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Ultra-modern business demanding situations require competitive advantages and as a result the expert software development process. We provide the implementation of the most advanced Research & Development accomplishments and expertise throughout multiple disciplines for the best bespoke solutions.

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Approach to Analysis and Development of Enterprise Software

In general, in our software development company, we adhere to the strategy that the particular utility will serve the clients or a restricted set of customers in unique surroundings. Also, this includes the fact that these users possess vast experience in this particular area having excessive necessities for usability and functionality of utility.

When developing a successful product we thoroughly investigate the following:

  • Surroundings where this product will be used;
  • Software area for which the program is evolved;
  • Users who will enjoy this software;

For a comprehensive evaluation of those problems, we construct a version of the environment in which the software may be used and a model of users who could be operating with it. We don't forget those guidelines while engaging in commercial enterprise evaluation, designing user interface layout, in addition to when developing user story and use instances. Subsequent, the specialists create the structure based on all assignment specifications and plan the processes of testing. In general, we pay particular attention to the degrees of analysis and application layout.

Developing software products for the mass marketplace is obviously different from creating enterprise applications.

Although enterprise apps may be used by a wide variety of people, mass market products are designated to use through a far larger audience in a significant range of environments. This variety is a reason to consider more elements in layout, development and testing on one-of-a-kind hardware systems, operating platforms and browsers.

You could order all kinds of digital products from our IT company in Sydney such as a desktop, mobile, cloud or embedded programs designed with the view of a huge variety of use cases.

The recognition of SaaS implementation is becoming stronger each day, and nowadays Cloud technologies and SaaS solutions can carry indisputable benefits (consisting of flexible expenses, remote access, rapid deployment, ongoing support and so on.) and terrific boom of efficiency and effectiveness of your commercial enterprise.

With shifting the software into Cloud or making it as SaaS, you could have the subsequent benefits:

  • Lowering software update time on users' computers
  • Information systems infrastructure becomes cheaper
  • Access to corporate information from many offices
  • Communications
  • Higher protection of data storing
  • Flexible maintenance and updates
  • Centralised backup abilities of the statistics

In our company we use a huge range of technologies to build Cloud and SaaS solutions:

  • Java, .Net
  • Windows, Linux
  • MySql, MS Square Server, Oracle
  • Windows Azure, Amazon S3

For the clients of the company with headquarters in Australia, we provide the entire Cloud and SaaS solutions development from device necessities and to hardware infrastructure building. We can provide all vital services:

  • Development of the SaaS technologies
  • Ongoing support and protection
  • System administration

Invite experts and enable your Cloud!

Mobile technology is currently utilised by billions of people around the globe. Each year the demand for mobile technology grows by 15-20%, and today they are extensively used not only by the end-users but also by large corporations when resolving their enterprise critical, demanding situations.

Our company gives the customers the development of progressive enterprise level mobile decisions fulfilling their commercial enterprise desires, enabling new technologies and developing their business in new directions. The mobile solutions include special HMI-constructing and UI-generation systems used in manufacturing management systems working in real time; mobile healthcare monitoring structures; meter records collection and shifting systems; and unique healthcare structures for tracking treatment procedure.

We offer a full set of services associated with mobile programs development:

  • Deep analysis and understanding of the client’s business and propositions on the way to transfer existing technologies to a mobile platform;
  • System architecture and UI layout improvement;
  • Program development and testing of iOS, Android and Windows apps;
  • Support of multiple platforms through native or cross-platform technologies.

Increasingly more gadgets have a built-in operating system and the capacity to communicate with the Internet. According to research companies, the variety of wireless devices connected to the World Web will grow up to 30 billion by 2020. This trend is sizeable different domains, which includes health, smart metering, smart home, automotive, manufacturing, production equipment, traffic management systems and so on. The variety of programs for these solutions widens every day.

Development of efficient systems is tough regarding the requirement of a relevant technologies knowledge base. Competence in hardware design, embedded improvement, and cloud solutions can no longer be separated. It requires integration of solutions for statistics collection, handling and analysis. Moreover, the operation of these solutions generates even more information.

The software built in our company for smart cities are flexible high overall performance structures, programs capable of serving a full variety of users and devices. Principal functions consist of:

  • Tool management and configuration
  • Resellers control
  • User management
  • Device allocation
  • Billing structures
  • Mobile packages providing interaction with smart metering system

Development and Implementation Methods

We put in force such solutions as computing device packages, cloud and SaaS applications, and mobile apps. Most frequent, these solutions are designed as web packages available in enterprise’s networks for internal use.

We pay particular attention to the customers’ training process, preparing videos, tutorial webinars, in addition to unique documentation for the software maintenance. Additionally, we may put together user manuals that assist in observing the system operation workflow itself.

