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Mobile and Desktop Software: What’s the difference?

Programmers write code for software solutions that work on smartphone, tablet or desktop devices. When designing software for portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, developers must take into account the performance of the product and the effect it has on the user experience. Things like memory and CPU limitations, hardware capabilities, touch screen, as well as GPS, audio and video devices, accelerometer, call capabilities and other pointing devices are different, which makes app programmers consider smooth development and feature integration. The mobile experience includes guidelines and recommendations for design, as well as compatibility with specific operating systems. The final breakdown of mobile developers is Android, iOS and Windows programmers.

Android Development

Our Android team specializes in developing all kinds of smart phones that use this operating system, from tablets to phones and other gadgets and accessories. Google's operating system, Android, is an important part of the rapid growth of the smartphone market, allowing high-end brands to offer exciting features to users. With more than 1.5 billion Android users operating on Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and other devices, our team can recommend effective development and marketing strategies to you that are guaranteed to produce results. Engage Android users with the widest range of devices, tablets and smartphones. Custom IT solutions allow us to deliver applications to the Google Play Marketplace, which offers huge brand visibility.

Android app developer

The IT product design team is adept at developing custom native apps for Android-based smartphones and other devices that run the operating system. Magora Android programmers use the latest software development tools and framework to provide outstanding design solutions in the mobile market that attract target customers. With the help of Android Studio IDE, Java, many JS libraries and other technologies, we have created an inviting and secure product with the highest standards of performance. Our commitment to your ideas along with our passion for IT allows us to create the best opportunities for success.

App developers who focus on Apple products provide bespoke software solutions for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS, which is all of Apple's operating systems across their entire spectrum of devices. Apple's operating system is recognized as the most stable and secure mobile platform which means that there is the potential for any business to find success there. Functionality and elegant design make it perfect for business and communications. Being the only Apple approved platform, iOS can compete with the Android operating system as the second most popular platform in the mobile market. Our internal iPhone app developers have extensive experience in iOS programming and deployment to the Apple store that goes off without a hitch.

As a well-known iOS app building agency, we have a strong team of iOS programmers that offer excellent solutions for the competitive Apple market, along with millions of applications in AppStore. We follow connection guidelines, iOS and corporate coding standards, and integrate applications with the latest Apple technologies, including Xcode, Swift and Objective-C, Interface Builder, and more. In the last 8 years, the agency has developed dozens of iOS first-class digital products.

Being a capable mobile agency, we also have partners who want to make Windows applications that give life to their ideas with reliability and ease of use. Windows app designers offers a fully customizable software solution with pixel-perfect designs, complete with animation. Microsoft has designed a Windows platform that offers an innovative, smooth and easy-to-use interface that includes the ability to develop universal applications for all familiar Windows devices. Our agency will help you focus on commercial and personal needs to create the right product that offers quality and reliable use.

We offer a capable team of Windows app designers to meet the needs of customers, who demonstrate their experience by producing products with a modern style user interface and Windows API. We will help you to point to the universal Windows platform with a modern UWP app. With the help of Visual Basic, Visual Studio IDE, C ++, C #, and Microsoft technologies, Windows programmers handle projects small and large that make applications for Windows phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

Unlike traditional programs, web software does not need to be downloaded and does not require device memory. It can be easily accessed through a network connection. With the increasing popularity of handheld devices due to improved hardware and operating system capabilities, two of the main criteria for web-based software are responsiveness and adaptability. Whether you need to create an online calculator tailored to the specifics of your company's operations, personal calendars or more intensive software such as spreadsheet apps, you can count on our digital design agency.

When it comes to web development for high-tech gadgets, desktop computers or mobile devices, our web programmers are aboslute professionals who write elegant code that works for you on the backend and serves your clients on the frontend. We are well versed in client-side scripting, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and others and we can work just as well with server-side scripting that requires knowledge of high-level programming languages ​​such as PHP, Ruby, Python and others, in addition to technologies such as, MySQL, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server, etc. And when it comes to mobile development, the agency also takes advantage of web technologies that work for you. For the author on mobile devices, including SVG Tiny, CSS, XHTML and more.

The development of software may be too expensive for some customers, which is why our mobile agency take advantage of multiplatform programming. This practice refers to software developed for multiple platforms that support different operating systems with a single digital product. Make sure that the app works in more than one digital framework, aimed at all the main users of mobile devices. One of the approaches we use to provide cross-platform solutions is to abstract the app and support different software environments, write content with web technology and adapt digital products as platforms with legacy APIs.

Magora is the experienced IT agency that offers cross-platform solutions using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript web technologies, as well as frameworks known as AngularJS, iQuery, PhoneGap and Xamarin. And it feels native no matter where it’s working on a smartphone or on a tablet. We want to work with Xamarin's multi-platform software that allows developers to create platform-specific user interfaces that use the iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms to access the traditional capabilities of devices using C # and .NET frameworks.

About the agency

Magora developers design mobile applications with the simple concept that data can change any business if used correctly. Our software agency specializes in the development of mobile programs, especially to focus on the user and provide an unforgettable user experience. In the digital age, technology is constantly evolving, giving developers a greater opportunity to produce high-end IT products that improve internal performance, streamline and accelerate the organization's processes and improve relationships inside and outside the company itself. Our IT department aims to help companies change the landscape of information technology at any time and overcome the obstacles to growth and success. Our solution, which uses iOS , Android and Windows devices, adapts to the needs of the client and solves the most challenging problems.

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Mobile development costs

The cost of developing a personalised mobile app is of course going to be one of the most common questions asked. The nature of this development shows that the cost of individual projects must be considered based on its particular requirements and specifications. The complexity of the different software platforms that cover even the technology developed by all these factors and other factors influences the project budget. In some cases, an agency can assess the app as a $10,000 project. In other cases, companies have invested as much as $100,000 up front However, to determine the actual cost of your particular project, you need to speak with a representative of the IT agency who explains your needs and understands your development experience. Regarding our agency, we can say that the average cost of an app ends up somewhere in between $30,000 - $50,000. Drop us a line to get a free quote.

Hire a Mobile Agency

The demand for mobile applications is increasing in every sphere of business. We have learned to offer excellent designs and impressive apps that take advantage of a variety of technologies. Our team offers a full range of end-to-end services. The agency brings together talented developers who have the experience to face any challenges.

We guarantee the best quality with a team of strict inspection engineers and qualified testers who oversee the process of creating the app from start to finish. And even after a successful launch, we offer maintenance service to help improve our digital products to hurdle unforeseeable obstacles that arise in the future.

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