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Optimisation is important

Supposing that billions of people are not just using their equipment to call and send messages. They use them to surf the Internet, get friendly content and useful information, talk to friends on social networks and shop. As a result, you can not afford the web product to be optimised for mobile devices - imagine how many potential clients are likely to lose. But what does "web optimisation" mean? Our Australian digital experts share experiences and opinions and could suggest how to make a web product suitable for mobile devices.

Responsive web design

Our IT experts from Australia believe that in web development you should use responsive web design. The responsive site is tailored to all display sizes to ensure that each user can read and view content comfortably. You do not need to build a new version of the site for each specific device - the responsive web product is based on a single source code that provides a good user experience and search engine visibility because Google's search engine prioritises mobile friendly sites. But if you target group working only with exact screen size - we will estimate their expectations and create the solution, which appropriate to their needs. If you are limited in budget - we will suggest to use adaptive design. It’s the cheapest way to be represented for all devices and screen sizes, but as it’s the automatic technology - it leads to some deformations to the pictures and can not be totally bugs free.

Always keep the design as simple as possible. An intuitive design will allow customers to spend more time on the website to visit again. Keep in mind that the user's first experience is very important - the customer gets the first impression of business and decides whether to go on or off the web portal and go to your competitor.

This rule applies to all devices, but is especially important for smartphones. Heavyweight features and content (such as images and videos) can severely affect the upload speed of the site and the visitor's attention to the information they seek scattered. If your graphic content is critical to business identity, try using a smaller image to shorten customer's waiting time. Our web development Australia team is here, just give us a call.

The main goal is to ensure the friendliness of a site. Internet audience can only use one finger to navigate. Make sure the web product can be navigated with your the thumb or index finger without any tools. It goes without saying - web solution should be designed so people can use a hand to navigate. If the user wants to expand the content, it means that it does not have good optimisation for a particular display size, is difficult to read or too small to comfortably watch.

We are ready to help, whether you are in Australia or in any other place of the world.

Our development company from Australia suspects that someone wants to read an endless message or find the necessary information in the messy web content. So try to tell a story in a few words. Don't get obscene with news, blog posts and other texts.

Imagine how extensive writing will look like a small font on a small screen - it seems to be infinite - so try reducing the number of words if you do not want to intimidate the mobile user. Most of these people on the road, they want to quickly flick through the content, so it's best for desktop version of the published text to be brief to fit a smaller display.

Speaking of a user-friendly web development, the icons are more convenient than words. If you do not want a web product to look confusing, replace the text with a standard icon, such as using symbols to compose, share, or click a call, if possible. These symbols make the user feel that their online platform has been optimized for devices.

Another key standard for any professional web development case is loading speed. The internet is usually slower than wired power connections, even if you implement cutting edge technology such as LTE. Web application speed optimization leads to better user’s satisfaction and helps you to get loyal customers.

So if you want to keep them in a mobile version of the web product, you should pay particular attention to the size of the file, especially to the video. The best solution is to use media queries to tune media files, such as high resolution images of mobile browsers. Mobile device resolution and image aspect ratio can vary significantly - from 240 x 320 to 1440 x 2560. To identify the most popular screen sizes, check out Google Analytics traffic.

Keep contact information visible

Make your web product meet its purpose - will your customers use it? Mobile users usually search:

  • Work hours
  • Phone number
  • Reservation form
  • The location of the nearest store

Do not let your customers browse these pages and look for this basic contact information - make them visible and as accessible as possible.

Reduce the charging time

Mobile devices without LTE technology have a fairly slow download speed compared to more advanced smartphones and tablets. With that in mind, it is clear that you should reduce and crop the images to optimise the different display sizes and the speed of the Internet. This can save lots of time and money for your clients by reducing loading time and providing great online experience.

Clever UI design

Think about the basic information about consumers, that you need to get in touch with them - minimize the number of form fields and take advantage of modern technologies that can be retrieved from user devices. For example, use the customer's geographic location instead of asking them to enter the city, street, and zip code. Save customers' efforts.

Avoid excessive JavaScript

Do not use JavaScript on mobile sites because it doesn’t run on different devices and browsers. Even different models of the same smartphone or tablet can have unpredictable effects in JavaScript. Our team doesn’t think JavaScript is the best choice and remembers that sometimes this can greatly affect the performance of mobile devices.

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As already mentioned, don't forget - mobile devices have many features and are equipped with all the latest technologies. For example, an organisation can track a consumer's location to suggest a new store, issue instructions to allow visitors to check availability, offer discounts, offer opportunities to pay in different currencies, and leave user feedback on the social platform. Have questions? Magora team caters to clients locally in Australia as well as internationally.

Employ professional Magora developers

Are you sure you have the skills and equipment to complete all the complicated programming and testing? If there are any questions, our professional developers will be happy to provide all information you need.

Our digital agency can provide code review for your existing software, create a new web site from scratch. We are also proficient in web application development, mobile app solutions, custom software development and mature in maintenance and support.

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