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Looking For the Perfect App?

We consider ourselves to be among the leading developers in Australia in the field of app creation. We believe that every professional organisation should be benefitting from the potential of the mobile applications marketplace.

These are some of the key reasons for your company to launch its own app:

  • Sustainable visibility for customers
  • Modernisation of loyalty programs
  • Direct advertising potential
  • Increased customer commitment
  • Branding power

The Best Mobile Solution for a Great Experience

Over the years, IT development has taught us the principles of communication and collaboration between customers and developers. Our specialists work with clients to keep them informed and produce the most effective mobile products that will maximize their business efficiency and stay on top of their budget. We always make sure that our customers are involved in the workflow from the first step to ensure that all possible needs and requirements are met, and that the final product is in line with the main objective.

Developers who care

We understand collaboration. Our experts communicate with you and ask questions constantly to ensure that all needs and requirements are met, and that the final product fits the budget and pays off.

Full-Service Developer

Our mobile app developers recognise the need for large companies with mobile solutions that make life easier, augment the efficiency of a workflow or provide stable communication with a client. Mobile apps can drastically change the way almost any company operates. In the modern business world, people can easily use their devices both at work and in personal communications. The solutions we offer can ensure that company data is truly secure on every device.

Our professionals have a long history of success in their digital solutions and will work with you to produce the most effective specialized programs to meet specific needs. We can change the key experience to work with many of the company's initiatives to create solutions that meet the needs of clients in order to achieve overall efficiency and significant profits for their organisation. Our developers strive to focus on security and integration with the tools available in your company to ensure usability and performance.

Our team of enthusiastic developers have created apps for large and small companies around the world. This background allows us to offer powerful solutions, including mobile applications and websites, content management structures, location-based software programs, preferred business software and much more. We keep up to date with the latest trends and advances in technology and apply them to the products we create for you.

Our developers can help you launch strategies to reach new customers and maintain existing stocks to advise you on the most reasonable steps to achieve the desired results. We specialize in the creation of professional software designed to provide the best possible security, an intuitive interface and many useful capabilities to help you control your workflow and increase productivity.

Great functionality is something that we all have to consider. But if there are not attractive, they will not be popular on the market. Outstanding designers will lead to success, as users have an unrivaled user experience with attractive design.

Digital marketing is an incredibly fast and aggressive environment that has to be maintained and kept up to date, but we stay on top of it and keep you out in front of the competition with innovative strategy and beautiful presentation.

Develop a mobile strategy

Our team of developers allow companies to take advantage of their mobile capabilities and increase buyers and individual employees. We create cutting edge and convincing strategies to help you build the digital arm of your operations, making it an indispensable part of communication with customers, advertising and marketing. The professionals we offer have a deep knowledge of mobile technology and how users interact with it in digital companies. We use modern strategies and knowledge to create clear ideas and offer the best results. Software developers and designers will help you with both local and international techniques, ensuring that your product will attract users and increase revenue.


In the planning phase of the project, we will examine your organization and discuss with you all the options that will guide your path to complete your objectives, cut time and increase cost efficiency. Currently, most digital market needs are created by reducing the time spent on sales channels, reducing the number of customers that are not committed and increasing conversion rates.


It is always better when a star player is on the field and participating in a game, or software development in our case. Teams of developers can include technical experts, project managers, accountants, marketing specialists and other professionals. If you or your staff are not as proficient in internet technology and mobile development as you’d like to be before embarking on journey to a hit mobile application, we are ready to step in and help you succeed.We will teach small workshops so that everyone is focused on action and help. People are involved in future products.


Our professional developers work hard to ensure that their requirements are met. We constantly strive for perfection and do not stop until we achieve results that match your expectations and meet our high standards. In addition we can help you maintain continuous success, monitor key metrics and give you critical feedback on your analysis. Magora’s talented and creative team can handle any operation, from targeted apps for laptops to mobile solutions and various accounting, management and ecommerce platforms. We deliver all the essential equipment necessary to build an expanding and successful customer base.

Our Clients

App opportunities for mobile devices

Magora offers customers a high-performance multipurpose program that will attract entrepreneurs who want to maximize business efficiency, reduce administration costs and automate daily operations. Our development company offers the following solutions.

Custom business solutions created to improve performance, using collaboration and advanced reports available from the user layer.

  • The latest generation of web applications based on data that operate in the cloud hosting or intranet level
  • The so-called custom compilations or integrated apps, which include customised reporting software
  • Automated workflow apps: commercial applications developed to provide IT integration to streamline business processes

Since its launch, IPhone has modified the world of mobile devices. It has changed the way we communicate with service providers and customers and it seems to be a part of life that has become completely ubiquitous. The IOS is a versatile ecosystem suitable for all types of programs and allows to you implement any advanced technology. Because of this, the device gives you so many opportunities to create, that you must have imagination and commitment to change your mind. The number of iOS apps is growing day by day and it is very likely to continue, so we’ve become pretty keen on mobile app development projects that make an impression.

More than 80% of all gadgets run on the Android platform. This is mainly due to the opening of the system, which allows owners and manufacturers to customize the system. Offer your employees and customers access to your products and services safely and reach the largest audience in the world.

Web-based solutions and responsive websites are important in the modern world, where mobile devices are used more than desktop computers. As a professional developer, we combine past work experience with HTML5 technology knowledge to create mobile web solutions that use the power of HTML5. This technology has many advantages: it includes a variety of gestures, such as swiping, zooming, etc. It uses multimedia content and works offline using a storage database. HTML5 is also compatible with all modern browsers and does not require any additional add-ons.

The next-generation Windows 10 user interface offers all of benefits of Microsoft family programming and is committed to broadening the horizons of software development for mobile and desktop devices, making it an exceptional user experience on all mobile gadgets. Our developers can offer solutions for this popular platform, which will get along with Windows devices.

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Magora mobile app developers will guide you through the incredible software development process to provide you with the best possible collaboration experience and, therefore, the best result. This will help maximize the performance of your business. If you need to expand your internet presence, contact us. Our experts will be happy to help.

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