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Our Team

In 2010, our company formally gathered the mobile development team, overlaying iOS, Android and Windows Phone coding. And over the last 7+ years, we have launched more than 200 mobile phone programs for those famous platforms. In-between, we have even found time to make a few Blackberry solutions!

The mobile group consists of just about 50 mobile app builders. In most cases, mobile app development tasks are smaller than internet or software projects, which makes this crew precise with the sense that its affairs have short turnarounds, new platform releases are often, and industry requirements are usually changing. The tech wizards who comprises our mobile team are young, but already highly experienced. With the boundless imagination and inquiring mind, boredom and indifference are foreign terms to them.

Our Services

We work with you to build full-fledged, considerate, and goal-oriented identities and stories.

The industry expertise and high-quality level of technical understanding allow us to supply complex information technology solutions and custom apps to a high number of hit businesses international. Our company provides mobile phone software development services for both startups and large corporations, facilitating communication, research, improvement of professional business websites and applications.

  • iOS - Our company offers the full range of solutions for Apple’s iOS. Whether it is an iPad or iPhone, our expert mobile app builders will craft a masterpiece to serve your enterprise necessities and undoubtedly have a positive effect on the revenues. With an emphasis on security and technology, we deliver the most effective exceptional mobile solutions.
  • Android - As a mobile phone application development agency we keep abreast of Google’s rapid growing mobile platform. Our engineering group takes pleasure in developing Android apps that improve business processes and have a great impact on your enterprise’s strategic increase. We attempt to expand Android apps that let you reach the widest variety of your potential customers.
  • Windows Phone - This operating system is often neglected; however, it has seen a slew of updates, that have increasingly ameliorated functionality, making the platform highly promising for development. This means that you can have a substantial number of users on Windows Phone and a significant advantage if you jump right in, creating a native mobile application for Windows-based phones.
  • Web - our development group unites the most skilled web developers to deliver a full range of exclusive software engineering offerings to our respectful clients from all over the international.

The technological expertise in web and mobile phone software development:

  • PHP (Codeigniter, Yii, Zend, CakePHP, Kohana);
  • JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, Angular.js;
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL;

We explore your business area in and out, reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise and problems to be solved. Then we find the best solution and elaborate the most appropriate strategy for further development. Our strategy services include:

  • Analytics and research
  • Enterprise strategy
  • Informational architecture
  • User experience optimisation
  • Training

We create graphic designs in Photoshop or Illustrator in reliance on the pixel ratio of each device. By reference to the latest trends, we ensure that designs follow the most brilliant practices set by material and flat design. We provide:

  • Creative direction
  • UI / UX
  • Website design for mobile phones
  • Responsive/Adaptive layout
  • Virtual branding

We perform native iOS development on Objective-C and Swift as well as Android on Java using and custom built RESTful API. Our developers also work with cross-platform technologies such as PhoneGap, Cordova, etc.and are engaged in:

  • Technical direction
  • Back-end and Front-end web development
  • E-commerce
  • Content management systems
  • Performance optimisation
  • Quality assurance
  • Support and maintenance

We produce and maintain the products from the initial idea to the release and further. Our professional marketers help you to gain the market and reach the target audience by:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Competitor studies
  • Analytics
  • Content advertising and marketing
  • SEO
  • E-mail advertising and marketing

Our IT agency is the web and mobile app engineering organisation. Our industry understanding and exceptional level of technical expertise permit us to supply complex data technology solutions and custom-built programs to many enterprises international making them more advanced and prosperous.

Our crew of expert builders and designers applies an innovative approach to each task, prioritising your needs and wants and retaining interest to all tiny details which might be vital in the business improvement.

From Request to Delivery

As soon as our sales consultants obtain a proposal request, our first precedence is to ensure a whole understanding of the client’s desires, and eventually to supply a plan for establishing cooperation, guaranteeing mutual benefits, and defining strategies, workflow, roles, mutual obligations, coding standards, programming specs, and the way the software is developed. So you fall into reliable hands of our specialists from the start.

