Waterfall software development: Let’s turn your specs into an app

Waterfall Software Development for Well-Planned Projects

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art software solutions that help clients achieve business results. The developers have a lot of technological capabilities, passion for quality and industry experience so that you get a successful product in the shortest amount of time and at a fair price. We use simple language to avoid technical details and are eager to make our software development process as transparent as possible for you, whether it’s Waterfall or not. We strive to be your business partners who want you to succeed.

Custom Software Development in Australia

Magora specialises in creating professional software for local and international companies, whether they are large or small. Software that is at the heart of your business must be specially designed and purpose built to be as unique as your operating goals. This is a big difference between on demand and “straight out of the box” products. Magora developers build custom solutions based on the business objectives of clients and integrate them with the right features and the needed third-party software to manage both the employees and the company successfully and effectively.

Today there is a growing list of methods used in custom software development and Waterfall is one of the most common practices we successfully apply in our work. However, there is a number of issues to understand about Waterfall approach. Let’s consider the pros and cons.

Over time, some Waterfall software deployment methods have lost value and become obsolete. Many software companies have turned to the Agile Method for its efficiency and effectiveness in the development of quality products. However, Waterfall development could still be the right choice if you clearly understand each component of the system you need and the result you expect.

Waterfall depends on the development model. Here is a plan that has eight different steps that a hypothetical company should follow if they want to use the Waterfall method:

  • Brainstorming
  • Introduction
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Maintenance

In Waterfall development, we complete the process a step at a time with skipping steps, moving backwards, or otherwise altering the procedure. Think of a waterfall, once you start moving, it’s inadvisable to try to go backwards. When the first step ends, the developer moves on to the second step, and if there is an error in the previous step, the developer can not go back to fix it. If they do, the entire project has to be restarted and the developers have to start from scratch. Errors in the development process tend to put a lot of pressure on development staff, so the key to implementation is extreme attention to detail.

  • The client has all the information about the cost, size and duration of the project in advance. You, as a client, and the development team also have an accurate idea about the conclusions of the program and continue working gradually from the beginning.
  • The Waterfall approach focuses on maintaining a detailed log of activities in order to record information that helps improve the program in the future.
  • The correctly executed Waterfall model ensures good documentation throughout the entire process.
  • Developers are constrained by the rigorous procedural process that is inherent to Waterfall development.
  • Developers can’t go back to the previous steps to make minor changes.
  • All requirements and needs must be specified before beginning development using the Waterfall method.
  • If there is an error the project must start from the beginning and the entire existing code must be modified.
  • The project will only be tested at the end, so any defect will be found after initial coding.
  • If customers want to make changes or add other features, they have to wait until the entire process starts again with both time and money lost as a result.

Another option - Agile SDLC

SDLC is decoded in a software development cycle and refers to a framework that is implemented in each stage of the software development process. It is a structured and detailed plan that explains the steps of software production to improve the quality and process as a whole. Here at Magora, we typically prefer Agile to Waterfall development.

Round Agile development allows the developers and customers to have incredible opportunities and confidence that, ultimately, the results of a development project outperform any expectations.

What benefits you get with Agile:

  • The time to market is greatly reduced. As soon as you see that this or that function does not meet your business needs and objectives, you can ask the developer to replace the existing infrastructure and code and improve the functionality.
  • Design your project throughout the development process instead of conforming to a rigid process that may not meet the current needs of the workflow.
  • A higher quality product due to testing throughout SDLC. The general risk that your software will not work as it should in the end will be much lower if we implement testing at every stage of the development.

The Agile process is just that, agile! Agile developers are able to quickly implement changes and act on feedback from the client. To make the right choice in development methodology for your case, contact our customer experts in Australia.


We have been partnering with companies in Australia and international companies for more than 8 years to offer them excellent digital products. If you are interested in long-term business partners who can provide excellent software tools to develop your projects and ideas from scratch, then search no further. Our experience and expertise allows us to help you with expert advice in the development of software for your business. If you need specialised software development or third-party software integration, you can work with us confidently.

The experience of our custom software company covers the following industries:

  • The development of healthcare apps requires sufficient knowledge in the field. Our experience has resulted in many successful projects, from app tracking to hospital administrators and clinical management applications. We know how to modernize and automate hospital processes to improve patient care and general management.
  • High-quality applications can take your ideas to the widest possible audience. Our web developers use Big Data to help financial analysts monitor trends and effectively act on them. Automated reporting can be scheduled at any interval to make sure that staff are always working with the most current information.
  • We believe that app development offers great educational opportunities, bringing together students and teachers from all over the world and eliminating borders. Our ideas and skills can make education more accessible and organized.
  • We have successful projects in the fields of logistics, hotels, tourism and many other industries.
Technical experience

Our team consists of numerous technical and programming platforms that benefit from software expertise to deliver high performance solutions that meet all your business objectives. We use client-side technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX and more, in addition to server side languages like ASP.NET, Python, Ruby, PHP, and many more. Our products are designed to work on mobile operating systems like Android or iOS and are supported on any web browser as well. Our team consists of advanced developers with extensive expertise and creative designers who can work on projects of any complexity.

Maintenance and support

You’re the one who designed your project, we just did the heavy lifting. As such, we believe it’s only fair that your company controls the intellectual property rights of the final product which we provide at handover. The team supports you constantly. When you need to update a tool to meet the evolving needs of the market, the specialists will help you use additional functions to design user interfaces or other things you may need. You can also rely on our free consultation services and get answers to your questions about app development.


Magora has a full department of experienced developers who perform manual and automated tests to ensure that the functionality, creative performance and loading time of the program comply with the standards of the organisation. As soon as we create a minimum viable product (MVP), a program with the baseline level of functionality you need, our quality control team will begin to perform tests, such as quality control tests and UX tests. Software with powerful functionality, high performance and efficiency to meet the objectives of your business.

Our Clients

Let us help you improve your business!

In the last eight years, Magora has proven to be a reliable and competent partner for Agile and Waterfall software development. We provide quick results while keeping our eye on the details and the bottom line. Our developers are experts who understand challenging concepts and how to roll out a flexible solution for your company. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you.

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