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International shipping - We offer controlled onshore and offshore development services from the Australia-based workplace. We plan and execute complex projects and provide a framework for exceeding client expectations in all dimensions – amount, time and price.

Deep industry experience - As cloud technology and mobile generation experts, we are proud to be identified as one of the leading software companies in cloud integration, app development strategy and deployment and enterprise intelligence. We provide leadership, exceptional practices, first-rate solutions and thoughtful consulting to the clients.

Consumer delight - At our company, we adhere to the “Die trying” ethos. We go all out and ask for feedbacks and overview performance to make sure the client is completely satisfied with the development process communication and results. We never stop, till the end product is perfect.

Our Services

Supporting business processes and strategies with mobile app is the key challenge we perfectly cope with.

Whether it is.Net, Java, or cutting-edge frameworks like NodeJS and Angular 2, our team has the experience and talent to build first-class mobile app to the large companies and startups. We serve customers from different industries – from hi-tech to medical, and manufacturing to shipping.

All engagements with the developers are supported by project managers using sturdy collaboration and difficulty monitoring gear. We have interactive QA strategies from the start of the project to ensure efficient and flawless test driven development. Unlike other companies, we also have in-house astute business analysts to support proper functional requirement definition so that the final delivery meets or exceeds the client’s wishes and expectations.

API’s and Web services

We are API professionals. Our developers write APIs the most efficiently, so that back-end structures can serve content for front-end interfaces (e.g. the web and mobile), and also connect the packages with various third party systems like multi-aspect authentication, Google Analytics, Stripe payment system, AdMob.

Development Technology and Languages

  • Frontend Development: Responsive Design, JavaScript, React,
  • Swift, Angular 1.3 and 2,
  • Backend Development: Java, PHP, Ruby, .Net/C#, C++, NodeJS, Cassandra, SQLServer,
  • MySQL, MongoDB,
  • Rapid Prototyping/MVP: Invision, Balsmiq, Adobe Experience Design, Omnigraffle, Sketch,
  • QA/Test: Jira, Xamarín Test Cloud, Selenium,

Mobile development

We build both native and hybrid mobile app for customers from startups to world-famous giants.

Through numerous custom projects, our firm has gained a robust reputation for one of the best iOS and Android software development companies. Clients rely on the senior development groups to build what in lots of cases is their complete mobile product from scratch. Other organisations have backend sources but work with us to benefit from the mobility practice to enhance their time to market.

We leverage the years of mobile development track record to optimise overall performance, backend integrations, workflow, advertisement integration in addition to the backend analytics to ensure the clients have insight into how their software is used.\

  • iOS and Android: Swift, Java, payment gateways, iBeacon and BLE devices, API integration
  • location services, audio/video streaming, Multi-factor authentication, analytics, ad integration,
  • Hybrid/Xamarin: Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap, React, Angular 2, automated testing

Some customers benefit from a hybrid approach to development. Ionic and Xamarin are the leading technology, but if requested we can use other hybrid technologies along with Phonegap.

Unify development and operations to boost business innovation

Improve the time to market and decrease the total cost of development through working with our company for your DevOps needs. We have helped customers with code modernisation and refactoring by creating strategies for microservices, construct automation, computerised testing, and automatic release. You can utilise the energy and flexibility of the cloud in AWS or Azure to revamp your programs to take advantage of serverless compute, and top call for provisioning.

The DevOps certified engineers of our company are professionals in most of the tools, with a focus on automation, protection, quality testing, maintainability, reliability and predictability.

  • Technology: Chef, puppet, vagrant, springcloud, ms functions, sonarqube, flyway, Junits, Jasmine, Selenium, Jenkins, git, lambda,
  • Methodologies/practices: Non-stop integration, automated testing, computerised releases, operations and infrastructure control, microservices architecture and development

Outsource your IT

With managed services from our team, companies can outsource software protection, upgrades, configurations and control, allowing their IT Departments to stay focused on more important strategic priorities.

Our roots are in software and application development.

We uniquely suit to help you to transfer licensed and custom software from on-premise or co-location to the cloud.

The powerful analytical tools measure utilisation, configurations and the cost of operating on different platforms so you can make well-considered, confident decisions regarding cloud options.

We’ll save you money by working with you from start to end – providing the subscriptions to flexible, robust and secure platforms to get started, the plan to migrate software, workloads over time and the managed services to keep everything running efficiently.