Forming a proposal

For a few projects, proposal creation takes a couple of hours; for others, it can take weeks. Why such a great difference in terms?

The principle reason is that each client has individual task necessities that are in unique stages of completeness and complexity. In other words, some projects are further along the development cycle than others. Right here are the most common scenarios:

  • When a client indicates a need for a remote team of IT specialists, our first step is to provide the patron with the individual CVs for the candidates we think are the most appropriate for the project. The next step is to hold an interview between the client and our handpicked candidates. As soon as it has been decided that the candidate group meets all of the necessities, the crew immediately becomes a natural extension of the client’s local workforce and adopts their enterprise practices and industry-specific practices. In this scenario, the request/proposal cycle does not take tonnes time in any respect.
  • If a client would like our company to develop a selected software program bundle, we first need time to learn the app’s specifications inside and out. To this end, the sales representative reviews all related files after which contacts the business analyst; together, they assess the mission from a business point of view. When that is done, they connect with the platform team leader, whose job is to calculate all possible technical boundaries and create a plan to overcome them.For the duration of this “discovery” process, the sales representative remains in constant contact with the client, clarifying all doubtful points and dealing with requests on the go. On this state of affairs, creating a formal proposal with a documented inquiry calls for extra effort and time from each side. We may also need to build a working prototype of the proposed mobile phone app on the estimation stage.
  • We equally partner with those who may have only a vague idea for the desired product but lack a concrete plan of action. In this situation, the sales manager involves the business analyst and the user interface, designer. These specialists have massive know-how in developing tangible interfaces, mobile apps for phones and tablets, and app logics based on customer needs. The result of their involvement is the introduction of a specification paper to guide the full production process, providing a complete expertise of what is need to be created for the potential product regarding wireframe, assets, and many others. Before crowning glory of this step, the technical team lead takes a look at the client’s necessities and ensures that the sales manager has the entirety he/she desires to draft a proposal. This is the maximum time-extensive partnership situation, given that a large quantity of explanation and formalisation should take place to ensure you get a proposal that is not only tailor-made to the actual desires but also can even supply a full-size return on investment.

When the scope and economic terms of our collaboration are agreed upon, a statement of work is issued for signature. The SOW is a formal agreement between the parties; it describes deliverables and is supposed to protect interests and relations.

Developing software for mobile phones

We assemble a crew which includes a project manager (pm), a sales manager and a suitable number of developers, designers and quality assurance engineers. Team assembly is typically completed in 1-2 business weeks; but, the PM is in contact with the client at once because the deposit is obtained. To make sure the highest level of experience, PMs are assigned to projects in keeping with their background and interests — for instance, if the mission is healthcare-associated, we will offer a manager with medical knowledge.

As soon as the assignment is underway, all team/customer interaction is handled via the PM and the sales manager. The latter tracks all of the mobile app versions designed all through the assignment and responds to purchaser comments. Day by day communication is endorsed by the team and the client, for the reason that open lines of communication equate to the smooth process. Mission improvement commences right away after the “project start meeting”, in which all collaborating team members meet with the client to talk about the project outline.

For the duration of the development process, our group offers demos and revises them according to the client’s remarks. Every programmer’s work is diligently monitored by team leads to ensure top quality and full compliance with the specifications.

At a predetermined date, the mobile phone app enters the beta testing phase. The QA engineers undertake a complete quality check to verify there are no problems. To perform this, the app is placed through the technical equivalent of Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell. Additionally, a unique set of tools, alongside every last ounce of the QA experts’ experience, ensures that the mobile app is bug-free.

When the application is subsequently deemed ready for publication, we make all necessary arrangements for its release.

Final product delivery

After the last files are delivered and you, as a client, provide a stamp of approval, our work is not over. Instead, we additionally assist with the app launch. For example, if it’s an iPhone mobile utility or a web portal, our organisation obtains AppStore approval or guarantees installation at the live website hosting. Taking things this way, we also offer post-launch support and protection and is usually equipped to work at the app’s subsequent versions and updates as a need arise.

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