Means To Develop An App For Further Company Growth

Developing An App Mindfully: Professional Advice And User-Centred Digital Solutions

Great Developers - Greater Results

It is widely known that choosing a right company to develop with is a cornerstone for the processes lying ahead. Gladly, nowadays multiple companies are dealing with development requests and freelance professionals,who are ready to help with whatever question there is. Having so many options to choose from, it 's hard to decide on a developer, which suits you.

Making A Choice

Globalisation gave us a variety of international companies ready to collaborate, like ourselves. Magora development agency is currently based in Australia, but our professionals have already worked with people from all around the globe, across different time zones and languages.

From our perspective maintaining a connection is easy, as most of the company’s specialists speak more than one or even two languages.

The ability to establish an efficient connection with customers is something a good agency certainly needs. There is no other way to understand each other better and regulate the course of the process itself.

Since the early stages we encourage clients to speak up about all nuances and details that they might consider, want, definitely be against of or not sure about. This way we can develop something perfectly fitting the idea and image of our client.

A good development doesn’t go without constant information sharing and reports on each of the steps. To win the trust of the customer, it is important to fix everything on paper, providing a client with reliable documentation on the initial ideas, established plans, functional aims. Each of the important moves has to be carefully recorded.

Branding is an essential part of making your company’s app well-known and recognisable. Consumers are attracted to functionally efficient and intuitive software, but in order to discover these perks, they have to download the app first.

Good-looking design and popular appreciation are what attracts average users. At Magora we know how to gain viable reviews and feedback, creating digital products for everybody’s likes.

  • Develop a close connection;
  • Friendly and understanding professionals;
  • Long years of practice and expert advice;
  • Flexible team;
  • Knowledge of the market conditions;
  • Certified specialists;
  • Praising feedback, popular media reviews and top rankings;
  • Usage of the latest technologies and leading approaches.
  • Bespoke services in development and design;
  • Marketing analysis and advice on promotion strategies;
  • Programming using the latest code writing languages such as Swift, Objective-C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc. and database management systems, like MS SQL, MySQL.
  • Customer-developer collaboration;
  • Outstanding results;
  • Company’s well-established reputation - multiple feedback from loyal customers and high-rated apps, etc.
  • Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Hybrid;
  • Web Development: Java, PHP, JavaScript, NET
  • Database: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and others;
  • DevOps and Cloud: Azure, Docker, AWS, Jenkins.

Magora values clients feedback and respects public opinion, which is why they can’t stop responding with pleasant reviews. Just recently we were put in the top 5 developers on Dribbble - a world-famous platform for creative designers and enthusiasts.

Moreover, our company reached the 7th place in the UK on Clutch - where you can find everything about developers and development!

Mobile Strategies

As soon as you have picked the platform to develop on, our specialists will help you with a solid mobile strategy based on the careful market investigation and analysis. The extensive experience on the mobile market adds to a full-fledged app creation strategy.

With a thought through plan, it is now easier to set aims, gain objectives and develop an astounding digital product.

iOS or Android: Where To Start?

As these two platforms - Android and iOS - have the biggest share in the global mobile market, people usually come down to them very quickly. Of course, each of them has particular features and characteristics that define the further workflow.

In order to decide on a specific platform, you have to consider these particularities. Learn the major differences between Android and iOS market to fully grasp the idea behind them.

Consider Multiple Factors

Prior to the actual development, you have to consider the cornerstones of the process and factors connected to the creation of your brand-new software. Try to touch upon every aspect, and pay close attention to the audience reach, the kind of a company you choose to develop with and your future monetization strategy.


To reach out the majority of your potential clients you have to determine the demographic of your audience. Equipped with such a tool as Google Analytics you can gather information on the devices, that people use, accessing your website page. As a result, you will use the most efficient platform and win in the long run, catering to the customer’s needs.


Choose the developers once you have decided on a platform, as some of the companies specialise or just better at developing using a particular operating system. Always check what company focuses on and what is their preferred area of expertise, unless they are great at practising both as our mobile agency.