Performance and security monitoring:

  • Server and alertness reputation
  • Usage of servers, RAM, storage
  • Overall performance
  • Firewall security
  • Problem monitoring
  • Network Throughput

Maintenance activities:

  • Server optimisation
  • Coping with facts and backups
  • Server backup/restore


  • Problem-solving and business planning
  • Installation of os patches
  • Application improvements
  • Security fixes
  • Penetration checking out
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Documentation of configuration adjustments
  • Coordination of third party software

Customer assist

  • Level 1 and 2 helpdesks (relying on the need)
  • Access to control (if preferred)
  • 24×7 support with SLA

Enhance performance, lessen charges

Programs inside the cloud continue to resonate with value conscious and forward questioning tech specialists. Our company has experience in lots of platforms and packages within the cloud, and our clients have partnered with us to develop software using the industry main programs and technologies within the cloud.

Enterprises are deluged by significant volumes of statistics and are seeking out a way to make the experience of it all.

Our company works with you to acquire, examine and combine your disparate records assets and silos of data to design a records acquisition architecture this is maintainable, scalable and robust. We offer end-to-end analytics, from classic business intelligence deployments via analytics packages that are living along with your data.

Reaching effect from analytics may also start with records, but it should be matched with an in-depth knowledge of industry dynamics and functional practices.

Our experts bring years of information integration and evaluation expertise to solve the tasks of the companies. We will help you release the energy of the data, and enrich analytics capability with most gain.

A Devoted Team to Meet Your Needs

Want an entire development company as a partner, or an additional development unit or only a small supplemental improvement group for unique projects that are out of your core enterprise?

In that case, remember a dedicated group from our company.

You may ramp up quickly by leveraging the methodologies, collaboration structures, and team synergies from our company’s mounted development facilities. With the centres already in location, we can provide a talented, devoted technical team — usually at less than 1/2 of the fee of you doing it yourself.

If you want the builders for your payroll, or company is the best choice as well. With a committed crew, the programmers may be in our facility, but you are still the boss.

Seamless mobile app development process
  • Building Effort Estimation. Every software creation project, either a native mobile program, a bespoke enterprise system or a website, starts with the investigation, and the estimate of time and cost. Our company work closely with the client to identify the core needs of the business and find the most appropriate way to meet them while keeping within the budget. The developers help to prioritise the software features, decide on the best platform and design a product that perfectly fits the enterprise needs.
  • User Experience and User Interface Design. When the team acquire a clear vision of the software we are to build, it is time to proceed to create the architecture and planning the UX. Then, the experienced UI designers work on designing the visual elements of the interface, integrating the branding to ensure that the software keeps in line with the business persona.
  • App Programming. At this stage, the experts in programming come into action, fleshing out the ideas into a clear and secure code. They build the databases, the basic logic, screen interactions and integrate various services to deliver the most intuitive and exciting experience to the customers.
  • Submission and Release. As you may know, every app market has very own software review guidelines, and it can become a real challenge to get the product published and fully comply with the requirements. Our quality assurance experts continuously review the software throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring stability, responsiveness and high performance, along with compliance with the most demanding guidelines of the Apple AppStore. Speaking of Google Play, guidelines are much less strict, and the process itself is faster, sometimes requiring a couple of hours.
Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance is a crucial element of software development. In our company, we work with customers to determine the precise QA approach to applying manual, automated, or possibly a mixture of two. Clients may engage us, especially for QA, working as an integral part of the client’s improvement group or as a part of a broader QA/development team.

Service Offerings

  • Assessment - Our company offers three-week evaluations of the current environment as well as future cloud options. We run the advanced tool with assessment agents on the servers to provide data for analysis and recommendations for optimal deployment of the system.
  • Migration Planning - The experts work with a client and the business teams to prioritise migrations with a first, next, and last to move or not to move analysis based on the specific schedules, risks, infrastructure and business objectives.
  • Refactoring - Our software teams consider the benefits of refactoring and rewriting bespoke applications where needed to use beneficial features of the cloud.
  • Replacing - Some legacy systems will see the demise with a move to a cloud. Our company will help to analyse a replacement strategy where guaranteed by cost and risk.
  • Managed Services - Once we perform to migrate the systems, the company provides system and infrastructure managed services with 24×7 maintenance, monitoring and regular Operations Reviews.
  • Backups, BCP and DR - We can help you to build or enhance the Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning, and strategies. The Cloud provides perfect services, and many companies are leveraging them for a cost effective and auditable solution.
  • Integrations - We are one of the best companies that help to integrate new software with other cloud solutions and use federated identity systems for single sign on across the cloud.
Tools and Technologies
  • Code coverage and test libraries: Junit, CUnit, PHPUnit, Test Rails;
  • Automated Testing: Selenium, Xamarin Test Cloud;
  • Issue tracking, workflow, and metrics: Jira, SharePoint, Pivotal Tracker.

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