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Exceptional Design And Development

Magora is a web development agency that delivers groundbreaking results and assists companies in reaching their dream targets. Our professionals specialise in custom digital solutions for all kinds of industries.

We provide clients with on-demand software and web applications, tailored to fit their needs and an established budget. Company’s creations enhance productivity, boost growth and add value to your business - Magora is not interested in mediocre results.

The Choice Of The Development Company

In the majority of cases, people don’t pay proper attention to research when choosing a company that will work with them during months or even years. This is why this choice happens to be quite random and naive.

Nowadays the international IT market has reached unimaginable dimensions with a variety of firms and products catering to all kinds of audience demands. In such conditions, we have to understand the importance of thought through choice and opt for the agency you believe in most, based on their work and reviews.

Nobody is safe from making mistakes, it is clear. Many companies choose development agencies based on a popularity of the enterprise or the lowest fare on the market.

Both approaches are quite faulty and doomed to fail. Having a lot of money, people consider the most famous developer with the largest team, although, it can easily backfire, if the result won’t correspond to expectations, but you would have already spent an immense sum on it.

The same situation with companies, that advertise the cheapest fares. The code will be so bad, we know - surely, somebody will have to rebuild and reprogram their applications or websites from the beginning.

So, how is it exactly to find a company that can be trusted? There many nuances. Whether you are a startup who considered building a new venture foundation, a small business owner seeking to create a virtual shop in addition to an existing physical one or large international corporation owner who wants to stand out on the market - money does matter.

But don’t risk hiring an inexperienced team or a freelancer to receive a half-ready result. Wait till there will be a perfect solution - a development company, that creates flawless, technically superior and user-friendly web platforms.

Looking for a trustworthy, affordable and talented team? Magora can certainly help you with that. We have a brilliant team of designers, developers, project managers, testers, marketing specialists and other specially trained experts based in Australia.

Despite our location, company’s developers are always ready to talk and discuss your ideas at any time comfortable. We don’t have a problem collaborating with clients across cultures - our specialists speak at least two languages, English usually being the working one.

Magora keeps a close connection with the customer during the development process and after the launch, making it as transparent as possible. Each of the Magora developers is a carefully selected, well-educated professionals who are qualified enough to meet the highest standards of the international digital market.

Company’s experts know, how to deliver an excellent product, bearing in mind their deep understanding of business tendencies, efficient strategies and optimal solutions. Avoid problems and miscommunication while building the desired web presence.

As our specialists see it - there is no limit to perfection. That is why our professional developers always strive and achieve better results and polish applications to the highest level of performance. It only works as it should, if all details are in their place.

The process is always transparent, client-centred and welcoming to discussions. High flexibility allows us to quickly respond to new requirements and changeable IT market. We are motivated to deliver successful results as it adds value to both parties. All you need is to see our unique portfolio and grateful reviews - they speak for themselves!

Technical Skills

Our developers work with all major programming languages (PHP, HTML, Java, Python, Swift, Objective C, etc.), platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), modern libraries (Alamofire, AFNetworking, PromiseKit, Libextobjc, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon, etc.) and frameworks(Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight, etc.).

Our Australia based team is also keen on utilizing a lot of open source and commercial digital tools. We integrate your app with any web service and application programming interface.

Contact us, if you want a first-rate solution with the latest innovative technologies, such as:

  • Scala/Play, Grails, Memcached, Nginx to achieve feature-rich apps;
  • JavaScript backbone.js library and node.js environment;
  • Complex infrastructure managing, using cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services or dedicated hosting services.

Each of our clients is treated more like a close business partner. The approach is to establish a long-term connection, which helps to eliminate mistakes and avoid miscommunication. The created software is crucial to the success, that is why our developers pay close attention to every detail.

Trust Us

Throughout seven years of work we never had any legal issues. There is always an agreement to sign before the development. Each of the steps is documented and left for your consideration, even if it is unnecessary.

As soon you start working with our reliable developers, you will realise - we want to succeed no less than you do. Nevertheless, Magora always fixes the process on paper and provide administrative documents to ensure the customer and regulate the development.

