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High Quality for Large Enterprises

It is important to find a reliable IT partner for a business software project. We always strive for the reputation of reliable service providers. For eight years, we’ve been providing high-quality IT products and solutions.

We provide solid enterprise software development services, e.g.

  • Automating workflow
  • Business intelligence and data mining
  • ERP and CRM
  • Management of orders and inventory
  • Transaction processing, risk management and credit

From Concept to Fully-Fledged Enterprise Software

As a leading software design group, our team has solid experience in converting ideas into successful digital solutions. Magora have built hundreds of custom mobile and web apps and enjoy the challenges of programming and designing software products for enterprises from different industries. The enterprise services we offer are the following:

  • Code / data audit / user experience
  • IT strategy
  • Business analysis and competitor research
  • User experience mapping
  • Construction of E-commerce platforms
  • Agile / Waterfall development
  • Business solutions
  • Responsive web design
  • Front-end and back-end programming
  • System visualisation and data management
  • Hybrid and multiplatform application

Given the impact of mobile technology today, front-end development increasingly responds to UI projects and intuitive user experiences on a variety of devices, such as desktop and mobile devices. Magora is dedicated to guaranteeing a high rate of user adoption. Front-end designers use an optimised user experience method that allows a balanced combination of visibility, flexibility and control. Programmers can establish long-term relationships with business customers, target audiences and stakeholders with the help of a high-quality customer code. With impressive designs and clickable interactive interfaces, conversion rates improve. We provide comprehensive navigation and predict how customers interact with digital products. World-class front-end developers make use of all client-side scripting languages, such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and dynamic object-oriented computer languages.

If you’re aiming for a highly innovative and business-driven web application that streamlines business processes and improves productivity, you need a company with coding experience on the server side. Magora is a leading provider of software development services offering advanced, world-class IT solutions. The company's success story demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to technical expertise and customer perception. Even if you need to recruit trusted developers with integrated capabilities to provide complex project components, you can integrate emerging technologies with your enterprise's existing IT infrastructure or use results-oriented multimedia software. Even when creating an environment, the network not only provides an effective marketing channel for businesses and enterprises, but also helps improve productivity. By using technologies such as Ruby, ASP.NET, PHP and computer languages, our IT group will benefit from the features of the web.

With the continuing advances in information technology and improvement of related tools, enterprises opt for business mobile application development. By creating an amazing, cost-effective mobile enterprise solution consistent with the customer's idea, we have transformed our client’s businesses into thriving mobile companies and offered them high-quality products. Even if you need to improve existing mobile solutions, developers can share their skills and knowledge - even if you need to create new apps on all major platforms. We are creating a wonderful user experience for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch), Android (smartphone, tablet and smartwatch) and Windows Mobile. Magora designers have been creating pixel-perfect native apps with Swift, Objective-C, Java and C #. Xcode, Android Studio Visual Studio and another native integrated development environment (IDE) are used. This allows you to make use of all native features using APIs and other software development tools. In addition, you can use a shared code base to provide PhoneGap or Xamarin solutions on all mobile operating systems.

Our development team co-creates digital products designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of the client and act as an extension of their staff. We have extensive experience in various industries and will be happy to apply it in future projects.

UI / UX design

We have created our own user interface and user experience design strategy and applied creative design templates to make enterprise solutions intuitive and easy to use. Our designers can have an ideal long-term impact on the end user and communicate smoothly with clients. We are designing an immersive user experience so that users can adopt solutions more quickly and without problems. The UI and UX teams will create a solution based on the characteristics and purpose of the program. We also translate corporate identities and styles to help brands increase awareness in online and mobile markets.

How do you design your software?

When designing products, we consider many factors that can affect results, such as requirements, corporate image, audience and purpose. You can create a design layout from scratch using Axure, Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator. In addition, the demo version you click on in Vision allows you to participate in the design process and choose what you consider most appropriate for your company.

Quality Assurance

As a top enterprise software development company, Magora provide quality assurance services. With detailed analysis and testing, as well as proven methodology and quality assurance strategies, we ensure flexible and rigorous testing to provide high-quality solutions to our customers. This means predicting possible problems that occur in the development process, building a software architecture and then trying to overcome these challenges and eliminate serious errors. Each step of the development is constantly tested and multiple testers guarantee the best user experience for your enterprise software.

Excellent testing service

Our quality control engineers have an average of more than eight years’ experience and have successfully tested hundreds of solutions. With the custom test method, Magora quality assurance specialists can pay special attention to critical features of enterprise solutions in order to provide the highest level of quality. In addition, in each step of the documentation during the development process, we are able to identify the initial cause of an error and eliminate that error in the future. Close cooperation between testers and developers guarantees a prompt response to all errors.

Development of SaaS solutions

Developing an SaaS (software as a service) app means loading your software. The SaaS solution can be accessed from any web browser as a web application and can be viewed from anywhere. For SaaS apps for custom enterprise products, you can create new revenue sources or provide internal employees with internal tools to increase efficiency through centralised messaging and administration. Professional developers can make vivid use of innovative ideas.

Cloud-based software

Cloud-based technology allows programmers to create programming solutions that include databases, infrastructure services and virtualisation. The Magora team know how to take advantage of the strengths of public and private sector providers and prepare for the transition to the cloud. We help enterprise customers take advantage of Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google and other PaaS. By using cloud apps, enterprises can reduce both cost and time to market. It can provide data management and data analysis systems to the cloud, reduce operating costs, risks and errors and improve decision-making practices. We’ll use the appropriate information technology to support problem resolution in addressing clients’ problems.

Our Clients

Basic principles

  • Cooperation - We care about your idea. As long as the development of an app is a collaborative process, your participation is important to us. First, we identify the type of IT product you need, how it should work and what should be addressed.
  • Scalability and flexibility - At the same time, developers can increase product scalability and flexibility and make additional changes taking into account an enterprise’s future growth.
  • Transparency - In just a few steps of the development process, we’ll ensure all software processes are delivered in a timely manner so the life cycle remains transparent.
  • Full customer satisfaction - Your approval is our main objective. For each distribution, customer comments and developer responses are attached as necessary. The Magora team strives to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.
  • Speed ​​and quality - In terms of business, time and quality are something that keeps competitors behind and attracts more customers. We will help you achieve your goals.

Let's make a wonderful software product

Magora company transforms innovative ideas into custom commerce apps, altering the efficiency of your enterprise. Software development services allow companies to work in a variety of ways and use modern technology. Our experienced team of developers will be happy to start a new project, so feel free to contact us today.

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