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iOS App Development: Practical Digital Solution

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We have developed on request of multiple companies across the world despite different time zones and various cultural approaches to business. Our team members speak multiple languages, English being the core and most broadly-spoken one.

We are professionals - that is why company’s designers and developers apply themselves fully and attain first-class apps for the latest iOS.

Apple And Its Power

Since the establishment, we have decided to primarily pursue iOS development as a field of undivided interest of our creative IT agency. Today Apple is indeed one of the most successful, powerful and fast-growing businesses in the world.

This company created a platform so innovative appealing to the user that almost every person you know has an iPhone, iPad or other Apple products. New iOS comes out every year - and we know just the right approach to update your system!

As iOS is one of the winning platforms on the market, it is only fair to put such applications as a priority. Our iPhones are an inseparable part of daily activities - people shop, exercise, watch videos, read, conduct business, take pictures, socialise, etc via smartphones.

Basically, we live through these small digital devices. Sounds revelating, but this is the current state of reality. Creating a relevant app on this platform enables you to attract people’s attention, giving a necessary boost to your company.

It is true, mobile platform is flooded with apps screaming for attention with their designs and functionality. Despite it being a great marketing place, it inevitably requires a product that stands out and corresponds to the latest functionality upgrades.

Don’t forget, applications should fit Apple AppStore demands, as it never works with low-quality products. The solution is to create a sustainable product with an excellent design and overrun those who didn’t apply enough efforts. Magora has already operated and mastered the new iOS, so you can feel free to contact us and receive a relevant high-tech product.

Native iOS App Development

Our sophisticated team have created numerous apps for all leading platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. Magora follows the latest technological trends and ensure that our creations are among the latest and most popular solutions on the IT market.

Having an extensive portfolio, we provide a broad range of expertise concerning web-based and mobile apps and ready to face any challenges, from integrating top-notch hardware with software to providing apps with the complex backend system.

Updating iOS

It is not a surprise that Apple keeps continuously update and improve functional variety, interfaces and design all the time. Each year public gets a new version of the iOS and Apple claims - update! But what happens with applications? Well, they have to change too.

Without a change, your product keeps lagging and malfunction on a daily basis. To prevent this from happening, choose the right developer in the first place. Magora development company provides support even after the launch, keeping our creations up-to-date with recent innovations.

New Release - iOS 11

New iOS as always have presented to us a whole lot of interesting changes, such as Drag&Drop, file management, design optimisation, changes in layouts of the control centre, lock screen and keyboard, customised dock, MusicKit, Core ML, SiriKit, and ARKit.

There were also some major drawbacks for developers, who now have to optimise their skills to program iOS apps with a different syntax - Swift4. But the lesson is learned - upgrade is inevitable for any digital product, and we are happy to help out.

Development Process

The process of app creation involves all professional teams and demands collaboration between them. You can never foresee what can go wrong and exactly how much time will it take. However what we can do is laboriously work on the project, put our hearts into it, and achieve success.

Magora have been developing apps for many years and worked with multiple industries throughout this time. Be sure; we can deliver the best product - just have a look at numerous reviews left by loyal customers.

First Look

At the initial stage of any development process it is crucial to meet with potential clients and define the significant aspects of the future solution, discuss the details, share visions, outline particularities and essential functions.

Establishing a reliable connection from the beginning, helps to eliminate mistakes and misunderstanding from the beginning. Through collaboration, it is easier to discover best ways to comply customer’s business needs with reality.

Market Research

It is crucial to identify requirements and document technical specifications. Magora detects your business’s strengths and weaknesses and looks for a better way of optimisation. Our iOS developers proceed with the outline of full-fledged software requirements , putting it on paper.

By analysing the current state of the market and similar products, we acquire a strategy suitable to compete with other smartphone and tablet applications.

An Efficient Approach

  • Conduct market analysis and thorough research;
  • Identify, outline and prioritise iOS app functionality;
  • Define software wireframe and creating prototypes;
  • Come up with right development strategies and monetisation.
Designing An App

Design goes far beyond pretty pictures and attractive colours. To build an efficient user interface and provide an intuitive user experience experts spend hours designing, putting together and testing the layouts. When users see a simplistic but easy-to-navigate interface, it is not due to basic functionality, but rather because of excellent skills of developers, who made it look simple.

