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Who We Are

Magora is a long-established development company based in Australia that incorporates the latest technological approaches to each case and project. Our experienced web and mobile application developers create custom products on request of any client, be it a small startup or a large corporation, construction or entertainment industry.

Due to professional knowledge of in-and-out of the market company’s developers deliver most efficient results in the shortest period of time and offer a prolonged support. Our team members - developers, UX and UI designers, testers, project manager, programmers - are talented award-winning experts.

Enhance Your Performance With An Amazing Software

You might wonder, what can mobile presence offer for my customers or employees? There are so many advantages that we will not be able to tell them all. From optimisation of sending reports to the popular recognition of your brand. The perk of having software that answers to all your requests is something the largest enterprises have always embedded in their practice.

Although Magora development company is based in Australia, we cater not only to the local audience but also internationally.

There is never a problem if you are an entrepreneur from the other side of the world - Magora makes it work! Just let us know the time when you are most comfortable talking to us, and our developers will do everything to establish an efficient connection. Language differences are also not a problem to us - Magora creators are fluent in at least two languages.

If you are willing to enhance the inside communication between your employees, it is essential to build a custom application. Having an app that enables to keep everything in one corporate system will ensure that all employees have access to the important, necessary data. A corporate application also ensures the safety of the data, unlike many out-of-the-box products. Security and accessibility are essential in productive work - do not avoid investing in something that will elevate your company to a new level.

Do you want to skip the routine procedures and spend your valuable time doing something more important, like developing a new marketing strategy? Well, it is reasonable. With an application, you don’t have to work so hard on the mundane tasks.

Need to form a report? With a corporate app everything has already been automatically generated, just click the right button! Have to find valuable information on the project? Here it is right away in the shared database! Sounds useful, it is.

Opting for a custom application gives an opportunity of creating something entirely reflecting company's image and delivering the message. Our Australia based specialists can implement corporate colour, icons, and logos. So, when people use these apps, they are always reminded of your company.

Online Society

Now, almost everything people do in the real world can be helped out by a web or mobile application. As simple as that. It is possible to do food and clothes shopping online, order any service or communicate with other people across the world. There even some apps that help taking care of your cat while you are abroad!

It is hard to tell how many times a day we check our smartphones. That is why having a business online hugely contributes to the amount of the audience and potential client reach.

Implemented technology

During the development we use only top-notch technologies for local businesses in Australia or international enterprises. Here are some of them:

  • Languages:

Swift, Objective-C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc.

  • Libraries:

iOS: AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon, Mantle.

SWIFT: Alamofire.

Objective-C: Libextobjc.

JS: JQuery, JSON, Spin.JS.

.Net: Elmah, Autofac, EntityFramework, ASP.NET MVC.

  • Frameworks:

iOS: Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight.

PHP: Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Slim, Fuel PHP, PHPixie, Aura, Fat-Free.

JavaScript: React Native, Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js, Vue 2.0, Ember.js, Meteor.js, Underscore.js, Require.js, JQuery.

Web or mobile application?

Obviously, it is important to have a virtual representation of your product or service, but, which is better - mobile or web?

As the technology advances, people tend to use more compact devices, which are easy to bring with you anywhere, that is why mobiles are leading ahead of computers. With the high increase of mobile usage, computer usage promptly decreased, but don’t worry.

If you want to have a web version of your software there are two options:

  • Build two products - mobile app and a website;
  • Make a responsive website that is easy to view from mobile.
Responsive and adaptive interface

Making a website don’t forget to make it fit multiple screens of mobile phones, so it will be possible and easy to navigate on them as well. Responsive and adaptive designs always perfectly correspond to any type device the app is used on. It is important and, considering how many people are using smartphones, will considerably broaden your audience.

Outstanding professionalism

Our mobile and web development company Australia is proud of more than 150 talented and creative specialists, who won’t stop halfway and constantly work on their skills. Magora selects each of the team members carefully based on experience, qualifications, and personal achievements.

