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Our services

The services we provide is a mixture of the expertise, years of experience and the usage of excellent practices making IT projects for many industries.

  • Custom software development
  • Web and mobile app building
  • Program re-engineering
  • Business automation
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Research and investigation

Custom software development services

To exceed your software making, the web or mobile development, coding and programming expectations, we assemble here in Australia a group of expert developers and project managers. Each team is handpicked to meet each customer’s precise IT wishes.

With experience spanning seven years of making apps successfully, our agency has built several different groups of gifted engineering and design experts who are well-versed in seamlessly integrating with existing teams and diverse business enterprise cultures to manipulate and supply complex initiatives. As the clients’ industry matures, so does the integration, which similarly expedites the achievement of goals and targets. The more the developers find out about your business, the more effective they are!

The working model allows constant communication, short iterations, regular feedback exchange and On-time, on-budget deliveries. The team of devoted developers is a natural “crew extension” of ther customers’ local workforce. This approach does not require an enormous upfront funding and runs on a set monthly price range.

Our custom software design and development service are one of the world’s best. There are numerous areas where the IT services can be applied, including custom application making, mobile apps for enterprise optimisation and growth, and web development geared in particular for tech startups.

Our approach to any software product lifecycle is straightforward: planning / design / programming/ testing / deployment / maintenance / update. The making plans stage, where everything begins, consists of collecting information of the client’s necessities, business strategy, goals and competitors.

Layout making can take numerous procedures, the most common of which are:

User experience design: this includes a complete UI/UX creation lifecycle: business/user evaluation, usability testing, user interaction design, prototyping, etc.

Architectural design: here the team performs analysis of business tactics, vision, dreams, features and priorities, and figure out the potential gadget’s performance, utilisation characteristics and scalability degree to make the correct high-performance system.

Continuous integration and test-driven development are the ideas which our specialists adhere to. The inspiration of those principles consists of frequent deliveries, immediate quality control, achievement factor measurement and constant team communication. Taken together, these measures now not only make certain optimal and comprehensive adherence to business needs but additionally help reduce costs by identifying bugs and programming errors before the software is finalised. The improvement system ensures a perfect result delivered by a particularly skilled and experienced engineering group that is proficient in a high number of strategies, programming languages, coding patterns, databases and software making systems. Our team is also familiar with how important it is to choose and execute the right technique, that is why they preserve a high competence degree in all the key processes, including agile, scrum, waterfall, prototyping and iterative.

There is nothing more critical than the quality of the applications we supply. Every developer cares about the clients, and the quality assurance practice is one example of the intensity of the care. It could sound unusual, but quality assurance/testing is often the first step to being cut from the budget, in spite of the fact that software defects have an instantaneous and terrible impact on profitability. To strain the importance of QA/testing, we tell each of the clients the same thing: a software disorder that is not observed and fixed till post-production can price 100x more than if the defect is located and fixed all through development. So, the quality assurance and testing are really worth the cost.

At some point, even the exceptionally made systems require a new coat of paint. That is why we never leave the clients and offer post-launch support services to provide an opportunity to keep the products up to date in the ever-changing digital environment.

Program re-engineering

Updating, refurbishing, refining, repairing and re-engineering legacy software are all responsibilities with which our group of IT specialists is very comfortable with. Whether your software runs on the web, PC or mobile platform, the team has the coding, programming and improvement chops to upgrade any app’s purpose and characteristic, as well as the answers it gives. Rely on our company to make your legacy software easy-to-use, high overall performance application perfect for the twenty-first century's unexpectedly converting business needs.

Business automation

Enterprise automation generally calls for a complex solution, and our company is up to the challenge. The experts start by analysing a client’s present production and enterprise procedures to perceive inherent flaws and weak points. Then the developers make the preferred automation system, taking duty for the software’s coding and the programming on each web and mobile platforms.

Generally speaking, enterprise automation functions can be divided into two main kinds:

  • Automation of business processes: office work, worker control, purchase relations, accounting, and communication tools/systems
  • Automation of production/service provision: this includes streamlining the producing line and the purchase process, and infusing automation into the warehousing and transportation systems

The business automation development know-how is widespread and covers areas, including:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Data management: extract, transform, load
  • Record automation
  • Business intelligence platforms implementation
  • Risk management structures
  • Workflow management system development
Mobility for business

Mobility is an important aspect of any business success, and our developers can assist in making applications to meet the most of business/enterprise mobility needs. As an example, the custom solutions can help your firm to streamline its workflow, get mobile access to organisation apps, raise your personnel’ productivity, and automate the production, warehousing and transport components of your business. We can also accelerate product/service turnaround through the web or mobile solutions for enterprise automation, intranet systems and back-office wishes.

