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Website design

The term "website design" does not reflect the full range of activities behind web development. Web design is not just creating beautiful, visually stunning sites. This is a multilateral process that involves close communication with customers and requires an in-depth understanding of the client's business, objectives and needs. Our specially trained experts thoroughly research user’s reaction, make sure web based software solution meets goals, matches business function, easy to use and created according to the agreed budget.

What is a good website?

Web sites should not only represent products and services, but also attract customers, be beautifully designed, work good for search engine optimization and equipped with the latest technology. As most Internet users surf the web through mobile devices, mobile-friendliness is required. - Not only your homepage should be optimised for smartphones and tablets, but also blog, contacts, pages with the main functionality - all HTML pages should be mobile friendly and have a downloading speed of not more that 1-2 seconds.

Consumers spend more and more money online every year, most of which are purchased through mobile devices, so if you have not covering a large number of smartphone users, you are need to develop a proper solution now. If you have an existing online platform to sell products and services, you can integrate all projects into application or optimise mobile site - with a wide range of opportunities. Magora is qualified to provide first-class products that bring value to business and attract customers.

Our talented developers and website designers have created a large number of e-commerce platforms for tourism, clothing, health, education, entertainment, food and delivery services. We will evaluate web based development costs based on requirements and financial standing and ensure investment will be paid in the long term and will provide more revenue.

When you create a website or application, you should always plan ahead to ensure you know how to manage content and stay current. If you create a custom content management system for online business platform, you can solve this problem. An extensive website may require many features and many experts to keep in different areas.

Imagine - business expert is responsible for the product page description, the public relations manager writes news and updates, the marketing team conducts promotional activities and manages social networking accounts, and SEO experts ensure, site fits a high place in search engine results.

If the website has a guest wall or any user can comment and post a forum photo, which requires additional auditing and management, what should I do? Magora will analyse needs and design content creation and management strategies, which will require minimal effort. We can help integrate your site with off-the-shelf CMS, or develop customised solutions tailored for you.

By distinguishing Magora from dozens of mobile networks and developers in Australia and around the world, we are a team of experienced programmers and designers working together to create visually appealing and functional software. In many years of practice, we have developed a simplified approach to web app development that allows us to deliver high quality software within a tight budget and time frame. Keep in touch with customers to ensure the solutions we create are aligned with business goals, increase productivity and generate more revenue. Our web and mobile application development process is time-tested - it helps us with hundreds of internationally recognised projects.

We can build the most complex and technologically advanced applications. We are not afraid of challenges and always seek perfection. Our ambitious creative developers have built an extensive fundraising platform, complex accounting systems, complex point-of-sale software, delivery tracking tools, and more complex and highly sophisticated processes.

The digital business is a boom that is increasing. Like any other type of business, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, develop a comprehensive strategy, conduct market research, and then develop it.

One of the biggest challenges facing web applications and development is the ability to use various types of software, operating systems and online channels that you can easily lose and try to find the right one for business - that's what our company’s network to guide you through the complex world of Internet technology.

Web based software development process

Magora is an Australia-based web design company and offers a variety of services in the IT space, introducing customers to digital innovation. Whether you are an international company or a small local business, our specially trained specialists will find the best solution for your business, develop a comprehensive strategy and implement it efficiently to achieve results and add value to the business.

Our first rule is - we view our customers as business partners - web development is a complex process requires both parties to actively participate in the creation of software, which is why our design and web development company always maintains customer information and receives their feedback.

Online marketing and social media management

However, your app can be doing very good without advertising, it will soon disappear from the radar. So we are happy to provide marketing consulting and social network management services to help promote businesses. Magora specialists provide professional advice on best practices for growth and recognition. So what is the most effective online marketing strategy? The most important way to attract customers to your site is through the results of the search engines and organic search.

SEO technology to improve ranking

There are generally three types of search engine optimisation techniques that help you get users to online platform:

  • The internal structure of the site. Experienced web development agencies should always pay attention to the quality of the code - the website must be structured so the search engine easily get all the information it needs.
  • Content Optimization. This SEO approach requires more time and resources than ever before, but in the long run it brings more benefits.Looking for a specific product or service client. How do they do a search query to find the most relevant information (can you use Google AdWords or other tools to help you)? When you identify keywords and key phrases, all you need to do is integrate them into the context to ensure readability, uniqueness, and relevance. The primary goal of this task is to make page ranking higher in search engine results for specific topics. Our expert SEO experts will conduct customer research to determine the most popular searches and keep site optimised for a long time.
  • Building links. Google and most modern search engines not only provide links to relevant content, but also guarantee the highest quality of the site. It is achieved by evaluating the number of backlinks and the quality of websites that provide links to resources. You can see that it's vital to encourage other sites to refer to content. Firstly, content should be good, attractive, and relevant and useful enough to encourage backlinks, and secondly, you should actively participate in various platforms, social networking and blogging to increase visibility.

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Magora's main goal is to establish long-term partnerships with customers to provide high quality products to customers. The way to ensure this by providing a deep understanding of software-based business as well as developers and clients in the process of creating mutual participation.

You can absolutely trust us because our web development team is not interested merely in success. We are never satisfied with the average score - perfect is what we want. If you need to discuss any ideas, we will help you bring them to life, feel free to contact us. We are happy to hear from you.

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