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Magora is a talented team of app creators based in Australia that offers a broad range of custom services to entrepreneurs seeking to expand or establish their businesses online in a technologically advanced world of today.

E-commerce and digital marketing brought changes to every industry. As one of the top leading software development companies, we help businesses to promote their goods and services most creatively and innovatively - with user-friendly apps and open a world of endless opportunities to support existing services, see greater payoffs and use digital products to the fullest.

Why Magora agency?

What makes our digital company stand out among thousands of others? Why would you choose us over the other web development agencies? One of the multiple reasons clients come to us one after the other is our personalised approach and close attention our digital team pay to each and every case.

As a long-established web agency based in Australia, we are proud of our professionalism, sophisticated results and kind feedback that comes to us after each case. In the world so big, full of successful corporations and international connections Magora handles projects ranging in their goals, audience, budget, strategy, country of origin. But one thing they have in common - first-class services from established professionals.

The more cases there is to solve the more our IT specialists grow in our professional expertise and advanced knowledge of every corner of IT field. Each project contributes to the whole and inspires us to new ideas and approaches. Creative minds of company’s developers and designers from Australia make our products stand out from the crowd. With new concepts come, new clients, ready to challenge us, improve our flexibility and boost efficiency!

Core values of Magora are to stay professional and attentive to the client's needs. That is why we have so many praising reviews from loyal customers and never stop self-improving. For many years IT company’s experts have been establishing themselves as highly professional performers in Australia and worldwide, taking great pride in it. All our web and mobile software are tailored precisely to fit client’s business.

With the technological revolution, the world keeps changing the user demand creating unreliability and new challenges to explore. Magora has driven clients from various industries to a great success.

We guide you to elevate over competitors and perform on a much higher level. Consult with an experienced team based in Australia to get the project going. If you require empowerment to pursue your idea further - our agency’s professionals know the exact way of producing best approaches and winning strategies, that can encourage and push to build a more successful future.

Web sites are a must in the internationalised market and should be treated accordingly. All companies, big and small have to build a virtual presence to their businesses, and use it to the fullest extent, considering the potential and advantages it can bring. These high-powered instruments contribute to the strength in communication with customers, product or service promotion, important announcements and so on.

To develop a consistent and long-lasting custom strategy, we have to investigate the client, as the key to successful enterprise is understanding of their established goals and motivation. Bearing in mind how client sees their business, a newly crafted solution caters to the audience and brings a larger following, supplying the customer with latest efficient technological tools and outstanding results.

Magora Web Agency

Time is now more valuable than ever, so it is important not to waste it and take action when it is needed. The IT industry doesn’t give you much time to think, it always changes and keeps producing new solutions and breakthroughs. Invest in development with Magora agency and see your business grow. Our experts from Australia are equipped to create a new web solution from scratch or enhance the existing one.

Web app creation in Australia

Give users what they deserve - ideal products and strategies, that ensure the increase in revenues and maximum success. It is important to know the development process of the leading platforms, iOS and Android, that are used worldwide. Magora company’s developers have created over 300 mobile and web applications for all kinds of purposes and industries.

Cater to client’s needs

Nowadays, you don’t ever see people without their smartphones. Twenty-first-century population does everything online - from training to dating. To attract a broader audience, it is important to attend to these needs and offer something of your own.

Without a web presence, there are not many ways for people to actually discover your business or choose it among thousands of other ones. Prepare to explore the field of internet commerce and promote your product or services to win on the market, be it locally in Australia or internationally. Our integrated custom software built to excel in functionality and efficiency.

Great product

At Magora development agency from Australia we try to look into methods of creating a customised web and mobile application at lower, economical prices. There are ways to stay on the original idea and cut a good portion of the costs. Many of the web development companies focus more on the outside looks other than being concerned about what is on the inside.

But an app with poor functionality will not win user’s trust. The best way is to consider both equally. Superb looking product invites a potential client to try it, and functional superiority makes them use it on a daily basis.

Highly communicative approach

Creating something from the perspective of the customer, it is important to enhance the means of communication between us. Based in Australia, Magora agency creates and maintains a strong long-lasting bond with a client.

