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We start any development process and thoroughly investigate business to get information about its needs and goals. As an experienced company, we measure products through their efficiency and ease of use, not just by the look. Web design is a broad term that goes well beyond web visualization - it includes functionality, usability, efficiency, and so on. Website and web app development includes architecture, feature maps, and other components to make the program easy to navigate and interact with. The page layout is important - colors, images and fonts determine how the information is presented to the visitor and gives the overall impression of the web product.

The main purpose of the web software is to inform customers about business and sell products and services online. But when there are so many beautiful engines and web to choose from, it's very difficult for modern consumers to be interested. That is why web products should be user friendly, engaging, resource-rich and excellent design and optimized for mobile and search engines. Our developers can help you.

Over the years, design agencies have developed a proven project development strategy that allows us to ensure that every customer has access to high quality products in the shortest time possible. Often, the initial stages of each process are customer surveys and business discoveries as well as project goals. So designers create some ideas for future sites, discuss with customers, and receive critical comments. After that, the concept of your choice is developed and expanded to the web product template, in other words you can browse, click and experience the interactive prototype of the overall experience before signing the final version of the project.

Mobile or web application user friendly design

The use of mobile Internet was more than the use of desktop, and continues to grow. In today's competitive business environment, a strong online business is a company that wants to stand out from a competitor and grow a strong customer base. We have developed a number of successful websites with responsive design and optimised existing mobile network solutions.

We care about success

Our experts work closely with customers to gain insight into business and processes and provide the most effective software solutions to ensure long-term results. In addition, our agencies plan applications based on their financial capabilities - unlike many other companies, we will never sell you any exclusive purpose, you do not need to get financing because we care about success and reputation. cost-benefit, reduce risk, rapid return on investment and the overall experience of pleasure. Our professional and ambitious experienced designers and a company of developers offer first-class services to a variety of businesses tailored to the individual needs and budgets of each individual.

  • Custom Software Creation: We design and build client / server, mobile networks, software-as-a-service and service-oriented architecture applications, as well as review and optimise existing programs and apps.
  • Integration, customisation and modernisation: We can integrate any technology and tools, enhance existing software, provide database migration services, redesign application to improve its architecture and performance, and correct errors.
  • Post-launch support: Our maintenance services include system, functionality and technical support to ensure business solutions are up-to-date and ready to face competition in rapidly changing digital environments. Over the years, our trained specialists ensure software stability and regular updates to a wide range of business and customer-oriented systems.
  • Worthy results : After determining customer requirements, experts will conduct detailed market research and explore viable opportunities, from basic program functions to sophisticated application analysis and detailed analysis of proprietary software so that we can adapt to customers. And the existing digital technology based on the proposed solution. Our programmer’s team can work with your own in-house developers, providing professional support and experience to enhance digital products.

Web Creation

Successful development is largely limited by the UX / UI design. That is why programmers always work with designers to ensure that every aspect of the website is perfect. Our ambitious creative developers are always focused on the latest trends and exploring the trends that often appear in rapidly changing digital markets in the new technology. All of the Magora development staff work closely with customers to understand each demand and respond immediately to provide our feedback.

Our developers are proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Ruby On Rails, C #, JavaScript, .NET and an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization techniques to increase the visibility of the digital product in Google search results. Our software development agency can integrate content management systems into the website or develop customised solutions for a web application from scratch. We'll find the best approach that fits requirements and your budget.

Each company has its own specific IT needs, depending on the focus and the market environment. If company does not have a custom solution or if current software does not fill the functional gap, our application developers will be firmly aware of your needs and create a smart custom solution to meet your demands and increase productivity. To maximise efficiency, developers should maintain the system that requires significant investments and human resources. That's why most companies choose to outsource and deliver enterprise applications to professional third-party developers.

Our Clients

Agile or waterfall?

The results of any development process depend largely on the development lifecycle of your choice. The right development method ensures that you deliver quality products on time and allow you to avoid many problems throughout the process. Our experienced developers are absolutely free from any bias about development methods and always choose the correct method based on customer requirements, be it waterfall, agile or not. Our web development company is happy to discuss any ideas with you and we will be happy to assist you.

Our developers will never use unsupported web solutions like Wordpress - we firmly believe that customisation is always the best option because it ensures uniqueness and flexibility, which is important in the ever-changing global network. Our web company uses different technologies to provide an excellent experience for smartphone and tablet users: adaptive design and mobile web application development. But why not just develop a mobile app?

An application is an expensive investment, so if you're not ready to spend a lot of money, user-friendly websites will be a good choice because it has many advantages:

  • Mobile software is available for all devices - you do not need to create a different version for each smartphone model;
  • Your customers can add the icons of the web software to the main screen or menu, as easy as visiting your website in a mobile app;
  • Users do not need to download and install anything - they can access the web page from a browser and do not need to install updates. You can manage and update web software via CMS, which is very simple and convenient.
  • Modern technology allows friendly mobile sites to deliver a user experience similar to mobile applications. Sometimes it is not possible to tell the mobile site from web application;
  • Mobile websites do not depend on a highly competitive mobile application market - you can promote your mobile product with the desktop version;
  • Mobile version require less investment.

Work with us

The primary goal of Magora web development company is to establish long-term business partnerships with each of the customers and provide first-class solutions to meet your business needs. We can guarantee the highest quality of products because they are based on a deep understanding of the customer business and the mutual involvement of developers and customers in the creation process. We are a dependable because we strive to make projects successful and always aim at perfection. Please contact us whenever you want, you will always be welcome.

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