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Our service

We are looking for good application developers and programming experts of high quality work. We firmly believe, the team should work together, because communication and cooperation are an important part of the application design and development process - it can help us find new ideas, learn from new things and achieve constructive criticism.

  • Design UX / UI
  • Web application programming
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Inventory management software and delivery management system
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web optimisation

Our application creation principles

  • Simple and intuitive. Simple is not easy. The easy-to-use design requires hard work and extensive programming experience.
  • Optimisation and improvement. The team works with clients to develop the most effective application strategy, expand business, add value and increase profit.
  • Partnership. The team treats each customer as business partner and aim for long-term relationships.
  • Customised versus ready-made. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Every business is unique and requires personal treatment. We provide only custom programming services and solutions that meet business goals.

Give the power of the client. Our experts have complete control over the application programming and development process and the end product, and provide professional knowledge advice.

Many companies, especially small businesses, believe that branding is an additional element of a business strategy only large companies need. We provide marketing advice for companies of all sizes, from start-up companies to large application building companies, as well as companies that wish to upgrade and carry out corporate image modernisation. We offer a variety of branded services that may be required from market research, colour and font selection, logo design, slogan design, business person building and other marketing materials.

After we have provided clients with a working web application, our work did not stop because it makes no sense to maintain first-class web products no one knows about. To raise awareness and attract users, you need to consider an effective online marketing strategy. Three things to help promote web solution are pay-per-click, search engine optimization and email marketing. Here are some of the advantages of these tools:

  • Search engine optimization, or SEO. Our web application development firm created fully optimised products, so the search results rank high. If you already have an existing website, we can analyse it and learn how to improve.
  • Payment announcement click. Pay-per-click campaigns are the most effective way to increase traffic and reach new viewers.
  • Email marketing activities Organising email marketing activities wisely is another good option for keeping existing customers and attracting new customers. Do not be afraid - it's not a spam.
  • Other resources for the area of ​​SEO meta-editing to help manage SEO and PPC issues and analyse the efficiency of the website.
  • SEO, PPC, email marketing, monetisation strategies and other SEM opportunities consulting.

Web application programming is the main area of ​our​ expertise. Magora team thoroughly investigates your business and translates it into a dazzling online experience. Our digital specialists listen carefully to your needs and investigate the market to create the competitive solution, which is transcend the existing web app alternatives. We ensure, the design and development process is transparent for your company leaders. Our approach enables us to ensure you have delivered impeccable programming results in the shortest possible time with the best value for money rate.

Stages of web development

Over time, we have developed a comprehensive web creation process to ensure the end product meets the requirements and expectations.

Traditionally, the process consists of the following five phases:

Requires specifications.

At this stage, developers discuss requirements to ensure that we understand the desired website,then formalise all content, write the proposal, and then write the requirements specification document. These documents are recognised as a template for future web product.

Concept of design.

Once the proposal is signed and the requirements specified, and the development approach is set, we'll continue to go deeper into the concept creation. Our designers will use information about the company style and brand identity to create visually appealing and stylish designs to express business role that aligns with your brand. We will provide with a number of different design concepts, from which you can choose favourite design concept.

Creation of prototypes.

Once the visual design and site map are ready, we begin to create the graphic design templates. Based on these digital clickable sketches, we build an HTML application template. This is the prototype of future website or web app, and you can click on it and see what it looks like and how functions.


The final step in the development process is to start programming and complete web application design. This is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming stage of application development. We will keep you informed of the process and provide a workaround for each iteration to be tested and reviewed.

Our Clients

Developer / client communication

This is a common practice when many application programming developers try to make their customers dependent on these companies. In the web design agency, we do not do business - the best way to build relationships with customers is to make the entire process transparent and to navigate the customer through complex digital solutions.

  • Management system has full control over product - you can manage it and make changes according to the needs.
  • Monitor user activity. To collect valuable data about user’s behaviour you can integrate web app or website with Google Analytics or any other analytics tool you choose.
  • Content optimization. Search engine optimization is a continuous endless project. Our website development team can create a management system that will let you easily implement SEO-strategy on your site.

There are many things that can lead users to exit the website, for example, slow loading speed and even no response. We will ensure you will not face any of these issues. Our team of web developers offers a secure hosting service to ensure a good experience for the users. The team hosts your site on a fast and stable server, ensuring that data is regularly copied and stored in a different location by the automation system. The team is prepared for all kinds of emergencies, even if there was a sudden huge wave of traffic. Developers are proficient in using flexibility and cloud technology to quickly activate additional servers.

Our team is always happy to hear from you, whether you want to talk informally about any of your future digital ideas, or discuss in detail the website or web app development. Our IT experts provide comprehensive, practical and detailed advice whenever you need it. Internet technology is a rapidly changing industry and almost every day new terms and innovative tools are introduced. We always explain each term and technical solution, estimating the pro and contra for the provided approach to web programming. To let you understand the development costs and make the process completely transparent.

As one of the leading web programming firms in Australia, Magora offers consulting services to all type of companies: from small startups to large international business corporations. The team can provide another valuable service which is a website review - we can check website for usability, SEO, user acquisition rates, try to optimise and improve. Even if you are not sure where to start, contact us.

Entrust in Magora developer

Our programming experts guide you through the application development process, explain all the nuances of work and describe each step of our cooperation. In addition to English, the team members can speak many other languages ​​- our services are very likely to exceed your expectations. So, do not hesitate: contact us and let us take your business to a next level.

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