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iOS App Developers Australia: The Future Of Your Company Is Mobile

About our iOS app developer team

Founded in 2009, Magora was comprised of two IT enthusiasts who have become a major international development company in Australia to deliver high quality digital products to companies around the world. Our design and development experts are here to help you find the most effective strategy, optimise workflow, launch products on the market and continue to offer support to maximise results.

Bespoke services in Australia and internationally

Magora has been focused on iOS since the beginning and has become a great choice for companies in the UK and in other countries when it comes to creating a perfect iOS app that attracts customers and brings value to the owners. The team of developers is based in Australia and builds software for iPhone and iPad, so you can move on with business, stand out from the competition and attract consumers.

At the beginning of any iOS app development process, developers will meet with customers to discuss project view, outline the details, and find the best way to implement customer insights to meet the needs and expectations of the business.

When you and our experienced team of iOS application developers discover that company's strengths and weaknesses need to be optimised, Magora will continue to create a complete specification of software requirements to develop the functionality of the software, based on the needs of the your company. So we take the time to analyse the market. We develop a mobile strategy, build the iOS app accordingly and bring it to market.

Our professional web designers understand that designing products goes far beyond creating beautiful images. UI (UI) and UX (User Experience) experts will seek to create intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly engaging products.

Our talented developers have a solid experience in building native iOS apps for all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. We focus on the latest trends and IT technologies to ensure products meet the highest standards and work on the latest mobile operating systems. To add more, we have a wide range of expertise in building web-based solutions and can face any challenge, such as integrating high-tech hardware with complex software or connecting products to complex back-end systems.

Our time-tested process ensures the stability, security and high performance of the final product, as all of iOS apps continue to pass the quality assurance at all stages of the process. Once the project is complete, it will be easy to pass the approval process, because Magora company from Australia is based on strict iOS development guidelines, so each element is perfect.

Digital services from Australia based team

Our successful development and launch of iOS apps is available in major markets and has millions of downloads, which demonstrates the highest quality. Over the past decade, Magora has provided an effective solution for many internationally recognized clients. Our programmers have enough knowledge and skills to build local games, productivity plans, and enterprise systems, as well as design sensitive sites, web-based solutions, content management systems, and customer relationship platforms. We provide a wide range of services to all industries covering all aspects of business: we can create mobile strategies, create brands or develop a complete marketing campaign that will take you to the market.

Smartphone application strategy

Before you start programming and designing your app, Magora Australia based developers take the time to research business and develop a mobile strategy to help you reach business goals and communicate with stakeholders. We have accumulated over 10 years of mobile design experience and are ready to use this knowledge base in project development.

  • Identify and prioritise iOS apps
  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategy and monetization
  • Wireframe and software prototypes
How much does it cost to develop mobile apps?

You may have heard it often impossible to set a fixed price on the development project, but usually the size of the project defined by working hours:\

  • Small: 50 hours;
  • Medium: 300 hours;
  • Long: 1000 hours;
  • Extra-long: more than 2000 hours.
The highlight of the application

An amazing program is not just an app, it's a combination of incredible design and rich application features, and it's a successful product to reach the audience. Based in Australia, the Magora team of experts has developed a seamless strategy to ensure that all aspects of app success are covered and that the end product meets their highest expectations. You do not have to trust us, look at our extensive portfolio and try out great apps.

Rich the top of the market

Recent research shows that in the modern world, people like to interact through mobile applications every day which increases the number of online purchases. The Magora Australia developers are focused on cutting-edge technology and have an impressive track record in IT, from web design to local software creation. In addition, we are proud of the ongoing success story and portfolio of projects that help companies achieve their goals and generate a significant revenue.

Develop for all platforms
  • iPhone applications
  • Developing apps for iPad
  • Android app design
  • Windows Application
  • Web-based solutions

Our Clients

The future of your organisation

The mobile revolution has come, and it had a great impact on business. The use of smartphones has exceeded the use desktops, and will not stop growing. Almost everyone on the planet has a smartphone, and most smartphone users have a tablet as a larger screen. Through the smartphone plan to connect to the largest audience on Earth, the phone will attract users and provide a wide range of useful features.

The cornerstone of our success is to invest a lot of skill in the developer, constantly exploring new horizons. Australia based company trains all members of the team to meet our high standards, understand the new technologies that appear in the IT market, share knowledge with young experts, improve skills, write clear code and guide the iOS app developer solutions.

Whether you want to build a solid online presence for brand or start a new product or service before competitors take action - Magora app developers will help you find the best solution for business and provide the best strategy to promote digital products. Our services are not limited to iOS application design.

Customised software creation and website development - we offer a full range of digital business consulting activities designed to maximise the value of our online solutions and grow your business to a new Level. If you are looking for experienced iOS application developers give us a call. We have offices in Australia and all around the world. You have found the right developers - reliable and reputable in all areas of IT experience.

Do you want a website to appear higher in Google search engine results? Google will regularly update algorithm and add new optimised site criteria. In the past two years, it has revolutionised mobile phone policies and provoked panic over companies that do not pay attention to maintaining the site. That's why if you want to rank higher in the SERP, it's important to keep the mobile version up to date. There are several ways to optimise mobile site, including responsive web design.

When designing a mobile site, you should keep in mind the features of the smartphone, as Google developers say.

The page is compatible with the "Mobile-friendly" label if the following conditions are detected by Googlebot:

  • Avoid software that is not common on mobile devices, such as Flash;
  • Use text that can not be scaled;
  • Adjust the content on the screen so that the user does not need to scroll or scale horizontally.

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Our team of advanced and proficient software developers from Australia will provide you with the most daring digital ideas. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project in detail, please contact us by phone or email. We'll guide you through the world of iOS development, from initial app planning, design concepts, programming, and final launch.

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