Experience in IT industry

From the beginning of smartphone era and first iPhone we have been developing for years, working with local startups in Australia and internationally renowned enterprises, popular brands and implemented top-notch technologies for software creation.

Broad development portfolio

Magora application development company has hundreds of successful projects from local clients from Australia and all around the world across different industries including enterprise applications, startup products, education, travel, transport, healthcare, real estate, property management and so on.

Client -Developer communication

One of the incredibly important steps is to establish a good connection between a client and a development team. On the initial stage, it is crucial to understand each other, client's aims and our offers.

By meeting the customer for the first time we encourage him to tell us about their business, how did it start and where do they see themselves in a ten years time. Magora developers from Australia know, that client is the one who dictates the rules, so our specialists need to interpret them right and realise in a perfect product.

QA testing

Our developers from Australia control every step of the development, check testing results, keep documentation and records of the agreed upon functionality and desired features. Our team performs on a higher level and surprises customers with the first-class user experience.

Magora’s QA specialists take care of the following procedures and secure the premium quality:

  • Quality control;
  • Testing plan and strategy;
  • Code review and bug fix;
  • Expert UX evaluation;
  • Testing the overall software performance.

Our Clients

Our custom development services

  • Custom mobile and web application development based in Australia

We provide full-fledged mobile, web and desktop products on any platforms, such as iOS and Android, and bring success to many businesses across the world and different industries.

  • Web and mobile design

With unique designs, we ensure a strong online businesses presence, boost sales, improve visibility and grow the customer base.

  • Corporate systems

Magora have built intranets and multiple corporate web-based systems to help optimise and automate mundane routine tasks, increase productivity and facilitate management.

At the initial stage of the development, planning is a must. Without a coherent and thought through plan, there will never be an efficient process of creation. Company’s based in Australia professionals consider every detail, ups and downs of the client and specific targets to hit.

As a result of long cross-team discussions, everyone contributes to a final plan. However, having a plan doesn’t mean it is not flexible. You can never know what turn the development will take, so there is no problem in the implementation of some changes and corrections into it.

The approach we use during application development is Agile - the best way to build top-notch software without missing deadlines and with minimum errors. Flexibility and productivity are the keys to reach revenue increase and reduced overheads. All leading companies use Agile as the ultimate winning strategy.

  • Face-to-face communication is preferred to any other;
  • Business-oriented product;
  • Close client-developer collaboration;
  • Prompt delivery of the product within weeks other than months;
  • Flexibility and fast response to change;
  • Development that fits into your budget;
  • Long-term support, updates, and optimisation;
  • Easy to use, excellent software design.

Too often people focus only on functionality, completely ignoring the design of mobile or web application. Such approach to the development can easily backfire. How the application looks determines whether users will notice and download it or not.

Complex interface and revolting layout don’t do business any good. Magora development company based in Australia creates intuitive designs and builds an exceptional user experience.

As soon as company’s professionals finish testing, the team submits the application to release on the market (ex. AppStore or Google Play Market). Although, the app has already been launched, unlike other company’s we continue supporting and updating the application regularly during the application lifetime.

But, before the app release, our specialists go through with the following:

  • Analytics;
  • Professional SSL installation;
  • Software performance monitoring;
  • Post-launch support and optimisation.

As an example of a mobile and web application development company, we never leave projects without support, unless the customer wants us to. With Magora’s support, owners discover how to exploit applications to the fullest extent and boost their profits. Keeping our digital products relevant is essential on the ever-changing market of modern times.

The application remains high up on the top, because developers:

  • Fix bugs and eliminate mistakes;
  • Update to new versions of operating systems;
  • Perform analytics research;
  • Optimise application, based on user feedback;
  • Respond to client’s changing business needs and aims.

Build a Custom Mobile Application For Years of Success

Contact our application development company from Australia to create a unique product that will serve you well whether in inside business process optimisation or audience reach and revenue increase. Invest in a quality solution and your future business boost!

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