There are some approaches by which the developers acquire the mobility goals. Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, the team can execute modern-day coding and programming for mobile software making, be it a mobile website, the web or mobile app. We also can assist with app making which can be retail-specific, and bring either a responsive design or adaptive design to any venture, as required.

Our mobility solutions are designed to provide maximum flexibility, with an eye towards long-time enterprise increase. As an example, the consumer-engaging mobile packages for B2C customers assist to fuel industrial boom by offering products and services at the fair price and imparting a personalised, 24/7 self-service environment that is an ideal suit for industries which include e-commerce/retail, e-learning, media, mobile banking, and travelling.

Furthermore, mobile apps are a good medium for kick-beginning a new business. In fact, our team has helped dozens of tech startups to be a hit by making progressive apps and prototypes. The developers are fluent in all device capabilities: location- based services, multi-touch, animation, networking, media and video, synchronisation, and personalisation. And they have a lot of experience with supporting clients take their web-based programs to a mobile environment, making a sure seamless transition from one platform to another. We are ready to go, regardless the platform you’d like, to begin with!

The native app making expertise runs the gamut:

  • iOS: Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa, SQLLite
  • Android: Java, OpenGL
  • Windows Phone: C#, Silverlight, XNA
  • Smart TV: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript;
  • Cross-platform and web apps: HTML5, WebKit,, Unity2D Unity3D, Xamarin

Of course, safety is paramount in each app. We treat every client’s private data as though it was our own.

Studies and research

We, as highly proficient developers, understand that making something hi-tech and advanced regularly means working without a defined place to begin. That’s why each of the skilled analysts and technicians possesses a bagful of development, coding and programming hints that will help you break new ground in unexplored territory. Whether your concept pertains to mobile or web, we’ll perform an original investigation of the capability of all applicable tech thoughts, and research the best way to realisation. We’ll also study any present solutions and (if available) competition’ experience.

Our tech and research savvy is the suitable match for tasks that entail:

  • Making something unique (i.e. No competition, no existing analogues and frames);
  • Improving the current software without knowing ahead whether its architecture and previous modifications will allow doing so.

Fortunately, there are some big-brained people in Sydney whose livelihood revolves around exploring and researching the workability of avant-garde concepts.

Our Clients

Why Choose Us

We conducted a little investigation trying to find out why the clients go with us. Their feedback speaks for itself:

  • Competitive prices;
  • A high level of expertise combined with exceptional creativity and a sophisticated approach to tasks accomplishment;
  • “Cultural proximity” between developers and clients which value the perfect collaborative skills and measured risk-taking;
  • Broad experience: we made dozens of beneficial apps both for large and small business, and we know how to apply the knowledge acquired in the current work.
  • Creative developers and designers who consistently generate fresh ideas for project optimisation;
  • Time-proven development procedure;
  • Experienced project management;
  • Quality assurance and data security.

As a result of our winning partnership, you will:

  • Receive endless, competitively-priced attention to the project from our developers and managers, making everything possible to meet your requirements;
  • Benefit from a creative software building approach that shuns unnecessary stresses and risks using the reliable, innovative new platforms;
  • Leverage all the advantages of working with the Australian team and deliver only the best code quality.

Living and gaining knowledge is what life's all about. More than seven years of software making has taught us how to:

  • Correctly control many distinctive mission types;
  • Optimise cooperation between development teams and the separate departments engaged in the undertaking;
  • Master the arts of reporting, accounting, and exactitude;
  • Fully leverage the benefits of different platforms.

Thanks to our great clients, we have successfully finished 200+ projects, each of which has contributed to our unprecedented experience with nearly every existing platform. The structure os our company is fluid and flexible, which permits us to assign the precise expert on every undertaking. Moreover, you’re capable of taking part in forming the team that is tailor-made specifically for your task.

Due to our collaboration, you’ll be able to:

  • Count on us to coordinate all applicable services — layout, programming, testing, launching and advertising — in one place and without compatibility issues or time-wasting
  • Lessen expenses and exertions charges

Curious about our work? The portfolio says it all!

Your First Step to Success

Our friendly team attends to your needs from the moment you first contact our Customer Department. Experienced, sociable, and knowledgeable they will help you choose the most effective platform for your case, explain the app making process and confirm budget and timeframe.

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