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As the highly professional IT company, we make top-notch solutions for big and small business around the globe, refining our methods to ensure that we deliver the best services and end products to our clients.

For the greatest apps which leverage the whole feature set of the device, it must be accomplished ‘native’, which means that it is written in the same language as the operating system.


In the beginning, all native iOS apps have been written in Objective-C. In 2014 Apple released Swift, which was created to enhance overall performance and cope with protection worries and is now the encouraged development language for iOS apps. Apps may be written in Objective-C, an aggregate of Objective-C & Swift, or purely in Swift. Our company has vast experience in program building in each of these languages. We can make a highly productive iOS program to meet the most demanding requirements of your business.


Java is the primary development language for native Android applications. It can be discovered on many exclusive varieties of devices from smartphones to mainframe computers. Java does not compile to native processor code, but instead, it is predicated on a “virtual machine” which understands an intermediate format referred to as Java bytecode. Every platform that runs Java needs a VM implementation. This all means is that developers can make Android apps on Windows, OS X or Linux and the Java compiler converts the source code into bytecode. Accurate native development additionally follows recommended UI design for that platform - within the case of Android that is 'material design'.

As we are a software development corporation, while we speak about HTML5 apps, we are speaking of a product that can be submitted to the Apple or Android stores; these also are often referred to as hybrid apps.

The Ionic is the main, open supply framework the developers use to make HTML5 hybrid packages. The program format and functionality is coded using this framework and then compiled with the use of Cordova which allows us to turn our hybrid into both an iOS or Android product, ready for delivery to stores. Using the Ionic & Cordova, we can get access to some native features of the phone including GPS, digital camera, flashlight, accelerometer. It's far the merging of those native capabilities when using HTML5 because the development language to enable ‘write in one, install on many’ that provide the ‘hybrid’ way to make an app.

Hybrid apps are best in situations wherein restrained phone capabilities are required, and there is not a high overall performance load on the smartphone. Because the technology powering this kind of software continues to enhance and devices get more operational in general, it becomes harder to understand whether a program is native or hybrid.

We are experts in making and connecting to modern database systems. Our experts work with your IT department to efficiently integrate the new software into the existing processes. Anyplace the data is held, we can help obtain access and open it for your customers.

An API is commonly defined as a set of hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) request messages, in conjunction with a definition of the shape of response messages, that is typically in an extended markup language or JavaScript object notation format. Our company has worked with dozens of APIs from third-party providers and in-house IT departments. Consequently, from experience, we recommend that clear documentation is furnished from the beginning of the mission.

The skilled builders can customise your API or make a new one from scratch if needed. All our custom APIs are elaborated to industry requirements, to make sure they may be convenient and stable.

All APIs are hosted on a free server, with an SSL certificate to make sure all statistics is encrypted as it travels from the app to the backend. All APIs have token-based authentication to make certain the best degree of safety.

While making a decision to go past a static informational app to something more "interactive", your app will probably need to be linked to a backend database. Backend database integration refers to allowing an app to communicate with a backend system so that customers can add, put off and replace records in the database at any given time. Most database-driven apps additionally permit customers to query the database too.

In the technically advanced world, users are seeking rapid and intuitive methods of streamlining everyday duties. Thus it is our primary task to simplify their experience with the aid of making apps which combine and thrive off the communication capabilities of mobile devices. For example, we have excellent apps that use Bluetooth and NFC that permit users to get access to shopping vouchers or offers.

iBeacons are also a new advancement brought out by Apple that allows applications (both native Android and iOS) to receive signals from a beacon while a person is near. Therefore, the backend sends push notifications of relevant content to the users' phone that may be interesting to them in that location.

For instance, the iBeacon can detect a user and despatched a 'deal of the day' for a brand new product at a nearby shop. That is important for shops as it lets in them to recognise where a client is, offering an opportunity to directly send them fantastically contextual content and meaningful commercials.

At our IT company, we trust in functionality led design. The excellent layout is the inspiration for a successful product; we make an investment of time in user studies and design at the start of the undertaking to ensure we are developing solutions people will love to interact with and need to use.

