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Smartphone Application Development: Creating Innovative Software

Custom Application Development to Fit your Needs

Our software builders create custom smartphone software tailored to specific needs and goals. A dedicated project manager listens to your thoughts and structures the priorities for your mobile solution to answer your ideas and achieve the company goals. Magora always chooses the development method that best fits the provided task.

If you have a detailed list of features and all the specs you need and know exactly what a smartphone program should look like, we'll use the waterfall method to answer the timeline and budget of the project.

If your project ideas are ambiguous and you are unsure about the feature set that should be implemented first in your application, the Magora team will take an Agile approach to ensure a flexible and iterative development. So, with each new flight we could add features and some changes to the application based on the flexible market conditions.

Whatever be the best for smartphone program, the team ensures transparency and clarity in the development process, allowing customers to understand all the changes and solicit their opinions at all stages of development.

Phases of Smartphone Application Development

Creating mobile programs requires data analysis and structuring, designing, coding, testing, and debugging skills. All these together allow developers to program high-quality software products for any purpose. Magora team with eight years of experience in developing smartphone applications, have established a development process consistent with proven cooperation methods and teamwork.

Instead of building smartphone program by guessing, we tend to do a thorough analysis to ensure proper development and performance the way we want. The project managers and business analysts help the clients identify their ideas, develop concepts and identify key functions and features that may be useful for a specific project. The teams conduct market research, research competitors, and target audiences so that your apps stand out from the rest of the mobile market and help you differentiate your smartphone software.

The design of the human-machine interface plays a vital role in how users interact with smartphone applications and can be a significant reason for the failure of an application. Because UI / UX design is one of the keys to the success of an application project, our designers pay particular attention to their creations. The user interface and user experience make your smartphone application visually appealing. The design team creates several layouts based on your consideration to choose the view which best reflects the identity of your company. Building a UI interface, designers need to keep in mind the intuitive navigation so that it has a user-friendly design which offers no difficulty for users to use mobile applications. We've also implemented your brand of program icons for fonts and color schemes to ensure that your mobile software reflects your company's activities and promotes your brand.

As we identify all the features and design layouts, programmers begin to create a stable code of the program to reflect a scalable architecture, which ensures the stable functioning and powerful features. According to the business growth, the demands to the software will grow, and it will work. First, our application programmer provides an MVP, which is a smartphone operational program with the key features. When you have a work processed, you can better understand if it meets the requirements of your company. Based on your comments and feedback from the test users, developers can add new features or improve the interface or even change the direction of mobile strategy.

Before we start writing code for the smartphone program, our team reviews its architecture and anticipates the possible pitfalls and challenges that may result from implementing the functionality. This analysis allows us to avoid serious problems and ensure a stable structure. We continuously test apps for usability, performance, intuition, resistance to stress and other aspects that are responsible for high-quality processes. The quality assurance experts tell us if developers and designers face some performance and code issues that will allow them to debug smartphone programs. They also test whether the design of the application seems to be good on all devices being developed so that designers can eliminate any design incompatibility issues.

Our company has a high customer retention rate because our team offers a first class service and is happy to help with the support, if you need a system upgrade or other functional integration or anything else relevant to maintaining the smartphone application.

We are also happy to share experience in developing smartphone apps. If you need technical support or advice from professional developers, the team is always ready to assist you with a cup of tea and a friendly chat.

What Mobile Software Do You Need?

As far as smartphone app development is concerned, we can provide a variety of native application programs for all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as cross-platform and web-based software development. Let's determine the difference between these options.

Native application

As a professional developer and IT specialist, we encourage you to create a native application for a concrete platform ( usually, iOS or Android, as the most popular ones). Native apps are programmes, that designed to work with the specific devices - Apple gadgets for iOS and Android-based for the majority of other smartphones. Native mobile apps can correctly work on the appropriate platform, at the same time the cross-platform programs cannot utilize the resources and work without bugs on all the variety of tablets and smartphones. Additionally, the mobile application remains on the user's home screen, and users can access the app daily, and there is another attraction that can be used for native apps such as the push notification feature. Mobile programs use tools and programming languages ​​designed for the development of software for a specific platform; that's why native apps offer a superior user experience in hybrid or web-based apps for performance, functionality, and appearance.

Smartphone Programming

Native iOS apps can be developed in Xcode using Swift or Objective-C programming languages. Our iOS developers have all the skills and knowledge they need to work together to ensure that our team benefits from the iOS platform, so your smartphone app creates a native look.

To build native Android apps, our team leverages the Java programming language and several JS and Android libraries that work with Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE. Our Android developers will pay particular attention to the design of the UI to cover all types of Android devices.

To build a Windows platform app, our team uses the latest version of Visual Studio, which can be rendered in C ++, C #, and JavaScript. Our team has enough experience in programming languages ​​to create high-quality Windows Mobile apps.

Multiplatform application

Cross-platform apps, which developed with platforms such as Xamarin or PhoneGap. This option is an intermediary between the Web and native application development, which means using Web technologies and native APIs, and sometimes using natively encoded elements. The benefit of cross-platform programming is that it reduces creation time by writing a single code for all platforms, leveraging local capabilities and device hardware. The disadvantage of cross-platform software solutions is the inevitable errors, which appeared due to operating system differences on some of the devices. Our team has multiple cross-platform projects and can host successful project examples, but all the time we recommend to create native apps as the best solution for the user's satisfaction.

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Our IT specialists will ensure your mobile software meets all of your business needs and requirements to help you achieve your business objectives. So do not hesitate to introduce us to your innovative ideas.

Our development team uses the latest technology and innovative technologies as well as multiple libraries and uses proven examples of code, reducing development time and project costs. If you are looking for a developer at a reasonable price without compromising on quality, we are happy to provide our services.

Our developers rely on agile methods, but you can also use waterfall methods based on project specifications and requirements. Our team enables you to participate in every step of the development process and work on budget and time to ensure fast delivery.

The company brought together experienced and capable smartphone application developers who leveraged mobile and web technologies for iOS, and our programmers and designers have developed hundreds of mobile applications for their business activities. All aspects are given to our customers.

During project development, our creative team led by the project manager seeks to achieve the highest level of popularity in plain English, describing the complex aspects of development and notifying the progress of the project. Our development team works with you to create engagement models and customized software solutions that meet your business needs.

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