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Who We Are

We are a world-famous software developing company with workplaces in Sydney, Australia that gained reputation creating apps for more than seven years by now.

With expertise in project strategy, design thinking, user experience layout/research, and impeccable improvement for iOS, Android, back-end, web, and embedded structures, we can help bring readability to any omnichannel product vision.

What We Do

Our company makes a speciality of bringing digital products to the marketplace. We accept as true that creating successful merchandise needs understanding both of the business targets as well as the market environment. Over the last seven years, the developers have evolved and polished the methods to build the exceptional digital products for the partners.

As a company, creating mobile apps, we have achieved hefty results and featured more than 100 programs that are available at the distinct software shops (AppStore and Google Play).

We have a dedicated group of mobile developers that simply breathe mobile technologies and create advanced financial, medical, and social networking applications, plus many animations and highly useful tools for mobile devices.

The core mobile capabilities are focused on iOS, Android, Cordova (PhoneGap) and HTML5.

Creating web utilities and websites from scratch is an entirely joyful assignment for us to take on! The developers will cope with your task from start to finish, which includes the visual design, programming, and QA.

The programmers have a broad track record with client-side scripting and server coding. We can also broaden your content management systems, with the intention to provide you with independence to change the content at any time – and you don’t need to be a techy to do it!

We are professionals in the range of programming languages such as asp.Net, HTML, Ruby, Flex, CSS, c#, java, angular.Js, node.Js, javascript, jquery, and much more. Moreover, we have substantial experience with many frameworks including Joomla, WordPress, and many others.

In our software creating agency the developers have deep expertise in working on mobile games. You need a RAD game advanced? Rely on us, we are the proper development team!

  • The experts can implement all of the following onto the projects:
  • Images: sleek, glowing, and breathtaking pictures irrespective of the platform.
  • Physics: expertly simulates physics within the game’s environment.
  • Scripting: capable of telling complicated stories with fantastic script executing your vision.
  • Sound: with the keen ear, make use of sound outcomes and catchy music in an effort to bring out the excellence.
  • Gameplay: we understand what it takes to create addicting and familiar gameplay able to make players come back for more.
  • User interface: notable and creative UI design to make the game stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Input processing: the games offer gamers an optimised, polished, and interactive experience they will never forget.
  • Game tools: the developers can create cutting-edge and attractive mobile games with only the ultra-modern tools, improving UX and engagement.

Network communications: we are professionals in constructing complex social networks that enable players and developers to continually stay in the loop.

Being one of the leading software building companies in Australia, we understand the graphics of any apps matter tremendously. That is why we have an exceptional, devoted team of creative designers!

Having a stunning, unique layout can substantially affect the functionality of the utility. The designers will be involved in the whole process of the development. Make your ideas come true with real professionals, creating the top-notch multi-functional programs.

Because of the character of our business, we get the great chance to work on a broad range of technologies and in various industries. Because of this, we have sizable experience in scientific software program, enterprise, stock investment, entertainment industry, sport industry, education, social, dating, games, e-commerce, home management technologies, planning and reminders, restaurant business, monitoring, health, geo-location,and plenty of other fields, turning into better experts each day.

  • Transparent process. We are devoted to the fantastically translucid and collaborative system, thanks to this it is easy to build collectively the excellent products we are proud of.
  • Mobile understanding. We are mobile professionals who care intensely about the products created, the problems they solve, and their potential to undoubtedly flawless conduct.
  • Passionate people. We are a dynamic and passionate crew, continuously pushing each other and the clients to create better solutions.

With over 250 specialists across the locations, our company brings a various breadth of expertise and insight to every solution we create.

  • Mobile Systems & Techs: Objective C (iOS, Mac OS), eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, Visual C#, MIDP, WAP, xHTML, .NET Compact Framework, J2ME,
  • Web technologies: .NET Framework, ADO.NET, DirectX, COM, COM+, VoiceXML, SALT, AJAX, OLE, OLE Automation, ActiveX, Networks,
  • IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, CoDeSys V2.3 and V3.4,
  • Databases: Oracle, PostGreSQL, MySQL, MS Access,
  • Design: UML, MS Visio, RUP,
  • Libraries: Windows DDKs, OpenGL, WebRTC, ComponentOne, WinSockets, MFC/ATL/WTL/STL, QT, DirectX, XNA, Telerik, DevExpress,
  • Operating Systems: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Linux OS,
  • Servers: Apache, MS Speech Server, MS Live Communication Server, Tomcat, MS SharePoint Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Project,
  • Web Platforms & Libraries: Joomla, Zend Framework, JQUERY, ExtJS, Prototype, Batavi, Magento

Application Lifecycle

Step one in creating applications is understanding of the virtual product lifecycle.


