Bespoke Smartphone Applications For Increasing Business Revenues

Developing A Smartphone Application: What To Expect?

Bringing Ideas To Life

Be it a mobile solution creation or desktop development, at Magora we produce bespoke digital products for many years. Our developers are specialists in their narrow fields and when they collaborate, the outcome is much higher than any of expectations.

Software creation starts with a simple thought, just an idea, which in the long run brings millions of revenue to the patient customer.

Who, What And How: The Development

Before starting a project of your own, it is better to first research about the process itself. There are many challenges one should face to attain a perfectly built solution. Smartphone app creation is a hard and long process that requires a big team of experts at their craft.

On our part it will be developing, designing, programming, planning, analysing, launching, etc.

On your part it will be the decision-making, outlining the purpose and stating the targets.

First development projects must have been challenging in terms of their groundbreaking nature, but now, being exceptional and unique appears to be more and more difficult. Just imagine how many products are now available in AppStore or Google Play Market.

The variety, which exists on these platforms is fascinating. From silly pet simulators to serious work optimising software, used by major companies. And here is what we need now - to be unique.

A real challenge is to make an application stand out and astound by its functional superiority and addictiveness. Don’t forget about the user-friendly design that must be intuitive, engaging and be suitable for every device people carry around or work with.

The design should fit your smartphones, tablets and desktop as though it was made specifically for each of these devices. And remember - uniqueness is a key. Such features can add to success on IT market and put you in line with the top efficient digital projects. Complicated as it is - we know how to do it.

  • User-friendly UI/UX;
  • Push notifications;
  • Social tools such as messengers and video calls;
  • Gaming and entertainment features;
  • E-commerce tools;
  • Implementation of the latest technologies: QR codes, GPRS, Geotagging, VR and NFC;
  • Integration with various payment systems;
  • Integration with social media channels, etc.

iOS gives an easier approach to designing a UI. It is more intuitive to work with. Another advantage is that it runs on two Apple devices(smartphone and tablet) and doesn’t need to go through so much adjusting and testing.

iOS is an intuitive environment that enables developers to insert elements and make up for a better experience. Instrumental usability is one of the main reasons why almost all applications are being first released on iOS and only then establish themselves on Android and other platforms.

This platform appears in a variety of digital devices such as Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG and Samsung. Therefore software developed on Android operating device will have a broader consumer audience.

Unfortunately, creating such an app with wide functionality and slick design will require much more testing, meaning a longer development process. Although, if you are determined to build an application on this platform - we know exactly how to do it!

Developing On Different Platforms

It is not always clear what platform is it better to build your smartphone or web solution on. As professionals in IT industry, we would recommend starting with iOS, a platform that is more stable and supports only two devices iPhone and iPad, instead of dozens of Android ones.

Creating an iOS application it is easier to test and polish an end-product. Bearing in mind that if necessary it can be transferred and optimised to fit Android.

They Say App Development Is Easy

Every stage of creation takes on a row of tasks and questions to resolve. It can be outlining the initial framework, designing the screens by building interactive mockups, optimising and upgrading the functionality of smartphone interface.

It may take a long time to build a digital product, but you can be assured - your investments will pay off and bring revenue to the business itself.

Putting It All Together

A smartphone application is a combination of many parts that are mindfully put together by certified professionals. These details are created separately but with joint efforts. It takes skills and knowledge of various frameworks, design tools and programming languages. Not only they have to be masters at their craft but also be creative and build a product consumers will be curious to try themselves.

What We Offer
  • Bespoke web and smartphone application development ( iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile);
  • UX and UI design;
  • Native and cross-platform solutions;
  • Custom CMS;
  • Integration of hardware data with software;
  • E-commerce;
  • QA testing;
  • Market analysis;
  • Latest frameworks and libraries;
  • Post-launch support: updates and optimisation, etc.
Adopting A Win-Win Approach

Before diving into complex and multi-level work of design and development, it is wrong to forget about one of the most important details, namely - a thought through plan. It is essentially a foundation for everything that goes ahead. Seems sensible to embark on a journey with a full-fledged plan.

