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Why Do You Need An App

What is the purpose of an application and what are the perks of having it? There are many reasons why even such big companies like H&M, Ikea, McDonald's, etc., all have developed a virtual presence. With the increase of e-commerce and internet usage, there were some significant changes in the traditional local market in Australia and all around the world.

Establishing an online presence caters to a much larger audience and expands your business, unraveling an entirely different environment. Open up to a new and exciting field of enterprising.

Custom Apps From Australian Developers

Nowadays a number of software developers and applications have blown up in numbers and touched on most topics and issues around the world. From cooking to dating, people do everything online.

Why wouldn’t they? There are thousands of applications that help out them to cope with everyday tasks and optimise the routine, be it automating the report sending or ordering from their favourite food chain without popping down to the shops.

An enterprise development usually means finding ways to optimise the workflow of the company, creating helpful tools for better communication, report exchange, work management, collaboration, analysis of the market, etc. Among projects of our Australia based team are:

  • Organic Response - enables client to control energy consumption levels;
  • Cabinets -automates record keeping process;
  • Loaded HDD - allows video file managing;
  • Construction ERP - simplifies complex operations, such as inventory control, ordering, delivery;
  • Amazon Glacier Client - provides convenient data archiving and storage management.

It is always exciting to build something from just an idea and help to establish a completely new business. Although Magora team is based in Australia, we have worked on multiple projects all over the globe, which brought success to their owners and paid for themselves in the long run. Some of them are:

  • PrognoStore - a digital register allowing to performs transaction anywhere anytime;
  • ShowApp - a social platform to share events with friends, developed from an MVP to a self-sufficient software.

Logistics is a very popular industry in terms of software development, many businesses what to optimise their tracking and delivery systems beneficial for them and their clients. With such applications, you can see where your pizza is heading to or estimate the amount of used fuel according to the passed distance. In our experience we had quite a few of them:

  • Parking Guide - allows to find a perfect parking space using Bluetooth technology;
  • Tebengan - a car sharing platform;
  • Railway Software - enables immediately detect faults and monitor reliability;
  • VPS - predicts fuel consumption through mathematical data analysis.

Finding a place to leave or stay in can be a big problem, without mentioning the amount of work that goes into maintaining it. For these purposes, we made many apps to simplify these tiring procedures, from apartment hunting to heat management systems. Some of these applications are:

  • STU’s view - an app for finding a suitable lodger through customised search;
  • Sizing App - determines the amount of heating and conditioning for any premises;
  • Maintenance software - a web software enables to directly control over any property.

Most of us are using social apps to communicate, share experiences and events online. There are many of such applications, such as, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. These type of product will never go out of style, but they are always new ones on the market.

You can also check applications, made by our professionals:

  • Chatty Kidz - children-friendly video communication;
  • 2Sence - a social network with high privacy levels;
  • Accelerate - a professional platform for tech specialists to share their knowledge and participate in hackathons;
  • Borbi - an efficient interactive planning software where you can share events with friends.

It is not a secret - to win on the market, you have to establish a good business foundation with certified developers, meaning that you will offer your product or services to a large user audience through an app. E-commerce is one of the most used fields of software creation. Our Australia based team has created many applications, such as:

  • BOS magazine - online magazine with a monthly subscription;
  • Awnings - enables clients to customise and purchase awnings through the internet.

Feel Free to Ask Australia Based Team

No matter what the case is, we are willing to take on a challenge and might turn your life over in a good way. Magora software developer from Australia pays close attention to every client, and our developers are always happy to answer any of your questions about development, that may arise no matter how good you are acquainted with this sphere of work.

Custom services for everyone

Thinking about developing an online business solution ? What to test or upgrade your software? You have come to the right place, as our developers from Australia are ready to offer you a broad range of services, such as:

  • Software for iOS, Android, Windows, etc.(including cross-platform products);
  • Customised development;
  • Mobile app + software products;
  • Outstanding UI/UX design;
  • Modern programming languages;
  • Up-to-dateframeworks and libraries;
  • QA and usability testing;
  • Post-launch services (marketing strategy, upgrades, optimisation).

