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Web Architecture: How do we create a web app?

Development divides in two main parts:

The customer-side script is a type of web product that is run by the user browser ( the client). The source code for these products is visible to all users, who have access by examining the file that contains it. There are several client-side tools and techniques, including the following:

  • Cascading Style Sheets or CSS;
  • Hypertext Markup Language or HTML;
  • JavaScript and XML or Ajax;
  • jQuery- most popular JavaScript library designed to facilitate client-side script;
  • Dojo Toolkit, an open source JavaScript library for cross-platform, JavaScript, Ajax and Web development;
  • Object-oriented tool, or MooTools, which is an object-oriented JavaScript framework.

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Server-side script - applications created using server-side script techniques run on the server. The source code of the server-side script application is not visible to the user. The latest technologies and tools for server-side scripting are:

  • Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP - A common programming language widely used for server-side scripts that can be used with a variety of database servers, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and so on;
  • ASP.NET - Microsoft open source;
  • Active Server Page or ASP - Microsoft server-side script engine of the ASP.NET predecessor;
  • Zend Framework or ZF - object-oriented PHP framework;
  • Adobe ColdFusion - a rapid web development platform.
  • Perl - a free generic dynamic programming language that loses its popularity after introducing PHP.
  • Ruby on Rails - A free framework written in Ruby.
  • Python - free distribution of advanced, generic, interpreted and dynamic programming languages.

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Software library

The library is a collection of features such as configuration data, subordinates, functions, messaging templates. Programmers will often use them to easily construct functions in different types of apps. In other words, it is a regular program operation stored in an object format. In the Windows Environment Library, it traditionally has a .DLL extension.

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Create a web application with a unique structure

The set of tools for development combines software libraries, model frameworks, and other tools organized in architectural mode to help developers plan and support complex web apps more efficiently and faster. Web app frameworks are designed to facilitate programming and engineering - many of which promote code reuse, providing examples of folder structures and organization, database connection tutorials, architectural patterns, managed entities, and so on. Get in touch! Localy in Sydney or in any other place.

What are the main principles of web structure?

Logic (program actions and views) and design sections (including HTML and CSS) are separate from each other. It allows developers to participate in the development of different departments, such as unqualified code designers, editing interfaces and without the help of programmers to change the design.

Web frameworks provide modular code, tools and libraries that allow developers to quickly deploy complex functions and functions and easily share libraries.The framework allows developers to write quality codes to keep them up-to-date, allowing others to verify the code in the shortest time possible.

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Programming Standards

Coding conventions are the set of guidelines that specify rules for writing different aspects of a web app. These standards include programming style, folder structure, principles, programming practice, architecture, formatting, and so on. These guidelines also ensure - comments and documentation in a uniform to improve the readability of the source code and make it available across multiple components.

Why Use Encoding Conventions?
  • If you follow the coding conventions, then the other project for the same project to simplify life.
  • The coding pattern makes the program easier to maintain and update.
  • Other programmers can easily understand code written by convention.

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Web App Development Method: How Magora team does it

Developing apps is a complex process involving many experts, specializing in IT and internet design. However, with our Magora development team you will get not just the web application, but your own strategy of digital growth on the internet market.

Magora agency uses special systems to develop traditional lifecycle methods, such as SDLC waterfall or more innovative Agile software development methods. And we choose the most efficient way to solve your task and provide you with the best results, working for your goal implementation.

The waterfall model is a classic approach to software design, where the development process is completed in a continuous phase - app discovery, specification, analysis, architecture design, concepts and models, programming, testing, code verification, bug fixes, deployment and maintenance.

The Agile method of software development is a strategy which makes web programming organised by the independent experts and collaboration with clients. It allows developers to provide fully operational software to customers in the shortest time possible and allows them to effectively change the product even at the final stage of development.

Create the application from scratch

Each software development agency even our Sydney one, has its own development process, which requires developers to carry out the project to follow the procedures and strategies. Of course, there are some common development practices are indispensable to every design agency. For example, the following documents ensure all details of the software life cycle are recorded:

  • Project outline, which lists the purpose of the web app, objectives, and project strategies.
  • Research and analysis of public, formal security documents.
  • Technical specifications and future features.
  • Teamwork and project management.
  • The functional specifications, the technical requirements and the interactive prototypes.
  • Wireframe and architecture, development methods, upgrades, optimisation and growth plans, hardware / software requirements.
  • Market research and analysis, third-party services and platform selection: business account / payment gateway, dedicated hosting / server, SSL certificate, implementation, checkout system, site analysis tools.
  • App model, design layout, prototyping, interface, database design, and development documentation.
  • Test files: QA management, browser compatibility,data security, performance (load impact and stress test), and availability.
  • Post-launch support.

Testing is an important stage in development. Testing can cost more resources and time than programming and design. There are some of the key things that should always be taken into consideration when testing digital products:

  • Code check and error test
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Stress test performance
  • Usability verification
  • Security control
  • Quality assurance

Our Sydney creators have an answer. In our modern digital age, software products have become a useful tool for more and more organisations in their workflows. Professional developers use cutting-edge technology to create high-quality programs that enable businesses to:

  • Get in touch with millions of customers to provide your products and services.
  • Become a stable source of income, consumer and advertising profits.
  • Through the expansion of customer groups, enhance brand awareness and innovative technology, establish a corporate reputation, be recognized.

There are several reasons that often encourage companies to choose development to expand their business:

  • The agency hopes to improve the productivity of its employees and departments, increase work efficiency, automate daily procedures, and easily manage sales and projects.
  • The business decided to switch from hard and desktop software to a flexible, modern, web-based solution with a wide range of features.
  • Companies want to provide services and products through the Internet to develop the customer base, improve communication with the customer.
  • Firms want to create innovative and technologically advanced products.

Modern web applications have a wide range of capabilities for businesses and consumers to offer a variety of benefits such as:

  • Professional IT experts develop digital solutions that give you the opportunity to take your business to a new level and leverage your competitor's ability to build a solid business in line with the virtual dimension of your agency and business.
  • The global network is a new global environment that revolutionises traditional practices.
  • Large and small organisations should always be developed and refined to meet the latest trends to compete in a rapidly ever-changing environment.
  • Clients and agencies have many opportunities and tools to search for the most profitable products - it's now easy to compare the prices of different stores and the choice of products through the Internet.
  • The network is an endless source of information that can be used by all users of the search network.
  • Companies that are still dominant or are no longer associated with the availability of the Internet have been gradually forgotten and should consider developing new strategies to secure their online business and adapt to new realities.

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