Testing And Launch

To guarantee clients a stable, unique and secure end-product, it goes through quality assurance testing at every stage of the process. So, when applications finally reach the last development stage, they easily correspond to the standards and guidelines established by iOS. Professionals are never satisfied with mediocre results and polish every detail to perfection.


  • Professional marketing advice and strategy building;
  • Various support services after the launch;
  • Continuously released updates;
  • Client, user, media review analysis;
  • Suggest approaches to higher productivity.

Our Clients

Software Solutions

The iOS applications developed by our professionals are now available on the international market and downloaded by millions. Throughout recent years Magora team has provided an innumerable quantity of digital solutions. Professional expertise allowed us to present native games, corporate systems and productivity tracking programs.

We have also development customer relationship platforms and business content management software. Company’s professionals offer a broad range of services for a variety of apps, from social, health-related, entertainment products to real estate, enterprise and logistics projects. Develop a winning strategy with us.

iOS development is even more complicated in comparison to other platforms and requires the attention of certified specialists. Our UK based company is here to offer you first-class service and the latest technological trends (including those for iOS11):

  • Bespoke mobile and web development;
  • UX (user experience) tests and UI (user interface) design;
  • iOS Languages: Swift, Objective-C, C, C++;
  • Modern Libraries: AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon,Mantle, MagicalRecord, Alamofire, Libextobjc;
  • Popular Frameworks: Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight;
  • QA testing and more.

Additional Tools

To elevate your business and deliver a first-rate digital product our team resorts to the use of third-party tools. It empowers developers to create an even richer software by adding functionality to it.

Here are some of these tools:

  • PhoneGap;
  • Unity;
  • Marmalade;
  • GameSalad;
  • Adobe Air;
  • Corona SDK.

To set a price or a time span for the whole development process is quite an impossible task as you may have heard many times before. We can, however, outline the approximate hours typical projects of different size require.

These are the average calculations:

  • Small project: 50 hours;
  • Medium project: 500 hours;
  • Large project: 1500 hours;
  • Extra large project: over 2000 hours.

Working app is good and much better than just a pretty picture, but what makes an excellent digital product? An ideal app combines top-notch functionality with an astounding user interface and draws the attention of any potential client.

Magora team produces strategies that step by step lead to top results, drawing international media to your project. Success is not new to us - check our reviews and see for yourself!

What Should An App Have?

To create an efficient product, it is essential to understand what features and functionality it must contain to win in the international arena.

Here are some of these key functionals:

  • Interaction and integration with hardware;
  • Social features and interactive tools (phone and video calls, messengers, etc.);
  • Advanced privacy settings and data security;
  • Prolonged battery life and GPS tracking;
  • Efficiency in UX/ UI design and functionality;
  • First-class approaches to design and development.

The solution to your business is mobile. The technological revolution has already made us dependent on digital devices. Look around you, computers, tablets and phones are now the primary helpers in optimising workflow and gaining impressive revenues.

Unfortunately, not everybody understands the urgency to have a mobile platform for business. Nowadays if you don’t have a website or an app, nobody takes your company seriously. Why would they? If there are plenty of agencies, that offer easy and comfortable access to their product.

Still questioning how to get on the top of the IT market? Well, recent studies tell us, that in our digitally advanced world people generally prefer to do basically everything - socialise, shop, exercise, cook, take photos, navigate, manage work, all through mobile apps.

The number of goods purchased via internet increases day by day. What are you waiting for? Jump on with your own customised application till your potential customers haven’t opted for some other technologically advanced company.

Magora fully invests into each development project and lead to excellence. The strategy of the company has always been about client’s involvement in the process, and it is still something immensely valued by us.

The relationships established from the start and high professionalism enable us to keep up with ever growing IT market. Another exceptional fact is - we never stop learning and improving.

It is existential to have a mobile presence, but the development hours will be wasted unless we will use the solution to the fullest by promoting it and getting people to actually download the app and try for themselves. Ones they had experienced how efficient, intuitive and overall brilliant your app is - success is here.

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Magora team is here to provide a life-changing application for you and your business. Get in touch and inspire our talented creators with your ideas to create an up-to-date iOS product!

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