A great product is not only a beautiful picture but a tool easy and convenient to apply. At our Australian headquarters, designers are right here to advise on how to maximise the user experience. Our software makers are fanatical about UX/UI layout and spend an immense amount of time working with you to make the best possible person journey, by helping to pick out the coloration themes, font patterns, iconography and imagery, all of which compliment and cling on your brand guidelines.


Wireframes are a primary blueprint of the user journey, featuring the functionalities of each display. Our team has a layout group to maintain you in changing your concept and culminating content into an intuitive and engaging user adventure.


Getting the brand identity is prime to the success of the product. Our designers will meet with you to discuss the design path. This includes choosing a colour scheme and font so as to be used to make the principle logo and an icon. Moreover, the team will make a graphic which embodies the feel of the application, to be able to be then fed back in your approve.


We take into account that committing to a full-scale mobile software is a significant step. Therefore our company offers a less costly Minimum Viable Product which can aid in pitching the driving concept for further improvement. Once the system of wireframing, branding and making visuals has been completed, our specialists use those to build an MVP. Inside this bundle, we use visible wireframes and designs to provide you with a simplified but functioning product representing the overall user journey.

Three key concepts of a successful app

  • Focused on fixing one critical issue. Hit programs concentrate on fixing one problem speedy and efficaciously. We ensure that every project begins with a sound reason to make the way of performing everyday tasks miles more efficient.
  • Super, intuitive layout. The clear, honest design is the foundation of prosperous applications. We remember that clients are seeking for a perfect user experience that is intuitive and easy to follow.
  • Connected and effortlessly shared. In an increasingly more connected world, users expect information at their fingertips in actual time. Social sharing is the important thing to the growth of the product; we make sharing into the heart of the development.
Why Choose Us?
  • Rich experience
  • Competitive fees
  • Functionality led design
  • Honest, unbiased recommendation
  • We deliver on our promises

In these days competitive but expanding technology market, it is vital for a software agency or an employer to select a contractor-developer, which does not simplest fill the engineering gap using their programming services but additionally keeps aligned and tuned with frequently converting technology and enterprise requirements of yours.

Deciding on such vendor allows relying on them not only for one particular product development, however for the long term productive cooperation to cater the marketplace dynamics. That is in which our company takes an edge over other developers, as our approach is of partnership and we work with our clients now not as a contractor but as a team.

Cooperation with startups

In case you are a startup who is looking for getting a quick prototype, or version 1.0 evolved from your software program idea through one of the top app development organisations, or in search of professional consulting and advice inside the location of example mobile apps or the web; and all in affordable price, then you definitely select us for:

  • Technical functionality to deal with projects of any level of complexity.
  • Instant assignment kicks off, deploying expert mobile or web programmers.
  • The advantage of our vast expertise in mobile and web.
  • Free evaluation and advice on the concept.
  • Entire transparency during the project lifecycle and beyond.
  • A capable and trustworthy partnership for long term
Advantages for established companies

In case you are an already established and developing business, and trying to hire a strategic development partner to make new software decision or taking on any legacy initiatives; or desiring to outsource the ongoing development work to offshore for strategic benefits; then you choose us for:

  • Profound expertise in both new product making and in-house custom development.
  • Quick ramp-up, with highly professional project management services, in affordable and reasonable pricing.
  • Filling up your technology gaps with our engineering pool in web, mobile or HTML5.
  • Fantastic and transparent conversation and control.
  • Time-proven strategies in taking up ongoing or legacy tasks and making them smooth and fruitful.
Enterprise solutions

In case you are a company in need of one stop shop for all software program desires that can be starting from custom packages catering in-house commercial business process troubles, to enterprise-level new mobile or web solutions or really for any software program consulting, then you pick us because:

  • We offer the whole suite of software development services, from consulting to utility making, and then guide and maintenance.
  • We have skills to extend existing programs to modern web, mobile and tablet devices.
  • We are skilled in operating on corporation IT solutions and have sound partnerships with the most renowned world businesses.

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