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Being one of the leading IT groups providing a wide range of services and solutions to optimise the transportation business, the Magora team is always ready to help customers meet transportation challenges and logistical changes in the industry. Our service allows for the optimisation of processes, improvement of collaboration between the parts of load and, finally, achievement of cost-saving and better supervision by means of real-time data usage.

Transport Management Software Development Services

  • Automation of everyday processes - We’ve developed bespoke transport management software that helps increase efficiency.
  • Integration of existing shipping and delivery with fleet management software - We provide a single user-friendly management access point.
  • Any hardware and software integration, custom application traffic management system (TMS), and any corresponding telematic tools.
  • TMS integration, review of the full pull or modular program (EDI, GIS, GPS, telematics)
  • Guaranteed data accuracy - Our team has developed custom information tools that provide easy access to analysis.
  • Custom software to allow an alert if unexpected costs and inefficiencies are identified within the system.

Transportation management software is integrated with procurement software and maritime transport in order to evaluate the entry and exit order of both and proposes multiple transport solutions for the user before selecting the best methods and most affordable provider. Sometimes referred to as TMS software, transportation management offers communication tools of electronic charging for a selection of potential carriers. Finally, TMS implements the tracking of shipments to provide an optimal supply to the carrier of your choice and provides the solution for the audit and payment of the cargo.

Transportation is one of the key elements of providing quality to customers. Whether you’re a professional or a consumer, you need services that meet expectations, such as fast on-time delivery, location selection, delivery space limitation and real-time operations monitoring.

By introducing effective management tools, you can choose the best resources at the lowest cost according to the recipient's limitations and provide the flexibility you need to save a significant transportation budget.

Taking into account frequent regulatory changes and environmental problems, Magora can build sensible transportation system, group volumes, optimise routes and coordinate with many partners.

  • Built-in module - From the reserve to the balance sheet, all these steps can be incorporated into our solutions. In the last modular view, your business will grow at a steady pace.
  • Custom solutions as well - With broad experience of working with companies around the world, we’re able to provide tailored solutions to suit your needs. Our products are made to strengthen all aspects of the client's business.
  • Immediate notification - Brevity, distribution, reservation and the freedom to create a critical email alert and instant SMS for the expiration of the document.
  • Fleet observation - Our fleet compliance module, providing centralised control over the details of the driver and fleet, properly manages the tactical aspect of the company and offers the best solutions to day-to-day problems.
  • Immediate monitoring - When we build a TMS solution, we can integrate advanced monitoring features so you can not only click on the order number to track it, but also be notified immediately about a delay in delivery.

TMS ROI: A Considerable Business Advantage

Today, logistics managers need to achieve higher productivity levels and provide better customer service faster and at a lower cost than the competition. Some wonder whether they can achieve their goals with the resources they use. Many organisations turn to Transport Management System Software to find the answer. Under SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technology, we can now implement low-cost, low-interruption transport management software while maintaining control of day-to-day tactical operations.

But what kind of TMS ROI can be realised with newly introduced transportation management system software through continuous cost and performance improvement? After the glow disappears, you wonder how to achieve ROI after the second year and whether the software administration will make the best use of limited resources - we have all answers you need.

Increase in TMS Services

The combination of transport management system software and control services represents the next step in transport management. Instead of making complex investments in TMS technology, software and managed services allow for the transferring of limited resources to strategic projects that generate constant value. We will combine these functions with current and future needs. When companies don’t bear the cost of expensive infrastructure, they accelerate the introduction cycle, thus achieving a clear and sustainable return on investment.

A managed service adding to the TMS model, while if the investment in bespoke transport software is far from any place to understand the loaders, the maintenance of the management, the reduction of the capital investment, the benefits of the EMT, as the business improvement in general. We can offer a TMS software platform and managed services in response to the demands of an uncertain business environment that needs professional logistics to get there faster and achieve a return on investment in the shortest terms.

Our Clients

Transport Management System Benefits

Compliance with the Omni Channel, the changing nature of the global economy and the steady growth of E-commerce represent a heavy burden for the typical supply chain. For example, E-commerce not only eliminates geographical barriers for many companies, but makes it more "global", as customers in almost every region of the world can see and buy products regardless of their physical location.

There are few claims that management transport software was one of the first supply chain management solutions to move to the cloud and stay there. Cloud-based applications are deployed in a variety of solutions and supply chain platforms, since entry barriers and previous costs are low and maintenance and updates are easy.

Companies that mix spreadsheets, phone calls and email to manage transportation components can spend a lot each year, while TMS is a cost-efficient solution for data storage.

Companies that depend on a mixture of spreadsheets and manual interactions with suppliers are more likely to operate a "reactive" transportation department. In other words, important employees are focusing on the daily grind instead of finding ways to work smarter, better, faster and more economically. However, adding TMS to the equation will drastically change this scenario.

At times when customers are increasingly demanding, using panels to identify the load, access within a specific time or provide an alternative proposal is a valuable tool for customer service. By using this information, a company can make better transportation decisions, thus improving the level of customer service. By building this digitally connected supply chain, users can navigate more effectively in a world where mobility, clouds, things, the Internet and other innovations are in the driver's seat.

We are progressive and focus on the creation of mobile-friendly solutions. Our software is built using sophisticated, intuitive and powerful frameworks to ensure that you can access information from anywhere. We provide post-launch support to keep your transport program constantly improving based on customer feedback.

Then there’s fully compatible TMS charging - Regardless of your level of experience, a professional support team can help you with your questions.

Excellent TMS can also "hook" operators, customers, suppliers and other business partners to the platform, as well as allowing users to manage their costs and understand internal metrics. For example, shippers can use such a system to quickly determine how specific carriers deliver and service the customer.

Since 2010, Magora has designed and implemented innovative software solutions that allow customers to reconsider transport practices and logistics from a new perspective. Our software leverages cutting-edge approaches such as architecture, business process management, professional compliance, delivery execution, mobility, reporting and analysis to provide unprecedented options and flexibility in the portfolio of transportation and logistics solutions. In addition, your business is driven by the belief that your products are as important as the ability to provide exceptional support. To that end, our global product footprint covers those areas where major transportation activities occur and customers conduct business.

Why Choose Us?

With operations in the all the main regions of the world, we’ve amassed substantial expertise in different business niches. We’re knowledgeable in transport-flow mathematical modelling and have implemented several hardware and software integration projects where special sensors help control railway safety or address fuel consumption optimisation. With Magora you’ll get state-of-the-art technologies integrated with advanced functionality and flexible project architecture to meet your requirements and transport optimisation needs.

Do not hesitate to share your ideas and problems with Magora IT experts. Together we will work out the best approach to realise the app for your transport management automation and let your profits soar.

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