We create such packages within the following areas:

  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Travelling and Tourism
  • Catering and delivery
  • Trade and commerce
  • Education and schooling
Business model development

Our Australia-based company delivers top-notch enterprise programs, having first defined the desired budget and functionality with the patron or based on fixed project price. We always propose the clients to pick out t&m approach, as it provides flexibility in converting the specified capability and their development priorities while controlling the finances. This technique also allows making use of such methodologies like Scrum and Agile in the best way possible.

Case research

The development services we offer include:

  • Enterprise evaluation, domain research and studies, analysing users and business needs;
  • UI/UX design with mockups, development, and quality assurance;
  • Structures integration and pre-launch testing
  • Presentations and online webinars intended to teaching customers to work with the developed software
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning and porting provider
Tools and technologies

For utility development in our company we use the full range of the most advanced technologies:

  • Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, ASP.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, DHTML, XML, JSP, Ix86 Assembler,
  • IDE: Eclipse, CoDeSys V2.3 and V3.4, NetBeans,
  • Design: UML, MS Visio, RUP,
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, PostGreSQL,
  • Mobile Systems & Technologies: Objective C (iOS, Mac OS), eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, Visual C#, MIDP, WAP, xHTML, .NET Compact Framework, J2ME,
  • Technologies: .NET Framework, ADO.NET, DirectX, COM, COM+, VoiceXML, SALT, AJAX, OLE, OLE Automation, ActiveX, Networks,
  • Libraries: Windows DDKs, OpenGL, WinSockets, MFC/ATL/WTL/STL, QT, DirectX, XNA, Telerik, DevExpress, WebRTC, ComponentOne,
  • Operating Systems: iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Mobile, Linux OS family,
  • Servers: Apache, MS Speech Server, MS Live Communication Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Project, Tomcat, MS SharePoint Server,
  • Web Platforms & Libraries: Joomla, Zend Framework, Batavi, Magento, JQUERY, ExtJS, Prototype

Our Clients

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department consists of tremendously certified experts in QA. All of the manage techniques meet the ISO 9001 preferred and include general analysis and optimisation of software. The expert builders and QA engineers ensure all the necessary movements are carried out for the delivery of the best products to the clients. We have in-house experts in our company and infrastructure equipped for testing the most complicated programs such as applications developed on Linux together with client/server and networking software.

The process lets in the clients to see all reported bugs and errors online in the bug tracking system, which permits our professionals to work carefully with builders from your side. This method maximises the effectiveness of our cooperation and minimises the total amount of time required for the comprehensive QA process. During the testing process, we utilise many distinct tools, together with the personal automated load testing device.

Quality assurance and quality control of the applications that our company develops for the clients starts with the preliminary requirements definition phase and ends with the delivery of an operating and deployable release of a product inextricably linked and integral to the quality control process.

The app development company we represent has an extensive and comprehensive QA/QC procedure. The principle assignment of the QA department consists of creating QA approaches that limit charges for future testing and maintenance.

Every challenge requires an exceptional assurance and testing approach, that is unique to the requirements of the software being developed. We thoughtfully analyse every project to put together the proper quality control process for defining all possible dangers. Based on the analysis, we prepare a detailed test plan.

All through the development process, we put in force specialised source code audit methods to ensure that the code is designed and written with the lowest possibility of defects.

The kinds of testing we perform:

  • Functional
  • User Interface
  • Unit
  • Regression
  • Stress
  • Performance
  • Configuration
  • Compatibility
  • Integration
  • Architecture and source code review

Diverse records technology may exist for decades while many companies use them frequently and they are probably essential to the business workflow. It can be a program which has gone through many variations and upgrades, coming to some extent in which it has to be completely remodelled. This will occur for many motives: the program is not stable, or runs slow; it is impossible to extend it, or it has been developed with the old-fashioned technology and languages and now should be migrated to new platforms using up to date technology.

Our company has immense experience in upgrading software, from simple updates to complete remaking in compliance with the growing business demands. Rely on professionals to make your enterprise systems the most advanced and efficient.

What is reengineering and refactoring?

  • Reengineering produces software developed from scratch with the use of new technology without modifying its external functional behaviour or existing capability.
  • Refactoring provides software that is completely redeveloped or in part at the same technology using the existing elements of source code.

Both methods entail teams consisting of exceptionally skilled business analysts, architects, builders and testers who know all aspects of refactoring and reengineering. All processes are inextricably linked to the first-rate QA process which ensures the appropriate quality of the new product.

From time to time there may be no other choice but to re-engineer or refactor an application or system. Both tactics are difficult, time-consuming, and high-priced, but at the same time those investments can lessen support charges, growth income and productiveness of employees, as well as entice new clients.

In our company, we know how to make the updates in the most efficient and money-saving way.

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