At the start of software development, it is important to consider on what platform people tend to spend more money on. As a matter of fact, statistics show that iOS users are eager to spend on digital purchases quite a bit.

Nevertheless, Android provides many opportunities for a sales boost. So, if the app is going to be paid for, this monetisation strategy leads to a choice of iOS. The App Store also has a larger share of paid applications, compared to Google Play.

Develop For iOS

On the international arena, Apple OS has many advantages. iPhones and iPads are extremely popular among users in general and especially among urban citizens. If your target is the city dwellers, than iOS will certainly fit the plan. It is also indicated that in-app purchases through this platform generate more revenue in comparison with other competitive solutions.

Additionally, iOS is usually considered more secure and stable. Magora optimises the development with modern libraries( AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon, Mantle, MagicalRecord) and popular frameworks (Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight).

Develop For Android

The platform offers a number of positive aspects for startuppers and recently established digital market businesses. Android is an open-source, making the costs decrease to solution-seeking entrepreneurs’ joy. It allows benefiting from various tools and frameworks accessible through the internet.

The figures tell that Android is the most widespread platform in the whole world which occupies 85% of the digital market. So, you will provide a connection for as many customers as possible. Moreover, to release an app through Google Play is much less complicated and Android OS is incredibly flexible.

Our Clients

How To Develop An App?

Although it might appear easier, than it actually is, in reality, the development requires an incredible input. It takes a team of specialists and continuous brainstorming over the desired outcome. There are multiple stages of discussing, planning, designing, programming and polishing to get ready for the launch itself. However, the work doesn’t end there as supporting an app throughout its lifetime is also our responsibility.

Meet Up And Planning

Once we have sat with the client to discuss their aims and business requirements - the process has started. At this point, we outline the essential functionality, software features and mention the desired details to develop.

The client gets to know us, and we get to know the client, that is quite an important step for both parties. Later on, we get to the developer-client agreement and establish the aims on paper.

User-Friendly Design And Programming

Behind each of the simplistic, but sleek apps there is an elaborate scheme and laborious efforts. To develop an app, we first create a couple of interactive mock-ups and wait for the customer’s approval to proceed.

So the user interface is then programmed by specialists to make up for an ultimate user experience. The essential point is to make it feel and look perfect, and we, at Magora, know the very way to do it.

Testing And Launching

Before launching the software is getting taken to quality assurance specialists who polish the app to the high standards of top products. This way QA professionals eliminate all the possible code mistakes and fix bugs.

Only when it has been tested as much as was required we follow up with the launch, making sure that all documented requirements were fulfilled.

Post-Launch Support

The app is ready and launched - what is next? App support is a necessary part of work optimisation, as when the updates come, they require change. Even recently, due to the launch of a new operating systems such as iOS 11 and Android Oreo many functionals and features have changed.

There was an alteration in libraries, interface and even programming language. So, to keep your developed software up-to-date, you have to seek the help of professionals such as Magora.

Marketing Advice

As Magora provides support of digital solutions on all levels, we also attend to the brand image of the company and help to reach the desired public perception.

Our certified specialists analyse the market itself and specific applications, similar to the developed product. We investigate what trends are now at the top of the world and what solution will fit your business and help to overrun competitors.

Establishing an efficient approach is something that cannot be ignored or avoided in the process of app creation. A thoroughly worked on strategy speeds up the development and eliminates mistakes, which is true for startups, small local businesses and international enterprises. Professional advice gives all the information you need and enables to use it right.

Steps Of Strategy Building

  • Market research and analysis to find a place among thousands of competitive organisations and keep up with the latest trends providing a basis to a long-term success.
  • Predicting moves of the competitors, studying their strengths and weaknesses. Your application will stand out and be relevant.
  • Painting the whole picture - customer lifestyle, habits, hobbies and preferences. To engage and addict users to our software we have to put ourselves in their shoes.
  • Key performance indicators allow to control the progress of the product and move towards the established goal.

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