Enterprise Web Solutions

There are multiple ways to benefit from web and mobile presence:

  • Enhance company’s productivity and automatise the workflow with a brand-new website;
  • Reach out to new audience and potential customers;
  • Open promising commercial opportunities;
  • Develop an entirely new digital dimension;
  • Make your business stand out among others in a highly competitive environment.
Web Development and Throughout Support

Magora shapes the boldest ideas and plans into reasonably priced, sustainable business strategies. Our talented and skilled designers and developers have a knack at creating pleasant experiences and quality software for devices of all kinds and sizes and various industries. We go through every stage together, planning, designing, programming, testing, and supporting custom digital products, web applications and premium websites.

Our Clients

Development Services

  • Web and mobile development;
  • Work on all platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows;
  • Implementation of modern technologies;
  • Waterfall and Agile approaches to development;
  • UI and UX design;
  • QA testing;
  • Market research;
  • Analysis of the similar websites/apps/internet companies;
  • Reasonable costs;
  • A foundation and advice on further marketing strategies from first-class developers.

Our company enhances workflow productivity by automating and optimising routine procedures. The designs created by our talented experts reach out to new customers and broadens the audience while keeping your customers even closer and more loyal than before. Magora helps all companies that reach out to us. Maybe you have an excellent idea to pursue? Let’s discuss it and find out!

  • Develop sustainable software from scratch;
  • Customise your digital solution to stand out among competitors;
  • Create a website design that corresponds to your company’s image and reputation;
  • Integrate existing web apps, mobile apps, desktop software or databases;
  • Embed different tools into a single software environment;
  • Elevate your enterprise to the top;
  • Introduce your product on the internet market
  • Make your website responsive.

The usage of smartphones exceeded desktop usage a long time ago - most people use mobiles to do nearly everything and the most comfortable way to do it is via a portable device. Users share content and stay connected on the go. Besides, wired internet network is now more expensive than mobile, and smartphones, as well as tablets, are now affordable for almost anyone.

That is why, if you are developing a website, don’t forget to make it responsive to many screens of mobile devices. Having a mobile version will open your service/product to even a broader audience. This is your chance to attain new business opportunities - benefit from it!

Introducing a website optimised for smartphone usage certainly adds value to your enterprise and caters to ever-changing consumerism society. We apply responsive web design or adaptive web solutions to answer this demands.

We have honed to perfection many products of web-based development - website, web solution web application, database app, web portal, content management system, intranet, back-office program, etc. and never failed even once. Mobile or web development - it doesn’t matter. Our talented IT professionals are equally skilled in both.

Magora developers build top-notch desktop apps, mobile phone and tablet software, using HTML5, Java, AJAX, CSS, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Flash, Python, and Unity. Throughout seven years of work, we have implemented and integrated apps with hundreds of commercial platforms, social media networks, and other complex tools.

  • Business automation tools;

If you are handling routine operations manually to this day, it is time to enhance your workflow productivity. Many people are still using outdated, obsolete tools like MS Excel, MS Words, MS Access or other desktop software suites and internet tools. To succeed you have to select something better and this is why you need a new bespoke system, dedicated specifically to your enterprise. Improve your work procedures and boost productivity.

  • Custom web products;

We create inviting virtual dimensions, promote your company, reinforce your online presence, invite new audience and new income, improve customer service and more. In the ever-changing market of today, it necessary to conduct business online, as most of our day is spent using modern technologies.

  • Web portals, informative and social websites with sleek design;

Nowadays, users are accustomed to high-quality interfaces, which are intuitive and user-friendly. Give your website a stunning look and keep up with the established standards of the international arena. Magora developers build addictive digital products, so they immediately attract attention and don’t let down client’s expectations in functionality.

Bespoke Web And Mobile Software: Create Your Own!

Magora development agency builds appropriate solutions, evaluates costs and provides flexible marketing strategies. If you have any questions or creative ideas - give us a call, and we will bring out a first-class digital product!

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