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About the Magora team

For nearly a decade, two people interested in mobile technology have decided to create a company that produces first-class software to help businesses succeed and provide consumers with friendly tools for different purposes. Over the years, we have grown into an international company with offices on three continents. Now we are a large team of developers who have made an excellent contribution to various industries and want to create excellent digital products that make the world a better place.

The cornerstone of a project's success is seamless communication between the client and the team. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with customers, gaining insight into their business, and helping them harness the power of the latest technology to increase productivity. Our specialists find the solution that fits the business process best and conduct an in-depth research on competitors and deliver the best target audience results.

As a result of our in-depth knowledge of business, we can create digital product with features that meet company's specific needs and adapt to business identities. Throughout the process, you are always informed of the progress, regularly through Skype or other tools to communicate and invite you to participate in the decision on software changes. We do not initiate the actual programming until all the requirements are clearly specified and approved by the customer and you have a complete understanding of the final form of the product.

The core of the development phase is the creation of products with rich features, easy-to-understand interface and stunning visual design. We have defined the main objective - design of a program that allows users to complete the task efficiently easily. Once the project is delivered, we monitor your performance and user feedback to optimise it and resolve any issues if they appear.

We provide intelligent and powerful digital services

Our web development company experts plan to design, develop and deliver first class software solutions that bring value to the business. Our team has extensive experience in internet technology and app development.

  • UX / UI projects and app prototypes
  • Web development
  • Graphic Web design
  • WordPress web creation and optimisation
  • Developers of e-commerce platforms
  • Custom Software Design
  • Local mobile app development
UX / UI Design and App Prototyping

Help achieve the business objectives of the project. We have a clear purpose - to bring value to company and customers. We do not create software to deliver and discard the software and proceed to the next project. Our expert’s projects based on a wide range of aspects, such as customer requirements, target audience preferences, brand building and market research. The combination of these elements is the key to high user efficiency and attractive design.

Our excellent user experience. We put you at the center of app development project. First, we conduct customer surveys to determine audience preferences, and then we create user roles and user scenarios to ensure the app meets customer needs. This approach will help us gain a better understanding of niche audiences to ensure the app increases benefits.

We focus on the value of the customer and the company. The business scenario created by the analysts show how the user will interact with digital solution and lay the foundation for the first version of app - prototype. Create a template for the web app or site, you can clearly see the logic behind the app, the interaction between the different elements and how the app will be used by real users. This is very useful because it allows you and developers to more accurately adjust functionality and interface to meet user needs. Building a wireframe is an important step towards achieving a better user experience, a happier customer and more sales. In addition, we ensure all the projects we create are unique and tailored to the brand and specific requirements. Our talented and skilled team is committed to delivering workable and innovative solutions.

Web design

Developing a website in today's mobile world is not enough - you must respond to multiple needs. Modern consumers like desktops and smartphones to browse the Internet and shop online. That's why if you want your brand to be visible to consumers, you need to optimise web software to a wide range of mobile devices. We create responsive web apps for business, which means they adjust all the elements and contents on the screen of a particular device. What are the benefits of responsiveness?

Try mobile optimisation

A responsive design is easy to read and use - users do not need to zoom in or scroll left and right to move a line of text. Mobile responsiveness is also good at search engine optimization (SEO) because Google's robots put smartphone and tablet sites over versions just for desktop. No matter where you are in the industry - if you want to build a strong online presence, responsive design is necessary because the use of mobile devices goes beyond the desktop for a long period of time, which means your site being accessed on a smartphone should be the top priority.

Our Clients

JavaScript, .NET, HTML, CSS - we know how to use it. Clear and comprehensive code is a central element of web software performance, security, and stability. That's why we attach great importance to programming network solutions and ensure, each line of code meets high quality standards. Coding accuracy. We know that the precision and weight of light is the quality of the code, making it easier to understand, to ensure responsiveness to the web app and to provide better performance. Write accurate and comprehensive code to ensure, the mobile phone, quick response, easy to update the features of the web app for business.

Flexible software development methods help us deliver products in a short period of time, change requirements at any stage of development, and within budget. If you have any questions about services, or if you want to estimate the costs of project, please contact us and experts will help you sort out any topic you wish to discuss.

Keeping the workplace clean and comfortable is the key to productivity and success. Over time, you will understand what will improve productivity, which can help you to get new ideas and more suitable for communication between teams. This is especially true for people involved in creative, innovative and evolving work, just as developers and app designers work. These developers and designers have many spontaneous ideas about the ever-changing digital market.. To improve productivity, increase work efficiency and make yourself comfortable during workday, you need to know how to manage workspace properly.

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Whether you need a professional software development to help manage a project or support business through first-line technology, give us a call! We are only happy to assist and take care of your case.

We cooperate with small local businesses, medium-sized companies and internationally renowned brands. Do you want us to work on the next project? Contact us and lets discuss all the possibilities for your brand's online success.

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