Each brilliant product starts as a problem to be solved. Our company has an experienced team of product strategists who work in close collaboration with clients that are in early development stages. We usually start with defining the problem to make certain the idea revolves around a suitable and appropriate solution.

Design sprints

Design sprints are one- to few-week engagements that leverage a dependent ideation strategy. Our strategists will work together with your stakeholders to visualise and validate your product.

Discovery & layout

Many of the engagements start from defining a core problem after which articulating the solution with an ambitious and specific app idea. The special discovery and design engagement will take you from problem to prototype in 30 days. You will come away with the concept, user stories, wireframes, visible design and an estimate for development.


As soon as all necessities were gathered, the subsequent step is creating exact designs. The team of designers is exceedingly educated in both UX and UI design. We find satisfaction in creating programs that are not just a beautiful picture, but a notably functional tool.

Moreover, our agency offers services to help redesign existing apps, as well as create new ones from scratch, using the best-in-class layout procedures.

Branding sprints

The two-week branding Sprint leverages the design sprint methodology, exploring the context of your undertaking, target market, and the criteria for success. We generate various concepts to complement your branding. Those concepts are combined into deliverables that can then be used to enhance the end product.


The development know-how spans numerous functional areas. The front-end mobile teams specialise in native iOS and Android programs, while the web team excels in backend structures, the front-end web building with JavaScript frameworks, hybrid mobile development in React native, and systems integrations. We additionally have dedicated professionals in IoT technologies, firmware, VR/AR techs, virtual assistants, and security.


The delivery groups have quality assurance analysts at every stage of the app lifecycle because we consider quality to be the main component of a success product. The company set aside time for testing, polishing, and refining for each app evolved in-house.

The team also provides code audits and ad-hoc design and development offerings to customers who approach us at the end of the product lifecycle.


The clients feel they can count on our team, even after the release. We have devoted support specialists to ensure your apps are secure and bugs-free. Each team member also apprehend the significance of being technologically applicable; the experts will help you to use the latest frameworks and platform advances, so the app remains updated.

We also provide maintenance services for current products.

Our Clients

Creating An App From Scratch

The journey from app concept to launch day may be a long one. Our company guide the clients through the process from start to finish, combining their passion with our incomparable experience to create appealing mobile apps that solve real problems.

Attractive apps call for quality, innovative input. Let us guide you through the ideation process from research to market validation. Has the concept been accomplished before? What makes this idea unique? How is it possible to take it to the following stage?

A skilled developer from our crew will walk you through this challenge, answering those questions and more to transport the app idea forward.

Every iPhone, iPad and Android project need a roadmap, whether the start line is a vague idea or a pre-existing app.

The experts work jointly to outline each part of the mobile app creation strategy. Which means defining feature sets, choosing structures, and making sure the app can be delivered in the required timeframe.

With a strong plan in place, we get to work drawing up wireframes and mapping user experience. The user interface designers pick it up from there to create the graphical factors, branding property, and style guide.

At this stage, our group of app developers step in to convey your imagination to life. Setting up the databases, centre logic, and dynamic screen behaviours guarantee a quick, seamless, and immersive experience to your users.

We meticulously test each application when creating the best tools for your business to ensure fast and bug-free operation. A thorough quality assurance of the overall performance and capability takes place earlier than submitting the product to the store.

Shipping the software to the iTunes or Google Play is an art itself. Our experience permits us to do it seamlessly and guarantees the smooth procedure of submission. The experts work closely with your staff to ensure marketing material, app assets and graphics, are ready for public launch.

The delivery to the Apple store can take up to 10 working days before being approved for public access. Android apps submitted to the Google Play are usually available to the mass audience within a few hours.

Stepping into the app store is just the beginning. As soon as the application goes live we switch gears to supply the long-term management and growth hacking guidance.

The first wave of target users brings an invaluable data. Rather than settle for the status quo, our team constantly fine-tune the feature set in response to the information received, ensuring that the program adapts to the fast-paced digital market and keep gaining user traction.

Turning the initial surge of downloads into the long-term growth is the hardest thing when it comes to creation of the apps, and this is where the years of launching scalable, profitable startups become the most valuable to your enterprise. We pride ourselves in creating something more than beautiful apps; the aim is to build full-fledged business tools with everything needed to maintain consistent growth.

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