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Born Into Development

Looking to make sophisticated and sustainable software? We can help. Magora knows not only the technical side of things, which is extremely important, but also understand how to apply it properly. It takes many professionals to establish an effective strategy and accurately follow it, so our company have gathered the best specialists in mobile and web app development that can be found in Australia. Our developers, designers, QA testers, programmers and project managers are full of endless creativity, hard work and dedication.

IT Expertise

Entrepreneurs often think in numbers, so cost and ROI determine the choice of the development strategy. Knowing it, most of the Australian companies offer more than they can handle for made up prices. What everybody needs is a team of specialists who understand how to efficiently accomplish the stated tasks. Magora follows transparent development which means that communication between client and developers comes first.

Are they capable of answering all software-related questions?

Do they have any interest in investigating and reaching a deep understanding of your business?

Are they able to add value to the enterprise?

Apps are dedicated to optimisation and productivity boost. Run business smoothly than ever with a unique mobile or web software from Australia based developers. We have experience in multiple industries, developing all kinds of products, from top-notch railway IT projects to virtual golf courses. It helps in identifying the most intricate needs and easily meet them.

  • Close developer-client connection and constant feedback;
  • User-friendly interface and sleek layouts;
  • Self-organised cross-team collaboration to share creative ideas and expert knowledge;
  • Comprehensive code undergoes repetitive reviewing of every build;
  • High-quality software without bugs and malfunctioning;
  • Rewrite or fix any code, produced by other developers, etc.

We have initiated development on iOS and Android platforms since the release of the very first iPhone and brand-new smartphones running on Android. Through collaboration with popular brands, big corporations and recently established startups Magora have learned a lot. Productively operating with local businesses and across the countries, there was never a challenge that our team weren't able to take on. Use a chance to leverage our broad knowledge and bring business to success.

Speaking about technologies, we are proficient in using the highly popular and secure databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RAC and MySQL. The latest being favoured the most by our developers. It is affordable and efficient, that is why the company always recommends it to clients. MySQL is one of the best databases for standard web operations, which is the essential part of all deployments.

Extensive experience

Magora track record is exceptionally multi-sided, we stay within established budgets and stated timeframes, tackling complex custom IT solutions of all scopes. No challenge is too hard for us. It is easy to stay welcome to creative ideas as they push us to find elaborate ways of making them a reality.

Having a broad experience enables us to solve any problem and fit it into financial capability. Take a look at our case studies, which brought substantial ROI and long-term value. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our developers.

Unique Development Approach

There are so many ready to use one-size-fits-all products on the market, but will it fit a particular business? These out-of-the-box programs offer basic functionality and nothing more. If you want to bring your company to the top, there is nothing more compelling than creating a custom solution, that will serve right for years, undergoing additional updates and fixes from time to time.

Launch a product, that adequately reflects the message behind established services, implement company’s logos and colours, creating a perfect image enabling you to win over customer’s attention even on the global level.

Tailored software

Drop all attempts to adapt to a ready to use a product and develop your own. We adapt the program to you. There is no efficiency in doing it the other way around. The custom application doesn’t have any unnecessary features, only the ones that come in handy to you. Don’t fall for out of the box product - it will waste time and money, gaining no efficiency in the meanwhile.

Cost- Efficient

Magora software developers know, choosing a custom-made product pays off in the long run, optimising the processes and reaching the desired aims. Real business people always invest in durable projects, other than short-term ones.

Custom software functionality can grow and change with your enterprise, while a ready product will not adapt in any case - it is not flexible. Meaning, when the market grows and expand, you will get trapped in outdated, rigid functionality and only move on a downward path.

Get what you pay for

Some think, “custom” literally means “expensive”. But here is the truth - result corresponds to the input. Want to start off as soon as possible, without thorough market research, no effort and basic functionality. And what do you think to get right away?

On the other hand, investing into a team of experienced developers, conducting thorough research of the market and competitors, work out an effective marketing strategy and have professional advice available day and night, it will cost up front in terms of time and money.

Although such an input goes further with outstanding results, that manifest themselves in the form of high productivity and incredible efficiency levels. Inquire after professional consultation, developers can take a hard look at the business state and established aims, finding a way to fulfil every requirement.

A company of expert software developers: Magora

Our company understands how important it is to cater to a variety of industries and audiences. Having worked on dozens of development projects, we have attained high standards and top ratings on the international level.

To understand customer’s business from all perspectives, company uses the method of discovery, asking about software goals and background. To tick all the boxes, Magora is not afraid to investigate and go deep into company’s policy.

Brilliant portfolio

With over 180 applications all set and done and many regular clients, there is no doubt that we have mastered the art of app creation. Still unsure of adding a project to our portfolio? We are happy to guide clients through software development steps, for them to know what to expect.

Company’s talented developers have built apps for international corporations like Danone, big business such as Sberbank, Inmarko and Cisco. Magora have received public recognition and have been put into top developers rankings. By the way, do you know CNN and Wall Street Journal? Of course, everybody does. Well, they kindly shared a couple of words and reviews about our development case.

Boost your business

Using cutting-edge technologies, we increase productivity and engage users, bringing companies to an entirely new level. Only true-born developers who have worked in this industry for years can understand the mobile environment and know how to use modern tools, APIs, programming languages and frameworks to the fullest extent.

User-friendly design

One of the core focuses of modern-day mobile and web development is the exceptional user interface and user experience. Just look at the screens of your smartphones and tablets - not much space to use is it? And surely it must look amazing. Whether you can or cannot make the layout look sleek, defines if potential customers will notice it, download and use on a daily basis. Magora developers see interface from the user’s perspective, spotting even insignificant faults.

The major difference of mobile development is that you can navigate only using a touchscreen, no mouses and keyboards for you. So, the challenge is to use this limited display space mindfully and create a perfect interactive design. See, how hard it is to take into account all nuances?

Our Clients

Full Range of Digital Services

There is nothing we can’t do. Magora have been developing software since the early days of smartphone revolution and have empowered clients from all around the world with a technologically advanced application.

  • Finance;
  • Property maintenance and Real Estate;
  • Entertainment;
  • Enterprise software;
  • Startup apps;
  • Health and Fitness;
  • Transport and Logistics, etc.

From the very first stage to the very last Magora helps to bring your IT product to the market via custom services such as marketing advice and business strategy, finding the most efficient ways to reach the target audience and ensure a strong online presence.

We have experience integrating enterprise applications into the company’s structure, optimising the workflow. Or combining hardware with software, how our developers did in a successful case - Railway Software.

Apart from creating amazing IT solutions for all businesses via professional approach to functionality and interface, but we also help in developing marketing strategies, upgrade and optimise created products and tune search optimisation tools, outlining major trends.

No matter how good the app is, it has to be discovered by many users, and the only way to do it is to broaden consumer audience via marketing strategies. We offer business consulting and planning to promote your product on the market. Magora makes it, so the product is noticed by modern media and gains many reviews from reliable sources.

Nowadays the major platforms of app development are iOS and Android, going hand in hand, they have advantages and disadvantages. iOS is more secure, brings more revenues and easier to build for, as it has only two devices - iPhone and iPad.

Android reaches a broader audience, running on many devices, which also makes it difficult to adjust the software to each of them. Magora is proficient in constructing solutions for smartphones and tablets. Have a look at the cases we have already accomplished with flying colours.

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Magora team is passionate towards development, having experienced many cases of custom software creation. Our dedicated and talented specialists can face up to any challenge you have got up your sleeve! If there are any questions or an idea ready for discussion, don’t hesitate - get in touch!

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