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Database Design and Development Services

Our software allows you to manage all your data to maximise use of resources and reduce administrative complexity.

DB administration is the key to effective data management within a company and between different functional entities. It’s important to store all data in a standardised and simplified way. Magora uses DB management software to ensure high levels of security, availability and performance of the DB environment by providing optimal options for data collection, access, management, analysis, processing and payment. We understand the needs of modern entrepreneurs and have provided a suitable support system for database management to several business units across a wide variety of orientations and applications.

  • We are technologically enthralled to support advanced learning. This allows experts to easily adopt the latest technology. They’ve defined and implemented the latest developments, brought clear possibilities to the complex needs of the company, fulfilling the requirements of different departments and functional units both independent and integrated.
  • We have built great software for diverse business needs using SQL Server, SQL Azure, MySQL, Oracle, Teradata, PostgreSQL, Netezza, IBM DB2, Sybase, etc. Dedicated solutions for database management make it ideal for different requirement such as online, text, graphics, XML, public domain, real-time and document-oriented.

Database Management Software for Performance Improvement

Database management software (DBMS) is a system that allows users and applications to store, modify and analyse databases. Today's technology is becoming increasingly complicated and supports a previously unheard of amount of data. All this is due to the current demand for constant operation. As a result, most organisations spend up to 75% of their time keeping the lights on, leaving little time to provide innovation to advance the business.

Our DB management software automates day-to-day operations, provides high-quality data, standardises performance monitoring and improves data availability.

We design and develop high-quality, high-performance apps and are doing it in agreed time and budget. You can get the power to implement a consistent and repeatable database development process, meet business requirements and streamline your organisation. Extensive automation and collaboration capabilities facilitate the development cycle and minimise risks.

Our team works with a variety of RDBMS and NoSQL sources to provide future solutions for all types of databases, shortening the time it takes to learn, implement and manage new platforms.

Basic management

We can solve problems before impacting the customer's environment, simplify daily management tasks and focus on more meaningful initiatives. From administration to maintenance, performance monitoring, protection, automation and collaboration, our software helps lead today's highly effective administrator.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of DBA across all platforms. Our software simplifies administrative tasks, including the administration of users, roles, infrastructure and utilities, and allows for easy application of daily maintenance work and a health-control report program. Find and quickly solve performance bottlenecks and optimise SQL in record time. Manage, synchronise and implement schema changes and change databases with confidence.

Monitor performance

Reduce the latency and downtime of the infrastructure in general. We can build a system to help improve efficiency by using tools to ensure the integrity and availability of data and eliminate time-consuming work. Maintain higher service levels and quickly detect apps and users affected by problems in the database.

Preparation and Analysis

Allow a team of analysts to acquire accurate and high-quality data quickly, regardless of the source. Our preparation software may cut the time needed for data preparation tasks by 50% through a secure and managed workflow. Every time you use a desktop-based self-service solution, we provide real-time data to analysts.

Preparation of self-service data

Complete data preparation work up to 50% faster. We offer self-service software based on desktop computers that allows business analysts to receive data in real time at all times. Take advantage of a collaborative solution that is easy to implement, allowing analyst teams to work in a secure and controlled environment. The final goal of preparation (Analytics, routine reports, ad hoc reports, data-searching to improve business processes) is to reduce analysis time.

Accessing and preparing data

Ensure the constant flow of data from any database to the workflow of the analyst. Change the technology without affecting the downstream business reporting process. By connecting to more than 50 available sources for near-instant deployment, analysts can meet current and future requirements.

Our Clients

You can save time by automating data preparation tasks. Magora offers cross-connection consultation, quality evaluation, profile analysis and manipulation and provides valuable tools for the automatic generation of reports. Improve the technical and non-technical skills of the user across a wide range of database technologies.


Spend more time promoting your business with data. Achieve this by updating the data set on your server in the transmission or a specific frequency of reports from an email to the consumer, taking advantage of powerful features to automate and schedule general reporting tasks to improve efficiency.

Team collaboration and sharing

Analysts are capable of perfection. Users can benefit from each other's queries and SQL scripts - e.g. automated workflow - and take advantage of collaboration through a simple implementation of server-based applications. With advanced integration, you can safely use the work of individual advanced users for the benefit of the team and ensure effective management. Easily summarise sources and host unprocessed or prepared datasets.

Even when using native and third-party tools like SQL Server and Oracle, performance monitoring and standardisation can be integrated into a variety of multi-platform environments such as Sybase and DB2. You can get valuable information on all areas of resources, workload analysis and change tracking.

Easy-to-use performance monitoring software tool

Reduce problem resolution time by up to 75% and drastically reduce the delay and downtime of infrastructure in general. With the right software you get the opportunity to quickly detect apps and users affected by DB problems, maintaining higher service levels.

Monitoring, management, protection, improvement

You can easily optimise and adjust the performance of SQL Server anywhere on any device. With incomparable monitoring, diagnostics and optimisation, you’ll get the best performance 24 hours a day. With good software you get access to the details necessary for optimal SQL Server proficiency. Our developers are able to integrate an intuitive overview of performance, alerts and automatic actions and offer mobile device compatibility.

Performance management integration and standardisation

Custom software gives you the opportunity to monitor complex and diverse database environments without problems. You can get valuable information on all aspects of database resources, workload analysis and change-tracking. This allows you to capture the overall picture of a multi-platform environment and collaboration between teams, as well as detecting and resolving performance issues before they affect the database.

Magora provides custom development to streamline and codify business processes.

  • Remote DBA service and support - We offer the most effective and economical solutions to the current challenges of database administration. Over the years, we have supported numerous projects and helped reduce support costs and improve performance and availability through DBA support services.
  • DB solutions administered - In today's field, database and application infrastructure is an important component of enterprise IT. In the management of an increasingly important and growing information portfolio, companies face a constant challenge and know they must comply with business expectations to achieve maximum performance and accessibility.
  • Custom DB development - Use custom database development for desktop computers, websites and mobile applications. With the help of best practices in this field, the customisation and modification of existing apps is very easy. We’re working efficiently on the needs of enterprise software.

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Our database experts have a wealth of experience and practical skills in providing sophisticated database solutions.

  • We have a team capable of managing programming and development services for more than 150 experienced developers.
  • We have numerous clients worldwide who have benefited from our development services.
  • We have extensive experience in the development of highly customised websites for various types of businesses.
  • Our developers are working on our customers’ requirements to achieve the best results.
  • We help companies improve productivity and efficiency, saving time and money without compromising on quality.

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