches your existing media and captures the exact feel of your brand.

Development cost predictions can be expected to consider the following:

  • Market hopefuls can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000 for the creation and launch of their product depending on how it will work, what it will look like, and for which platforms it is designed to work.
  • After launch, Apple charges $99 for the product to be sold in their store, and also retains 33% of all download sales.
  • Everything else will be in design, design and architecture. (Server hosting, etc.). The total cost of the app may vary according to the previous variants.

Keep in mind that although there are companies on the market who advertise their low costs and quick turnover, often these are the developers who use ready-built solutions that neglect to consider the entire life cycle of your app, and produce products that won’t live up to the potential of the investment.

The same applies to marketing strategies. Some companies have cut-rate prices that give cut-rate results. Think of the process as an investment where properly hedging your bet means not only better results in the short term, but safer production in the long term also.

Professional developers will help you finalise your design and create iPhone applications throughout the entire process until it is sent to the store and available to people around the world. Magora’s team makes your software come alive using the Apple Xcode development environment, the Swift and Objective-C programming languages, the APIs and the Cocoa Touch user interface.

We can convert applications and games designed for performance on one system, so that they are usable on the platform of your choice like for example from Android to the Apple Store, or we can take an existing product and optimise it so that it works without problems on either the iPhone or the iPad.

IPhone app developers and our designers are experts in prototyping, designing, creating and testing, and produce captivating and responsive software that will help you take advantage of your business or product to enhance your reputation on the market.

As an expert with experience in this field, we understand the basics and never stop learning the latest technology to make your digital dream come true. We are dedicated to providing solutions tailored specifically to your business model.

Why we are the right partners:

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We will not lose a single day creating an MVP at a time that suits your needs

  • Profitable

Prices are transparent.

  • Scalable

The right people, and the right technology. We will find the best solution for your problem.

  • Content experts

Avoid mistakes and benefit from our knowledge and experience.

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