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What Does It Mean to Be a Developer?

Today, anyone can learn how to make software, and even become a freelance app developer, you may also try to build your first program yourself whether on iOS, or Android or Windows platform, without any coding skills.

Have you heard of the latest statistics on Internet use? In fact, people now prefer to surf the internet on their smartphones. As more and more smartphone and tablet users around the world are embracing the growing popularity of mobile Internet, mobile usage has surpassed that of desktops and laptops.

Now everyone is beginning to understand the importance of mobility by upgrading their site to mobile versions and trying to keep new native solutions up to date.There are many tutorials on software development. Find out what does it mean to be a freelance developer, what skills they usually have and whether they suit your project.

Learn how to make an app

In short, mobile networks have taken over the traditional Internet market. So, abandon HTML5 and CSS3 patch - the future is mobile. Today, the key to success is designing native mobile applications with amazing visuals and rich features. And you don't even need to learn how to schedule special classes. There are many easy-to-use and familiar training materials and tools, and most importantly, most of them are free.

Is Programming Experience a Necessity?

If you already know any programming language, and have some coding experience with app development, you can create something very unique. In addition, there are many services to help you complete the creation process and submit the product to markets such as the iOS Store or Google Play for Android. There are software development companies and freelance developers that outsource the design of applications and create platforms - you just need to choose the option that best suits your purpose.

How to make an iOS app

Although Android is the largest mobile platform in the world and is supported by most of the world's mobile devices, Apple's platform is the safest and most advanced mobile phone, favored by business people and iOS platform enthusiasts. Recent market reports show that despite fewer iOS users, they are more likely to pay for applications and in-app purchases. However, before you start building an app, you should know that Apple has very strict guidelines on sending applications, requiring a higher quality standard than other competitors. To find out more about submitting requirements, read the Apple Review Guide.

Every freelance developer should become a member of the Apple Developer Program and pay $99 per year (but if you want the app to be available as a business, or as an educational platform, there other options available). Official developers work on Xcode, an integrated development environment that you can download from the Mac Store (yes, you need a Mac to formally design a software for the Apple iPhone). Xcode has a graphical interface and ready-made elements that you need to build an app so you do not need to master a programming language to solve it.

The core programming language used to write iOS applications is Objective-C. Swift is an easy-to-use language that works with Objective-C that Apple introduced two years ago. As for Xcode, the site of development platform also provides users with a comprehensive tutorial. Xcode comes with a set of programing tools for coding, design, testing, distribution and monetization.

When you write and test your app on iOS, it's time to send it to the AppStore, let it review and publish it to millions of download users. No one knows how long it will take for the changes to be made, and Apple itself may say that censorship could be different. If your software is rejected for any reason, you can send a complaint to the App Review Board, but it is best to avoid this, so please read the App Store Review Guidelines carefully. Sometimes it takes a long time to modify your program until it meets the standards, so do not be discouraged.

Learn how to make Android applications

To create an Android app and publish it on Google Play, the largest digital marketplace, you'll have to sign up for a Google Play Developer account, and it will cost you a one-time payment of $25. One of the obvious advantages of Google Play compared to the Apple App Store is that the review process is much simple - your software can usually be downloaded within a few hours after submission. Google offers a comprehensive guide to software development for anyone who wants to build an app for this mobile operating system.

Android development process

First, you need to install Android Studio. There are many development platforms that allow you to develop apps, but Android Studio is the official program for Windows, Linux and Mac devices coding. Android software can be done with different programming languages, but Java is probably the most popular. Our software developer recommends that you begin with Java because it provides the perfect foundation for the future. Android Studio allows developers to build, monetize, and test. Once you have the app installed and run and test it, you can publish it through the Google Play Developer Console.

Windows Phone platform

Windows has a small share of the mobile market, but has gained popularity since it began its lesson of integrating mobile and desktop environment into a single ecosystem. Windows Universal applications is a modern solution that brings new life to the Microsoft operating system. Here's a good overview of how to create the first Windows product if you want to learn software creation procedure for Windows phones. You will need to sign up for a developer account and make a $ 19 payment.

How to Create a Windows app

The main software you need to build a Windows app software is Microsoft Visual Studio. Like Android applications, you can write Windows software in a variety of languages, such as, Javascript with HTML and CSS, C ++ with XAML C ++, C #, with DirectX, and more. To test software on your personal device, you must either register it as an official testing gadget or you can use the rich free simulator available on the web. When the app is built and tested, you can simply publish it in the Windows Store. Not too long ago, Windows has released Windows App Studio, a set of professional developers that lets you create basic cross-platform applications for Windows devices in hours and minutes. And you don't even need any experience.

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Get professional help

Do you feel lost after reading all this information? In the information age, there are many opportunities available to you. If you are looking for a professional that can help you understand how to make your software or outsource the entire project, you can look for communities and development forums, or you can contact us - and we are always happy to meet new and aspiring enthusiasts.

To add more content, a variety of development tools were created specifically for those who are new to coding. Each program has its own features, configurations, and specific costs, but care must be taken when using these tools as there are many malicious freelance developers whose sole purpose is to make money, regardless of reputation and customer satisfaction. Always be careful when choosing a company, a freelance developer or development platform, reading customer testimonials, researching portfolio and organizing interviews.

Many experienced developers prefer to work alone to start freelance activities. Among them, experienced and talented freelance developers can address the app project. The main benefit of the freelance option is the considerably less expensive cost, and the end product will be at the top of the products available in the DIY tool.

But please note that for better development, especially for complex software solutions, more experienced experts may be required. In this case, you need to connect different freelance programmers, designers, quality engineers and organize their interaction yourself. It will take a long time to find every freelance expert and train a team. Furthermore, freelance developers simultaneously run multiple projects, paying attention to what is considered more useful, leading to a risk of abandoning the project. In collaboration with freelance contractors, you should always manage documents such as private contracts, invoices, and so on.

Work with a professional company

Magora AU experienced mobile and web developers know how to use cutting edge mobile technology, and provide you with first-rate products that stand out from the competition. Do not hesitate to contact Magora - the team will be happy to answer your questions, evaluate the costs of your project and inform you about our professionally designed cases.

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