Although it might appear simple at first glance, it’s easy to be fooled. As planning takes quite a time, arranging and coordinating a whole team of specialists. Magora on the other hand, makes questions resolving process much faster and less unpredictable, via sharing their plan with the client and taking it to the final stage together.

Collaboration Is Crucial

Knowing our customer and their business is undoubtedly a must to achieve productive relationships, as creating something on demand of another person or enterprise, one has to try how it is to be in someone else's shoes.

The idea is that developers and members of the whole team have to understand the original idea behind the project and the purpose of the future mobile or web software. We need to answer all questions concerning client’s business, and that is why Magora seeks connection and maintains close communication.

Winning Your Trust

delivers excellent solutions with lesser costs by providing the most efficient results. In order to understand every regulatory issue and have information about each of the stages, we gather it and document the process on paper. This way you see a full work plan (including the research plan, project plan, testing plan, functional specifications, etc.) and what the costs are made of.
Maintaining Reputation

When there is so much choice and variety of digital solutions you don’t know what do you like and need. Well, a go to method is to see what others have to say about it.

Getting credible reviews from trustworthy sources or gain popularity in media helps a great deal. Constructive feedback not only allows us to work on our mistakes but also to gain respect and trust of consumers, which are interested in our product.

Our Clients

Hard Work

Even going with the trend of minimalistic and simplistic designs and features, there is no easy way to create them. Behind such designs is always a ton of work, meaning weeks and weeks of quality job and hard efforts.

You may not realise but designing an intuitive interface has much more to do with success than people think. As a result of neglecting a carefully and creatively thought through design developers fail to promote their applications on the market and receive negative reviews.

But don’t worry if you have already developed a digital solution with poor design - we can upgrade and redesign any smartphone of tablet app, be it iOS or Android. Magora always makes sure the outcome is engaging and efficient.

To be sure your application works properly you have to conduct multiple tests and eliminate all possible mistakes. Tools that help are called emulators - they enable testing on various smartphones without accessing it physically.

Many development agencies widely use the following:

  • Google Android Emulator - can be installed as a simple desktop application, avoiding bulky download of Android SDK. (Android)
  • Android SDK Emulator - reflects all features of Android software and hardware. (Android)
  • MobiOne - an environment for fixing, testing, implementing and installing mobile web apps. ( iOS, Android, etc.)
  • iPhoney - a simulator powered by Safari created to test, how website design and functionality fits iPhone format.
  • TestiPhone - web browser simulator for iPhone web applications. The tool works with Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

After the launch, our development company provides full-fledged support for the created product. Among the most essential services are market investigation and thorough analysis of the competitors, optimisation of smartphone or tablet software, upgrades, bug fixing, detecting malfunctions and eliminate mistakes, marketing advice, feedback and review research.

We deliver top marketing advice to elevate customer’s business and attract the attention of the major media. Receiving public recognition brings enormous value to companies. To do so, we create a digital solution and implement your business’s image in it, building a foundation for further branding and company advertisement.

Having a catchy brand helps in the long run, as people start to remember and recognise you as something close and familiar on a day-to-day basis.

The job is only half done when the development is finished - then it is time for marketing advice and long-term support. Using analytical tools, we improve product’s functionality, fix bugs, glitches and another malfunctioning, appearing as a result of upgrades to the operating system.

Magora regularly investigates the market, finding similar solutions of your competitors and makes it possible to overrun them with new features. Trends frequently change with the state of IT market, so be ready to stay flexible to any innovations.

Operating systems require upgrades at least once a year bearing some significant changes and innovations. The alterations in the platform can be as substantial as in the new iOS 11. The adoption of the new language - Swift 4 rendered developers puzzled about the future of their created apps.

Although the applications previously developed a different language will function, the future is in a new language, and the best way to stay in the loop is to rebuild software using the latest language.

How Updates Influence App’s Functionality

Applications should always correspond with the latest updates of the operating systems. Neglecting it manifests in bugs and malfunction, which can be detected via testing your app on each device, as it may alter depending on your smartphone type. That is why it is important to have a team of professionals ready to optimise your company’s software and ensure long-term functionality.

Build A Foundation For Your App Right Now

Magora stays strong in the pursuit of goals, guaranteeing astounding digital solutions that are in power to boost your business grow and stand out on the international market. Get in touch and bring your project to another level!

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