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the world, and we all know their devices that practically flooded the market. It brought innovations and advanced design to their smartphones and tablets used all around the world. You may not like Apple, but you have to admit, they are doing a good job.


iOS has a lot to offer to anyone who is interested in app creation, especially startups. We prefer to develop on this platform as it proved to be a good environment in terms of safety and usability.

First of all, iOS has a better data security, which is crucial for individual users and corporate clients. By the way, it only has iPhone and iPad, meaning testings are carried out faster and easier. And don’t forget - iOS users tend to spend more than anyone on in-app purchases. If you are ready to try and develop one of your apps, Magora software developer from Australia knows everything about iOS technology, including:

  • Languages: Swift, Objective-C, Objective C+;
  • Libraries: AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon, Mantle, MagicalRecord;
  • Frameworks: Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight.

Android is probably the only iOS competitor , dividing people into two categories of those who use one or the other. We are proficient in developing and designing on both platforms.

Although, Android seems to require more work, as the numerous devices it runs on is huge. Bearing in mind, that when the goal is to adapt your mobile or web application to every size of existing screens with Android, it takes much longer to accomplish and secure the stability of the app.

The importance of updates

New versions of operating systems follow one after another, and it is important to have a developer who can update your PO accordingly. Ignoring updates renders your application outdated and irrelevant, but if you do prepare to face consequences. Speaking of renewal, it must be done mindfully.

As a result of updates, the system can often malfunction, have multiple bugs and simply prevent users from getting what they want from the app. The solution is to have somebody to fix these problems. Magora software developer always continues supporting our projects, even after the launch. So, our Australia based developers are always ready to optimise the product and gain business efficiency.

iOS 11

Apple introduced the latest version of iOS - 11 and with it some new features and a different language that made developers study Swift 4. Some of these features are:

  • Core ML - enables powerful machine learning;
  • File Management - better organisation and storing;
  • SiriKit - a more natural interaction via recognition and artificial intelligence;
  • Drag&Drop - now it is possible to move text, photos and files from one app to another.
  • MusicKit - integration of Apple Music into apps;
  • Design Optimisation - different layouts and customised dock;
  • ARKit - a toolkit that improves on augmented reality.
Android Oreo
Android Oreo

Oreo is an upgrade of Android, and it also brought some interesting features for any developer and user out there:

  • Pinned shortcuts to start tasks quicker;
  • Picture-in-picture enables multiple screens to be open at once;
  • Changes in visual display of Notification Dots;
  • Autosizing TextView, downloadable fonts, adaptive icons;
  • Background execution limits enable fewer resource consumption.

Our Clients

Usability Testing

For those, who don't want to have any problems, after the app is already on the market, our talented developers have usability testing. It refers to simply evaluating the performance experienced users, admins and so on. To conduct such tests, we gather a group of people and assign a particular role that corresponds with their socio-demographic characteristics.

In the cabinet we put two professionals - a moderator and an expert, who observes user behaviour and forms a structured report, that points out any difficulties and problems the user have experiences during the test of web or mobile application. According to these reports developers resume their work.

Design is always important if you really want to sell an application on the international market. With our designs, there is never a time to doubt.

Australia based development company Magora creates outstanding interfaces, icons and amazing user experiences. We make it responsive and attractive, that is why our company have received praising reviews and was honoured to be in ratings of best designers and developers.

It is important not only to keep up with up-to-date OS versions but also conduct market research and understand the trends everybody is currently pursuing.

Magora software developer from Australia establishes a solid connection from the beginning of fruitful collaboration and supplies customer with all information regarding the market, analysing your competitors, developing winning approaches and simply sharing professional advice.

As it is a big part of the whole process, we encourage the client to communicate more on their desires, expectations and creative ideas. Developers need to know, what the customer wants from us and whether they are content with the result. In fact, knowing each other contributes to a better outcome, as we can avoid mistakes and misunderstanding.

Choose A Right Software Developer

Magora is a long-established renowned company based in Australia that develops and designs custom web and mobile software for every platform. Be sure to achieve your goals with experts from our agency - there was never a case we were not able to take on!

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