Face-to-face interactions are always preferred, but if the customer is too far away to appoint a personal meeting, developers are happy to talk on the phone or via video calling. There is always a way to be more open about means and aims of development. It contributes to the end-result, so why not apply yourself more through these discovery talks?

Top-notch services
  • Introduction to a custom development and design routine;
  • Consulting, planning, developing, designing, testing and launching of a tailored solution;
  • Programming, using various languages (Swift, Objective C, Objective C +, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc.);
  • Modern Libraries - JQuery, JSON, Spin.JS, Elmah, Autofac, EntityFramework, ASP.NET MVC, Libextobjc, Alamofire, AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon,Mantle, MagicalRecord;
  • Native and custom cross-platform digital solutions, CMS, integrated systems of web & mobile software, API;
  • Work on iOS, Android, Windows, etc.;
  • Database management systems, such as MS SQL, MySQL;
  • Up-to-date frameworks- Core Data, Core Spotlight, Laravel, Symphony, Home Kit, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, Slim, Fuel PHP, PHPixie, Aura, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Fat-Free, React Native, Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js, Vue 2.0, Mean.js, sails.js, Koa.js, Total.js, Ember.js, Meteor.js, Underscore.js, Hapi.js,, Express.js, Mojito, Require.js, JQuery, Meteor, Derby.

Our Clients

Technologically Advanced Process

To establish trust, Magora development agency looks as deep as possible into the company that is interested in our services. Analytics dig for more and more information until there is a full picture in front of our eyes.

The team has to know the product, services, enterprise’s functionality, their competitors, the industry and marketing strategy. To assess customer’s needs in the best possible way and offer an efficiently performing solution, we have to acquire sufficient data and knowledge about the way you handle things.

When our Australia company’s experts at web development are confident they have gotten every detail - the process goes on to the next step.

When the agency’s team has everything to start work with, the next step is to put together a high-performance prototype, that will be an approximate representation of the future software. A prototype is essentially a basic framework with a user-friendly design, intuitive layouts, that do the job.

At this stage, it is possible to comprehend the fundamental purposes of the product and begin to enhance it from there. Therefore, prior to the actual code is written, the client gets to see the skeleton of the app, its functionality and basic design.

Once the foundation has been set, let’s move forward to the design. A team of established specialists from Australia will then incorporate all of requests and ideas into outstanding layouts and beautiful interface.

Working hand-in-hand with our award-winning designers, you can control the process and point out what exactly do you want to see at the end of the creative process. The product comes out of this stage entirely functional and interactive - a real digital app.

This stage is overtaken by agency’s experienced programmers and quality assurance testers who control if everything runs perfectly. It demands advanced knowledge in very narrow fields, depending on what tools, languages and frameworks are implemented into the web product.

Programmers accurately write a clear code and testers make sure that there is no bug or glitch before the solution is launched into the IT market. For the launch to be successful, it should go through multiple tests, which can take as long as it needs for a full-fledged app to be ready for consumers.

As the client and developer have already considered all user scenarios and polished an app to perfection, no surprises are waiting for them at them at the time of the launch. And once the firm have placed a web product on the market, what left is to see how users react to the software and attract the attention of the popular media to promote your web solution.

There is nothing more important at this stage than to gain positive feedback and multiple viable reviews. Magora agency is happy to assist with a sustainable marketing strategy and quickly bring your app to the top of the current charts. Develop a fitting marketing approach and put the web product out there. Attention is what can get you further in business and bring bigger revenues.

Almost too often development companies drop the client after the launch to handle the app on their own. Magora agency, on the other hand, stays by your side even after the app was launched. There is so much more work to do! We are tracking the progress, analyse the market and develop new ways of promoting goods or services. The team is always ready to make adjustments or adaptations in the working systems.

It is impossible avoid updates, and this is one of the main reasons to have a development agency looking out for you. We update your system, fix bugs that come along with it and optimise software to fit ever-changing expectations. Our analytics now how to boost audience reach and revenue growth.

Australia Web Software Development: Choose Magora

Our IT team members are a first-class mobile and web development company that offers custom services to any business or industry, locally in Australia or worldwide. Consider working with certified experts to enrich and optimise your business. To do so, Magora encourages you to get in touch and discuss, how we can make your dream app an innovative reality!

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